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Jöback’s album with Gessle-penned song hits stores today

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on November 18, 2002 to .

NEW YORK - Per Gessle, as we previously reported, has written a Christmas song for Peter Jöback’s Swedish holiday album, “Jag Kommer Hem Igen till Jul,” that is being released today.

  The song, “Varmt Igen” (“Warm Again”), was composed by Per in Halmstad last June, while he was working with some other songs in Swedish.

  “Fate had it that Ms. Dimberg visited the Tits&Ass studio while I was recording the demo and she obviously fell in love with the song,” Per tells The Daily Roxette. “She asked if Peter could get it for his upcoming album.” He is referring to Marie Dimberg, whose company – d&d Management – manages the careers of both Roxette and Jöback.

  “I hesitated as always when inquiries like this occur, but realized very soon that Peter was working with Lars Halapi, who I consider to be a brilliant producer. And knowing Peter a bit, I knew he definitely was more than able to deliver this tune,” which Per assures he did, and that the song “sounds great.”

  Ever playful, Per laughingly says: “So… everyone goes home in a limousine!!!”

  Meanwhile Jöback, who TDR reached while in rehearsal for his upcoming tour, says that “When I heard the song, I thought it would make the perfect ending to my Christmas album. Ending with ’Varmt Igen’ gives a promise of brighter days when everything is re-born after a long winter.”

  “Per is one of the world’s greatest songwriters,” the singer and musical theater star proclaims, “and I’ve always wanted to work with him. I’m honored to receive this song for this album. The fact that it’s in Swedish makes it even more special.”

  Judith Seuma contributed to this article.

The album comes out today, November 18th, and will feature, in addition to Gessle’s song, classic Christmas anthems like “Ave Maria,” “Decembernatt” (“Halleluja”) and “O Helga Natt.”

  Another highlight is a duet with the well-known Swedish singer and song-writter Eva Dahlgren, who happens to also be a personal friend of Marie Fredriksson. informs TDR that the duet, “Jag Tror På Dej,” is a cover of Bob Dylan’s “I Believe In You.” It was translated into Swedish by Thomas Andersson Wij.

  Jöback will perform these songs live on his winter tour that starts in Västerås on December 8th and finishes in Göteborg on December 22nd. In addition, Jöback has recorded a special program that will be broadcast on Saint Lucia Day, December 13th, on Swedish TV4.


Has anyone heared it?
I would very much liked to hear Per’s demo.
Still that wich Marie Diemberg goes to Per and says : Listen Per i have my new boyfriend in town, be pitty and give him a song, after all he makes a great massage into the night. I hate when he gives away his work. Only Marie and him can deliver a sond written bye him. I am so pissed off.

I want peter joback’s children

Thank the good lord for Peter Jöback.

Have you ever considered that this song might never have been released if it wasn’t for Ms. Dimberg?

We (= Per + Susi) think it’s cool that there’s a new PG song and in Swedish! :) Maybe Jöback is not our favourite but he’s still MUCH MUCH MUCH better than other artists (like “The Pinks” *g*) PG has written songs for...

*waitingtogetflamednow* ;)

PS: Go, Dimberg, go!! ;) Thanks for giving us more songs... :)

Well said @susi :)

I listened “Varm igen”yesterday.
I like it a lot.
The liric is so lovely.

Got my CD today. :-) Didn’t really like Jöback’s songs before, but “Varmt igen” is really nice. Well, some of the other songs are not so bad either. :) (But I’ve always liked Christmas, so... :)

Hej people,

Think about this logically for a minute. Do you really think Per would give a song that was meant for Roxette, GT or himself to another artist? I’d say in 99% of the cases, these songs are ones that either Per wrote specifically for the artist, or, he thought the song either wasn’t good enough or didn’t fit the style of Roxette (or GT - if they ever get back together). So, with that in mind, Roxette would have never recorded these songs anyway! At least this way, we get to hear more songs written by the world’s greatest song writer:) Take for instance that song he wrote for K-Otic, “Hold on my heart”. That song kicks serious ass!

Here is the lyric

Varmt igen

Det blev varmt igen
Jag hade blivit van med kappan
allt blev just igen
förvandlingen blev totalt

Hissen fungerade
jag brukade springa nerför trappan
solen blev som en raket
mot min tapet mot min tak
boom boom

När du kom du stod i blom så underbar
som det var i en dröm jag var
och jag tror att du förstod när jag sa
att jag alltid vill vara kvar

Det blev varmt igen
en känslorus så ränt från svärt
så självklart på alla sätt
så märkligt att du kom

För den svarta sorg
som finns i varje ensamt hjärta
är stort som ett regnigt torg
en trasig gammal korg
helt tom

När du stod....(twice)

...att jag alltid vill stanna kvar ( twice)

did get the lyrics myself too, and Thomas corrected them :D

Det blev varmt igen
jag hade blivit van vid kappan
allt blev ljust igen
förvandlingen total

Hissen fungerade
jag brukade springa uppför trappan
solen blev en raket
mot min tapet mitt tak
boom boom

När du kom du stod i blom så underbar
som det var i en dröm jag var
och jag tror nog att du förstod när jag sa
att jag alltid vill vara kvar

Det blev varmt igen
ett känslobrus så rent från svärta
så självklart på alla sätt
så märkligt rätt du kom

För den svarta sorg
som finns i varje ensamt hjärta
är stor som ett regnigt torg
en trasig gammal korg
helt tom

När du stod....(2x)

Att jag alltid vill stanna kvar (2x)

Hej alla,

Just translated the song into English, but I don’t know how to translate “känslobrus”. Can someone help me?


Hej, Susie, what do you have against Pinks??!
Their Namn Och Nummer isn’t so great among 3 released, but 12 23 05 is a great thing! Duh... do you prepfer it wouldn’t be released at all?

P.S. What DOES sucks is Sugar Bee and Aramis.

I have just seen a cartoon Aladin on swedish with Per Jöback´s voice as Aladin.


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