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Written by tevensso on December 3, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Daily Roxette has some answers to questions our readers have asked about “The Look For Roxette.”

  The book is written in English and will not be translated into any other language.

  The first edition of the book (3,000 copies) will include a bonus EP, which will feature the songs we previously reported. Should the publisher ever release a second edition of the book, that edition will not include the bonus EP.

  The book is available for purchase from the following places: Premium Publishing, the Roxette Fan Organization, and the International Roxette Fan Club.

  There may be additional outlets later on, and it’s also possible to purchase it directly from the author, Robert Thorselius.

While The Daily Roxette has previously reported about the book’s contents, here is a recap: the book is mainly focused on the discography of Per Gessle & Marie Fredriksson (including all their solo releases and releases by the groups Roxette, Gyllene Tider, Pers Garage, The Lonely Boys, Peter Pop & The Helicopters, Strul and Mamas Barn).

The book also features a price guide, short biographies, an extensive concert chronology, a promotion video section, a movie section, and lots of pictures of the records and CDs that have been released throughout the years. The book is mainly in black and white but has a color section to display many of the nice items available.

“Hopefully you will all enjoy reading the book,” says author Robert Thorselius, “both from a collector’s point of view and from a Roxette fan perspective!”


This of the book and the CD reminds me of The Lonely Boys... Maybe when the limited edition of the book is over we will be able to find the CD in the Fanshop whenever we want...

unreleased material in a limited edition issue... would be a good thing to be released by the fc sometimes as well... just like with the old GT fc in the 1980’s has done... don’t ya think?

How can I get it From Argentina?

I just order the book by a friend of mine who has done it a million times from the Fan Shop . I just hope it will get to me before New Years Eve becouse the Fans from Romania gatter around and celebrate the new year together . I will be very proud to show them the book. For us it cost a fortune but i managed somehow to order it. I hope ,as i’ve seen the flame on the RML list ,that it will be no inconvenient by the fan shop .
Soon you all be hearing from us as we will be very noticeable in the near future. And that’s a promise.

The CD will not be possible to buy anywhere else but together with this first edition of the book. So unless you buy a bunch of books and strip the CDs from them you can’t get it at, for instance, the fanshop.

how many of us uk fan’s get pissed off at the fact there is no roxette reconised in the uk??
i know i do!!
but about this book, will we get it over here in the uk??
me thinks not!!
laters mark andrew fredriksson-gessle(uk)

@markus1982 :
I don’t know if you are a member of the Official Roxette Fanclub, but if you are, you can order it via their website (
The book can be send to any place in Europe (so also in the UK) for 8 Euro extra.
Good luck.


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