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Per gets bugged by Finnish reporter

Written by roxeteer on November 22, 2002 to .

HELSINKI - Per was interviewed recently by Nyt, a weekly Finnish newspaper (The name means “now” in Finnish), and the article appears in their latest issue. They are known for asking stupid questions and many times in the past, they have managed to upset their subjects. Per seems to have stayed calm, though. Here are some interesting facts that are revealed in the article:

  If Per were to be one of The Beatles, he would be George, because “he has the best haircut.” If he met aliens from outer space, he would give them Abba’s “S.O.S.” single. “It’s a pity I didn’t compose it,” says Per.

  Per’s favourite scent is the scent of his son; he thinks “Lady In Red” is the worst ballad ever made; and Per would never wear a bicycle helmet, because he thinks they are ugly.

  The name “Love Peas” (the initial name of “The Ballad Hits” album) was changed because they learned that it means “testicles” in British slang.

  Per says that it’s not possible that he could’ve killed Olof Palme, because he was attending Marie’s concert at the time. Reporter Ilkka Mattila also asks if Per ever plays air guitar. “I do it quite often, especially when I’m drunk,” he answered. “’Hate To Say I Told You So’ by The Hives is a great air guitar song,” Per tells the reporter.

  The last question is if Per has ever bought one of his own records from a store. “Yes,” says Per. “I’ve bought a record as a gift when I’ve visited a friend. And you have to support our record company EMI. They’re having hard times.”

  Mari contributed to this article.


Per’s funny! EMI and hard times!


haha and this air guitar playing :)


Funny that they changed the name because of “British” slang :D I mean... :DDDDDDDD

Ok, what does the interview say about Telia, Max Martin and Britney Spears, and Hockenheim????? I don’t speak a single word in Finnish :DDD

Pleaze :P

I left out some not-so-important parts. Per thinks that Sonera and Telia will merge. His “most hilarious joyride” was when he was able to go around Hockenheimring in McLaren’s 2-seat Formula 1 car, driven by McLaren’s test driver Darren Heath.

One of the questions is “If Abba’s Benny Andersson, Britney Spears’s hit maker Max Martin and you would have to compose a song together, who would perform it?” Per answers “Interesting question. I don’t know if that would work out. (Thinks for a long while.) Can I come back to this later.” However, he doesn’t answer to that question at all.

@ roxeteer

Actually he did answer that question later, saying Dame Edna could be the one singing the song :D

Love Peas is British slag for Testicles??!?

Since when? I’ve never heard that reference before.

Oh I LOVE this man!
especially when he’s drunk... =P

Maybe just “peas” means that :O

LOL Steven ;)))

I’ve heard of Love Sacks, but never Love Peas

“I do it quite often, especially when I’m drunk,”
AAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Per you are my idol, you are the best!!! I would like to be a little fly to see the face of this guys when you answered this questions =D

Fernanda- Brazil

Steven - No kidding. Never heard of that either. Must be a new thing in London, eh?

Hej. Per baby!!

You are the best, the funiest, the craziest, the sweetest most PERfect PERson PERsonally!!hehehehehehehehe

Love ya baby!!!! Rox our sox CLAP!!CLAP!!CLAP!!ROXETTE CLAP!!CLAP!!CLAP!!! hehehehehehe

Great Interview, Per!!!
Love Peas == Testicles - lol :)
BTW - GT version of S.O.S. rocks! you really need to make it a B-side of a future single

Great stuff from Per again only this time it is not a song but an interview!!
Marie has always praised Per’s sense of humour and we all know why!!


I don´t like drunk guys.

I don’t need to be drunk to play’s the only guitar I can play ;)
Nice interview. We missed your unique sense of humour, Per. Keep it up! ...and take care of your head when you’re riding bike okej?

Very funny, as always!

I read in an interview (from that spanish university) that Per and Åsa quit biking when they got Gabriel!!!

But it’s STUPID not wearing a helmet while driving a bike!!!! Someone said before that nothing ever happens ... so why wear a helmet? Sometimes you just have to bike on wet ground and brake a little too hard and there you go...!

I think it’s good that in my country you MUST wear a helmet while driving a motorbike, it’s forbidden to drive without!!! Though I have a organ donation card!

We’re not talking about motorbike helmets here, we’re talking about BICYCLE helmets. It is illegal to ride a motorbike without a helmet in Sweden and I’m sure Per will keep a helmet on when he’s riding one.

And actually... I don’t think Per would ride a bicycle anyway... so I don’t really think we’ll have to worry that much. And IF he does... then all I can say is that he’s not the only one that don’t wear a helmet...

Anyway... great interview! Not the usual boring questions, but some fun ones. And fun answers too ofcourse.

Go Per GO!

if i understood the per in the right way i think he said that gabbe dont wanna wear a helmet when he drive bicycle
can that be ???

I saw Per and Gabbe riding a bicycle in Tylösand
last june.
Gabbe had a helmet but Per didn´t.
They were so cute!

Per is still riding bicycle, but not motorbike.
I am sure he means in the spanish artickle that he doesn´t ride motorbike anymore.

dunno why he was “bugged”... i think this kind of interview makes his promotion more know, answering NEW questions, instead of the old boring ones :)

Don’t flame me but questions like How is Marie now? and Do you miss Marie were getting boring and plain old stuff. This thing is fresh and somewhat unique too. ME LIKE THIS STUFF :)


LOL!!!!!:):):) “Peas” has got “that” meaning in Italian, too!! We say PISELLO (Italian for pea!) ...But pleeze pleeze pleeze...what’s an “air guitar”?!

Where is your sense of humour “Anonymous”? There has been many Gessle-interviews in Finland with same questions (is this the end of Roxette, how’s Marie etc). I think it’s nice to have some different, funny questions too! Btw, there has been other big stars too which have answered “stupid questions” on Nyt.

@pearl: When u pretend to play guitar and u don’t have a guitar in your hand THAT is air guitar ;)


And, air guitar implies :

- No lessons needed!
- Nobody will complain you’re a bad guitar player!
- No cost!

Bonne journée!/Have a nice day!

did you actually know there were “air guitar” competitions??!?! hahahha... look here:

Lols! Strange place this world!!


It’s funny. I love Per’s sense of humour.

oh, uk does better than air guitar competitions!! we have the ultimate air guitar albums... whats on that then!?!

He doesn’t wear a helmet?! That is really risky. My brother died in a bicycle accident. If he had a helmet, he surely would have survived.... So think about it, Per!

Best regards, Franzi


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