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Per Gessle talks about Marie Fredriksson and Roxette

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on December 30, 2002 to .

HALMSTAD (UPDATED) - Radio Halland’s Pelle Hörmander tells The Daily Roxette today that he has known Per Gessle for most of his professional life… going all the way back to the days of Gyllene Tider. He feels he knows Per well enough to deeply understand that “the situation with Marie has really ’rocked’ him… it’s really shaken him.”

  Every year around Christmas, Hörmander conducts an interview with Per that is broadcast on this regional radio station. The tradition continued this year, when Per visited the Radio Halland studio on December 23rd.

  “Per says that the treatment Marie is receiving for the cancer is “rough”… but he is optimistic about the future, even mentioning the possibility of touring again.” But, of course, Roxette’s future is dependent upon Marie’s health. He also repeated that when a family member or friend suffers from something like that, it’s clearly obvious that it’s a shock for everyone.
  Per speaks with an open heart about his feelings concerning Marie’s sickness in this interview — sound clips of which are now available (see link below).

   As previously reported, Per says that Marie was able to add her vocal track to the the new single which will come out early next year.

Here, translated by TDR News Editor Thomas Evensson, are excerpts from the interview (as most of our readers are already familiar with the story of how Per first heard about Marie’s situation, we’re excluding that):

  - Have you been able to help Marie?

  I don’t know. Not much more than to fulfill what we had agreed on beforehand… like releasing this album and such. We agreed together on these releases. A cool thing is that Marie added her vocals to our new single last month!

  - How is she today?

  It’s up and down, she has good days and not so good days. On a scale, she is pretty bad… but she’s a strong and tuff gal so she will be back!

 - What can the fans do?

  Marie is very thankful for all her mail and greetings from the fans. Keep that up!

 - How does this affect Roxette? Any future plans?

  Not much really. Apart from the Ballad Hits and the Pop Hits, we have no future plans. The only thing that we canceled was the tour. I’m sure this thing in itself won’t affect Roxette’s being or not being. It may affect how we work in the future though.

  “This same week when Marie fell ill we had two more serious happenings in our family — in our circle of friends — so I was sort of prepared,” Per continued.


Thank you Per for breaking the silence. ’Somebody’ is answering our prayers for Marie. Prayer and positive thinking is obviously very powerful! Thinking of you always Marie xx



I really hope that everything’s gonna be all right!!!!
Otherwise, I don’t know what to do!!!

... Merry Christmas and a HAPPPY HEALTHY GREAT new year to all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marie!!!!! Get well soon .We´re thinking of you all the time . A Merry christmas and a happy new year to you , Per and all of the crazy ROX Freaks out there.
Can‘t wait to hear Maries voice again !!!
Love and peace

you can also read an article on about this ... it´s not saying exactly the same thing though ... “Per says Marie is really not feeling very well”, or something ..

I finally really don’t know what to believe right now!


Can someone tell us please!
Expressen does not seem to be the most reliable source! I really don’t know what to think about the whole thing.

Still confused and praying for Marie!


7.30 in the morning or in the evening??

Arrgh..wanna have the intervju now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to work on Friday! us a favour......say something positive...(but the truth!!!!!!!!!)

Expressen are so talented to make us panic. I hate them.

If Marie is in a chemo and so on she OF COURSE does not feel very well.


Ok, I guess it’s time to put fire on Expressen editorial staff. I think they are insane to say this things about Marie.
Stupid newspaper (if we can call it as a newspaper)
Fernanda - Brazil

All these pessimistic *anonymous* messages annoy me. While I feel terribly that people have lost loved ones to cancer, one has to remember that everyone is different! Because one person goes through one thing, doesn’t mean that everybody will be the same.

One has to have hope.

No one will tell us the exact news,even Per.We will only know the result , not the detalis or process of treatment.

7:30 AM?? Swedish time?? 19:30 New York Time?? I’d like to hear it live thru the internet, can you be more accurate?

Peace, please!!!!

I´m sure Anarem is simply only afraid, like all of us. Nobody loves hearing sad stories of people experiencing the same or similar things as Marie at the moment... Which does not mean that Anarem or anybody else does not respect or believe them. Reading such things simply hurts endlessly in this situation!!! The imagination that the same could happen to Marie is simply horrible.

Of course the world is not as pretty as we wish it to be, and if Marie or other persons who we love die from cancer or another illness, nobody can change it.

However, I´d like to be all of us IN PEACE and try to ENCOURAGE EACHOTHER - at least encourage MARIE!!!


I know that perhaps English isn’t the first language for some of you, and some of you are letting your anger and emotions overwhelm you, but all I said was that we shouldn’t be so negative. I too have lost loved ones, some suddenly, some slowly. It all hurts!

And when I said that people have different experiences and that the same might not be for Marie, it wasn’t meant to belittle the person who lost their father. To that person, I say, I feel terrible for you, I wasn’t dismissing your feelings. I know you would give anything for a few more moments with him– I know that emotion all too well.

However I also know that just because my friend died of brain cancer, doesn’t mean that the same thing will happen to Marie. Yes, the odds are against her, just as it had been for my friend. I’m not kidding myself about that. I know the rage and grief when you’re hoping for the best and in the end, your loved one passes on anyway, despite the chemo and the radiation and the hope that your friend will live long enough to see her godchildren get married. But you still have to hope; what else is there? Throwing stones at those people who would rather not give into despair isn’t very constructive.

Has the inteview been broadcast? Was anyone able to listen to it? Or that 7:30 means 19:30???

My choice of words were poor. I’m sorry. “Annoy” was a bad choice of word. I shouldn’t have used it. Maybe I should have said “upset” and maybe I should have talked about my own experiences with loss then.

Good question. I don’t speak Swedish. Could someone maybe translate that article or give a transscript of the interview?

they talked about room service.... is this an old interciew?

Yes it’s old - I think I found it already last year!

its denfently an old interwiew but he didnt say so much new we already have read all about it in Expressen some days ago

this is the last year’s interview... (the link) I’ve heard it before...

Yes, as indicated in the updated article above... the interview was broadcast this morning... but the links to the new interview will not be available until Monday. What’s there now are links to last year’s interview.

Does this mean that there is no one who was able to catch the interview and tell us what was it about?

who was up at 7.30 ?? :P

I was not up - but I could not have listened to it anyway... I´m so curious!!

Warm Wishes To A Speedy Recovery, Marie, You Have One Of The Best Female Voices In Music. I Pray For You, Get Well Soon..........Love ya

It’s Monday! Thanks to the person who will translate it!

You’re right, those few answers aren’t the full interview, but it’s more or less the most interesting things Per says. The rest is a re-hash of old news.

A big Thank you to TDR for their work, keeping us updated whatever happens around the Rox/PG/MF/GT world.

A happy New Year for everyone and specially to Marie and her family/friends and also to Per, who is having a tough time; lots of hugs and kisses to both of them.

Tro, jag vill känna tro.
Jag vill känna...
känna tro igen.


This is gonna be a tough new years for Marie and Per but I’m praying for Marie all the time and hope she can beat this and go back to what she does best!

Hope they have the best New Years they can have in this situation.

God bless



There is another article about this radiointerview in HALLANDS NYHETER. In the article is written what Per said in the interview. In Swedish though...

Hi Marie:
This is Diana Morales from Peru.
I wish can to hug you, but it’s imposible, i just to write it, with all the best wishes and all my heart i love you so much my dear magic friend, i need you, you are very very very important in my life, thank you Marie for to be as you are, my example, my idol, my friend. Here in Peru there are many fans and we love you. Everything gonna be alrigt. I´m sure. You are the bigger the better!
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2003!!!!!!!!!!!

Diana ([email protected])

Hey Marie,

Best wishes from ’Down Under’ my thoughts are with you!

I can’t hold back my tears now, Marie. We weren’t ready to all those bad news. I still listen to “Breath” and I can’t help but cry over and over, every time I listen to it. I know we(fans) love you as an old good friend, maybe a sister. It was hard to concentrate on anything but you in 2002. I really hope this year will bring health and hapiness to you as much as you need.
I hope you’ll get well soon. If I’m a happy person now, it’s all because of you. I’m 17 years old and I’m a big Roxette fan since I was 6 / 7. Please, keep this strenght, this power you have to change everything, coz you’re a fighter and a very strong person, we all now that.
Lots, lots of pure love from a fan who adores you. :-]

i got problems hearing it, too! :-(((

I could hear it yesterday, but now all the links is gone ... anyone else has that problem as well??

Hi Marie!!!!

I hope so you are fine!!!!!
Iwish you and your family a happy new year!!!!!!

Your Biggest Fan From Berlin Germany

Thanx for everything guys and I was praying that Marie will get well soon from the tumor. I wish I was there to support her just like Per did!


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