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Opportunity nox on Buenos Aires

Written by PiR_GeSSLe on February 11, 2003 to .

BUENOS AIRES - Following the successful strategy that pushed ATAY to the #6 position on one of the most important radio charts here in Argentina, members of ¡Roxette Latino! personally delivered Roxette’s latest single to the major radio stations in Buenos Aires late last week.

  Product managers at EMI Argentinia think this is a great strategy to promote the group, rather than just send the promo CD via mail, because hopefully DJs and program directors pick up on the enthusiasm – as well as gain a little extra information – from those who know it all about Roxette: their fans!

  In a country where Roxette continues to be very popular, the program director of one of the radio stations visited went totally crazy when he heard new Roxette material had arrived – even postponing a meeting to listen to it immediately. And he agreed… the song is going to be a hit.

  “Opportunity Nox” hit the airwaves today, and the feeling at EMI is that “if it hits hard there [the targeted stations], it hits hard everywhere else.”

  In addition, the “ href="">
href=””>Roxattaq” campaign is being relaunched hoping to get
Roxette to the top – one more time.

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I hope it is a hit! We should vote for Rox everywhere we can!

No se que se hacen algunas personas en Bs As .... nunca hicieron nada por roxette y ahora llevan el tema... y para peor como un mes antes de que salga el disco no creo que sea muy positivo en un pais donde la musica cambia de la noche a la mañana seguro lo hicieron por intereses propios como toda la vida lo hicieron. Yo tambien he llevado temas a las radios importantes en su momento y no me jactaba de eso... solo y a mi manera lo disfrutaba.

What beats me is that EMI Argentina think it is great to have fans sending the CDs and other EMIs don’t see that the fans can actually help out a bit.

Local EMI (and other major labels obviously) do not use fanclubs the way they could, in their favour...and that is wrong... they see them as obstacles...

this is a great concept but it would never work in america where you literally never get past the receptionist at most radio stations

“Product managers at EMI Argentina think this is a great strategy to promote the group, rather than just send the promo CD via mail, because hopefully DJs and program directors pick up on the enthusiasm”

OMG, I hadn’t read something so stupid in my whole life I think :| Of course is great... EMI does nothing and if it’s sold gets the credit and the money. I still wonder what does EMI have for Roxette to be still with them... it’s just so sad :/

La verdad es que todo esto es sabido, EMI no hace nada por Roxette desde hace mucho tiempo y si cada lanzamiento discografico es conocido o si sus temas estan en los charts es gracias a los fans del grupo, no veo mal que se envien mails y los distintos singles a las estaciones, Roxette de esta forma pasa a ser una banda independiente, asi de simple, sin ayuda de su discografica, y da bronca, porque EMI si puede decidir cual tema va en cada cd, pero a la hora de hacer promociones se quedan dormidos...y realmente, que es lo que hace EMI para que Roxette siga en su discografica ???

Go on supporting Roxette.

I agreee with n_e_1 if in other countries Emi works well good but in Argentina and in Brazil they did’nt work well to Roxette They are on top in Argentina and here in Brazil because of fans. I also can’t see nothing wrong making a single to promote on radio stations.
Fernanda - São Paulo

Back in 1999, when EMI realized as single “Alguien” instead “Stars”, some fans in argentinian province MENDOZA took “Stars” to the Radio Station and it reached #1 while “Alguien” was a flop in all the other Radio Stations =(

Sorry anonymous Nº 2, but as you probably know, HaveANiceDay had a big promotion in Buenos Aires, including TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and enormous posters in the streets and subways. EMI Odeon made the things extremely well that time in particular, and as far as I know, by the end of the Roxette promo tour here in 1999, the album had sold 20,000 copies. You should know that when the company releases a Roxette album, they expect to sell it in a period of 2 or 3 years, I mean, it doesn´t mean that Room Service doesn´t sell anymore, it still does, but it´s a matter of time. People keep on buying the old albums and if you saw the Joyride sales today, it´s obvious that it is not 10,000,000 but a lot more!!! As regards the charts, Room Service reached the Nº 4 in CAPIF and ATAY the Nº 6 in FM Hit, the most important radio from here, and you can find The Ballad Hits in Tower Records and Musimundo.
PS: The chalkboard belongs to Musimundo.

En alguno de los aspectos que vos comentas, tenes razon, pero solo fueron posters y algun que otro avance en TV o radio, pero en lo que a airplay en las radios se refiere no se puede decir que haya sido una buena tarea la de Emi, en MTV pasaron muchas veces Anyone y alguna que otra Wish I could fly, pero no fue mas que eso, en un momento tuve una discusion con Cecilia de EMI Argentina y me decia que Roxette no merecia mas de lo que hacia EMI porque ya no tenian fans como para invertir en ellos, en este site siempre se dice “MTV Sucks”, pero en realidad es la discografica la que no envia material a ninguna cadena de videos, y Much Music que pasa regularmente Roxette, del ’99 para adelante siempre fueron videos enviados por fans, asi que todos sabemos que esto tiene una solucion, cambio de compañia discografica urgente !.

Go on supporting Roxette .

Marie appeared on the Divas section of the most selling gay magazine from Buenos Aires called Imperio G. They dedicated two pages to the wonderful Marie and published, among others, pictures from the Room Service Tour. Tne reporter tells some details of her solo career and her job together with Roxette, he also talks about the operation and you can see her name announced on the cover. You can visit the website and see part of the article or buy the February issue. It is real fun to see Marie among those naked men!!!

Please don’t forget that this are the same guys that are selling Roxette’s CD-R, not just rare stuff.
This is the must stupid news, I mean this guys DOESN’T do anything for ROXETTE here in Argentina (less for the rest of LatinAmerica so why you write “LatinAmerica” there), they just sell CD-R’s and have got a mailing list where they never send any message just when there’s a new song so they send to all fans the URL of where they can download it and says “I will not buy the CD because national release sux”. That’s not fear...
btw, the only REAL good thing here is the pix so, I have to say: Congratulations to the LatinAmerica divition for that pix! I think that is a very good one so I’m impressed that you did someonething well...


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