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Unreleased Marie demos surface at Dutch record fair

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on November 17, 2002 to .

UTRECH - Eight unreleased demos by Marie Fredriksson, recorded in English and therefore presumably intended as possible Roxette songs, have appeared on a bootleg CD being sold by a Swedish trader at the Mega Record and CD Fair taking place this weekend in the Netherlands.

   The bootleg, called “Marie Fredriksson: Duets, Demos and Odd Live Tracks,” contains 17 songs. Nine of the tracks are from various live performances, but what really has drawn attention are the eight previously unreleased demos that appear on the CD.

   As we go to press with this article, The Daily Roxette has been unable to determine with certainty how it is that these demo tracks were obtained. However, one can clearly see that most were recorded by Marie before the release of “Have A Nice Day” (1999) and her solo compilation, “Äntligen” (2000), since demos for “Beautiful Things” and “Waiting For The Rain” are featured in the CD, as well as “Always The Last To Know,” later released as “Det Som Var Nu,” a duet with Patrik Isaksson.

   “I don’t think they were stolen, I definitely think they were given to him,” says Cathy Carlier who occasionally does freelance graphic design and also heads the Roxette fan club in Belgium. It was she who designed the front and back covers at the request of an acquaintance named “Jan” in Sweden.

  “He’s leaving for Australia to attend a friend’s wedding and will be there for several weeks,” she said. Carlier thinks he may have worked for EMI Sweden at one time, and therefore has friends there who may have given him the recordings.

  The tracks were available for a short time via links posted on a couple of individual fan sites, but these original links have been removed. As is the nature of the internet these days, the files have quickly appeared elsewhere.

  Because of the weekend, a spokesperson from EMI was not immediately available for comment.

The full tracklist of this bootleg is as follows:

1. Så Nära Nu - Lasse Lindbom Band, taken from “Romantisk blackout”, 1982.

2. Kärlek - Lasse Lindbom Band, taken from “Svarta rosor & vit R&B, 1984.

3. Jag Brände Din Bild (live) - taken from “Circus Broadway”, 1989.

4. Kärlekens Skuld (live) - taken from “Circus Broadway”, 1989.

5. Everything Disappears (live) - taken from “Broberg Box”, 1991.

6. Bara För En Dag (live) - taken from “Mellan Sommar Och Höst” Maxi-single, 1992.

7. Värdighet (live) - taken from “Mellan Sommar Och Höst” Maxi-single, 1992.

8. Den Bästa Dagen (live) - taken from “Mellan Sommar Och Höst” Maxi-single, 1992.

9. Bad Moon - Unreleased demo, 1997.

10. Remember - Unreleased demo, 1997.

11. New World - Unreleased demo, 1997.

12. All I Ever Wanted - Unreleased demo, 1997.

13. Beautiful Things - Unreleased demo, 1998.

14. Always The Last To Know - Unreleased demo, 1998.

15. Waiting For The Rain - Unreleased demo, 1998.

16. Do You Wanna Go With Me - Unreleased demo, 1998.

17. För dom som älskar (live) - taken from “Artister Mot Nazister”, 2001.

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very nice to hear marie sing some of here own lyrics in english once more... love her voice... but i like per better as a songwriter...

the songs are really good! Don’t wanna even think of what they may have in the drawers unreleased :(

Wow, how badly do I want this?!!! Marie probably has a stash of unreleased demos hidden at home! I want to listen to them all!!

Bad Moon is fantastic!

where to get the cover and back with good quality?



does the whole fuss upsets Marie in some way??? ...Darling, if you happen to read, just know we LOVE your stuff and encourage you to write and sing more of your own songs in English :)))

All these unreleased demos are so magnificent!!! New world mmmm.... :o)

Well, so far, I’ve only heard 3 of the demos: Beautiful Things, Bad Moon, and Remember (since the links I used are now removed). They are really quite fantastic. I’m quite impressed by these! And it will be a shame that these don’t ever see the light of day on future Roxette releases.

the marie demos its very beautifull! Bad Moon is a very sweet and a special song! I like it!!!:-))))
Always the last to Know isreally nice! I love this song. And the rest all songs are great!!!
I have all song in my mp3 reproductor.Iujuuuuuuuuiiii!

does anybody can post the url or an idea where i can listen to these songs??please!!!

You can get CD quality versions (256 - 320 kbps bitrate) here:

These files are really big and of excellent quality! I AM LOVING THESE!

*listens to “New World”* This is fantastic! Very uplifting. It has such a classic feel to it!

*thumbs up to Marie*

*downloads more*

What a pitty that she can’t release the songs anymore, now that they are revealed!

Where can I download this songs??

Remember is my fav!!! And Det som var nu in English:-)

ok what bothers me is if any of these actually do or were intended to end up as b sides to the pop singles, and now one of 3 4 demos to the discography ep is out ...its kinda killing the fun of it all

i love always the last to know in english god she really must record in rnglish..isnt it odd too that many of these have alot fo distortion in them

i love always the last to know in english god she really must record in rnglish..isnt it odd too that many of these have alot fo distortion in them

Coyboy, I agree. There seem to be an unnatural amount of bass in the recordings.

I have the cd!!!
And it’s great!! There were not much copys, so
i had to run there for Marie.
The guy who sold the cd’s is very cool!!!
Marie has a fine voice on the album and it is just great!!!!
Quality is perfect!!

’Remember’ is really fantastic - I guess I’ll never see the bootleg here in the UK so I’ll have to make my own copy! Rich

I want the cd-where can i buy it please!!!

what an awful cover! but great demos!! (i mean the english ones) - beautiful things in this rock version is booooaaaaaaaaa!! just great and do you wanna go with me is one of my new favourites!!

So really these are Roxette demos but Maries contribution. I just got them off the Rusrox site and now its like a whole new album if combines with the ballads EP plus the two new ones. I just gotta think of a name for it!!! Any suggestions? Also does anyone know where the song Myth ended up? Per you read this, answer this q...
Bye all and thanx RusRox

That bootleg on Roxservice is made from two old demo CD:s - Unleashed and Demos (which also has about three more names). I don’t know if they’re hard to get or not.

I payed for the cd together with a cd of Gylenne Tider 20 euro.
He wanted 15 euro for the Marie cd and 10 for Gylenne Tider. So i pay 20 euro for both of them.
But for the Marie is was 15 euro.
For a bootleg and for a cd in Holland very very cheap.

Just uploaded all other songs in same quality to RusRox -
Now bootleg is full.
I won’t replace spaces for %20 - Songs must have nice names. Use FlashGet - the best download manager to get songs from RusRox and RoxBytes

Yeah get better sweet Marie! you should have been chosen to sing a James Bond [007] theme song...your time will come....

aan Anonymous:
er waren er nog meer, maar ze schoten als warme broodjes over de toonbank. ik ben blij dat ik hem heb, maar ik zou niet weten waar je hem kan kopen.
Volgende platenbeurs misschien...

can someone who has access to the songs send them to me as well...I love Marie and her magical voice. I would appreciate it immensly...

Please send to [email protected]

thanks much

Hate to admit it... but I downloaded the songs and burned them to CD. It’s a mainstay in my car now.... (Although I’d buy the songs in a second if released commercialy..)

has somebody the lyrics of remember, bad moon, etc.? if u have them send me an E-mail to [email protected] with the lyric you have or the link.

thank u so much...

–> Djävul

Zeg Ruud, weet je de naam van die verkoper nog?


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