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New power pop songs finished

Written by roxeteer on November 16, 2002 to .

HELSINKI - As we reported in October, Roxette is releasing a power pop hits compilation as a follow-up to their “Ballad Hits” album. In an interview with the Finnish tabloid newspaper Ilta-Sanomat, Per says that the release is planned for March of next year. He also says that Marie joined him in the studio a couple of weeks ago [also previously reported]. They spent three hours together and finished the recordings of the two new songs which will be released on the pop hits album.

  “The album is now ready for release,” Per told the newspaper.

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Excellent news!!! Per you should have told us wat’s new in the album.. like song names and the bonus (new) songs.


The JP release of “The Ballad Hits” does *not* feature all new tracks ...

they have to do an EP now to...

Hey Per!
Please give us a sample of these songs or at least
INFORMATION about them.

We are so thirsty!

Hope this time they release all new songs in Brazil. On Ballad Hits we have only two =(.
Per please, put all songs for us this time??
I love you man!!!!

1 critical note:

Is it not an idea [for Roxette or EMI] to put the new songs of the “Ballad Hits”-CD and the new songs of the “Powerpop”-CD together on a total new CD.
Now the fans have to buy CD’s which contain a lot of numbers which they already have (to get the new numbers as well).
Anyway, I will get the new CD, because I want the new songs.

I don’t know what are you talking about... The Canadian Version have the EP and all the new songs... it’s not just in Europe and Japan

the above message was written by me...what a great site...and now Im a member!!!


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