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Belgian fans meet Per in Stockholm

Written by San_Tales on December 2, 2002 to .

PUURS - Last Friday, November 29th, three Belgian fans and their partners were treated by EMI Belgium and Sweden to a Meet & Greet with Per Gessle at the Polar Studios in Stockholm. Sandra Vets was one of the six winners and invited Cathy Carlier of the Belgian Fanclub to join her.

  Per took his time to talk about the Polar Studios, his work and his family. The winners also heard in sneak preview the upcoming single promoting the Pop Album. It sounds like it could have belonged on the Room Service album, with vocals mainly by Per, supported by Marie.

  “We are looking for the right mix,” the artist explained. “It’s a painstaking job sometimes to do so. I played guitar today and we are adding Marie’s vocals today as well.”

  As to answer the question about the title of the new song, Per diplomatically looked at Li Eriksson from EMI Sweden who stated it was too soon to reveal any titles. In fact, they had not decided yet.

  Many questions were answered, amongst others the one revolving around the K-Otic song.

  “It’s like this,” he explained, “some time ago I was asked to give a couple of songs. This particular song was meant for the Room Service album. I had even made a demo of it – which, to be honest – I found much better sounding than the K-Otic version. But it did not make the final cut so I had it lying around. I have no control over where some of my songs go to. Sometimes it goes to bands like K-Otic.”

  “A Gyllene Tider reunion is definitely possible,” he continued. “It might be a tour next year, but we’ll see what happens. I’m also going into the studios to record some of my solo-work. I’m gathering a band to do that. Of course,” he smiled, “I don’t have a record deal yet.”

  About promoting The Ballad Hits in the UK and US, he stated that it all depends on Marie. “I don’t want to do this promotion alone,” he explained. “But I’m respecting Marie’s wishes. If she feels up to it, we will go there. If not, we won’t. The same goes for the upcoming Pop album.”

  Per was relaxed, witty and funny during this Meet & Greet that nearly lasted an hour. It was a treat for the fans who were there.


“I had even made a demo of it – which, to be honest – I found much better sounding than the K-Otic version.”

I love when Per goes straight to the point like that!

K-Otic is a dutch group. Not really special, but I do like Per’s song. The song is called ’Hold on my heart’.

Sounds like a great day was had by all :)

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Just a sneak preview of the forthcoming single?
From what I read I understood they played it for like a dozen times...! What’s it about? Lyrics? Anything? Anyone?

And: is it in the style of “SIMC” like Per earlier promised?

Just curious...

thank you very very much!!!!!!!!

so we’re getting a room service left over for the first single?

you girls are LUCKY!! Congrats!!!

I love Per’s attitude and sense of humour... am sooooo much looking forward to Gyllene tour and his solo work, I have been missing this special atmosphere sooo much!
Gellner du är bara bäst!!! ;)

mmmmmm I am a bit disappointed to hear that we r gona get as coyboy refered ROOM-SERVICE-LEFTOVERS. I was hoping for something recent. After ATAY I am looking forward for some typical Rox songs. Please don’t flame me. I do like Room Service but to be honest.. I still enjoy C!B!B! more than the last 2 albums.
Anywayz.. u never know what PER might come up with. He is the man and he knows what he is doing. All the above crap is my personal thought.


Why is it always that girl from Belgian FC that can meet them????
*bored* :s

What does Per mean with:
“I have no control over where some of my songs go to.”
I thought that Per should decide what to do with the songs and nobody else.
But maybe I don’t understand it correctly.

“The Centre of the Heart” was a “Have a Nice Day” left over and “She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” was a “Crash! Boom! Bang!” left over... pretty damned good left overs, I’d say!!

i knew my comment would eb misunderstood...the pop rock elements of room service werenyt that good the left over thing is a good was a hit and it was from a previous album, maybe another hand song should have been the pop compilation single..he claimed they would be a simc style...most of rs was the how do you do style which both per and marie said was their weakest moment...i know i’ll love the songs...but write something new :)

as for where his songs go...many artists have exclusive writing deals where all they do is write songs like for commercials etc they are published and anyone can record them

*chimes in from the corner*

I do hope they decide to make a trip ’cross the pond to the Colonies! However, I understand completely if that doesn’t happen. But I will admit, I’d play hooky from work if it means a chance to catch them doing promotion in Los Angeles or somewhere along the West Coast (west is easier for me as I am in Utah). I’d travel to NYC as well.

Let me elaborate on a few things:

In regards to the K-Otic song, and not always having control over his songs: Per said that he was asked to give a few songs. That happens more than once, at least that’s what I figured from the way he said it. Those songs are “sold”, imho. Amongst the pile was the song that ended up at K-Otic. He literally said he does not have control as to where *those* songs end up. They could have ended up at Eminem :P.

The new song did not sound like a Room Service leftover at all. It sounded like a typical Roxette up tempo song and it was quite catchy. I referred to RS because it could have been on that cd. To me it referred mostly to Real Sugar because it had the same catchy tune. But that’s my opinion. Don’t worry, Per will deliver the goods. (and btw, I *loved* Room Service). Of course, in comparison to a lot of fans, I’m only a recent convert :P.
Just wait, listen and form your own opinion!

And yes, we were very lucky. Like I have written in the article, I am not a hardcore Roxette-fan and kind of bumped into it all. But I loved meeting Per, I liked him very much and hope Roxette will be sticking around for quite some time to come.


bah, I never liked Real Sugar.

hope the new single won’t be the next flop

Belgium site crashed or what?? Lovely pic... the right thing after a f**** day at work. Congrats to the belgium fans. Per don’t give your songs away like candies....they are jewels! is hosted at, and is going thru server move, so all sites are down.. just a bit of patience :)

It will hopefully be up tomorrow again :)

too many beliefs, too little faith, too little love... once sang Dahlgren.. and I would add.. too many jealousy ;)

this song is not typical roxette!! i know i’ve heard a version of it!!
though us brits are very choosey on our songs we like and dont like and roxette,,*me not included*
* dont seem to like roxette except for it must have been love!!
where as i love all their songs and per is a great song writer!!

laters mark andrew fredrisson-gessle(uk)

does anybody know what magazine Per could have talked about when he said “ upcoming interview I did for a Swedish magazine. The article appears at the end of the year” ????
I really wanna know !!!!!

Yummi!!those lucky Belgian fans!!!Per looks so delicious!!!!

ABSOLUTELY PER-FECT!!!!hehehehehehehehe
Hej. Per, sei bellissimo!!!hehehehehehehehe


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