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“A Thing About You” is #1 in the year’s German charts

Written by crashroxer on December 29, 2002 to .

Roxette’s latest single, “A Thing About You,” scored big in Germany. On Sunday, ATAY came in as #1 on the Jump Radio Chart of the Year. The station is generally considered to be the second largest in Germany. The song was the most requested their weekly Top 20 this year. It was #1 for six weeks.

  Some days ago, in the biggest radio station of Germany, SWR3, ATAY showed up as #3 on their year-end chart.





Yup, yet another huge flop for Roxette. I wish people would remember things like this (e.g., that “M&T&H” was the biggest hit on a Russian station last year, that Roxette was the most played act on Swedish radio in 2001, etc.) before writing them off as over and saying that they should quit, but I guess that’s not going to happen...


Woah. Germany loves Roxette!

“The song was the most requested their weekly Top 20 this year. It was #1 for six weeks.”

Being the #1 most REQUESTED is quite an accomplishment. That actually means there are people out there asking for the song because they like it!

Great news!

yeah but note what you said radio hit. dont get me wrong i love the fact germany is still huge on roxette but noone bought the single...i think it even undersold fingetips 93!

How many “sales” hits has Roxette had in Germany? Were their only big single sales hits prior to the HAND era? I ask because I see a lot of acts have big airplay hits in Germany yet don’t sell as many singles.

I found an interesting site containing all German charts since 1956. Those of you who understand german might find it very interesting to have a look:

And I’m very surprised to see that Roxette had their last top 10 single here in Germany in 1992, it was How do you do!!! I thought they had done much better here with their CBB, HAND and RS singles! The last song to reach the top 20 was Sleeping In My Car which peaked at #11.

Album-wise they did better: HAND peaked at #2, RS at #3 but the Ballad Hits only at #10.

You see, they’re not as big as it might seem in Germany, but still quite successful.

about time........................


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