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“The Look for Roxette” - the discography and more

Written by tevensso on November 15, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - After eight years of hard work, Robert Thorselius’s Roxette and related discography book “The Look For Roxette - The Illustrated Worldwide Discography & Price Guide” will finally be published during the first week of December.

  With a preface written by Per Gessle, the hardcover book has 592 pages. It includes a full worldwide discography and videography of items released by Roxette and Gyllene Tider along with any others related to Per Gessle’s or Marie Fredriksson’s work. Extensive biographical information is also included, as well as a ’tourography’ that covers all solo and Roxette tours, plus specific single performances. The text portion of “The Look For Roxette” is written in English.

Where did the title come from?

  “The publisher wanted something that was both catchy and sounded like a Roxette title. So I came up with ’The Look For Roxette’ as the title. as it’s sort of a word play on ’The Look’ as a single… and looking for Roxette records. I do realize that it’s not totally correct English,” Robert says with a smile.

  As Per revealed to The Daily Roxette during our exclusive interview with him, the first edition of the book (3,000 copies) will include an EP with the four previously unreleased tracks listed below:

   1. Stay (At Home, At Work, At Play) - demo recorded at Tits & Ass, Halmstad, July 1995. Micke Syd on “live drums”!

   2. I Do Believe - demo recorded at Tits & Ass, Halmstad, July 24th, 1999.

   3. Looking for Jane - demo recorded at Tits & Ass, Halmstad, February 15th, 2000.

   4. Waiting for the Rain - demo recorded at Studio Vinden, Djursholm, 1997. Recorded by “Marie and friends”.

  “When the idea for a bonus EP came up, I talked to Per to see if this would be possible,” Robert grins, “and to my surprise he was all for it!” So when the first suggestion came from Per the EP contained Gyllene Tider’s “Henry, Dansa Inte Disco!” and Roxette’s “7Twenty7” demo, among others. “Of course, ’7Twenty7’ was already published as a B-side of ’Stars’… Then Per came up with this suggestion. I think it’s a pretty decent EP, wouldn’t you say?” The important thing about the EP, according to Robert, is that the material was previously unreleased and new to all fans.

“Gessle loved it!”

  Commenting on the project, Per Gessle said “the book is a serious piece of work for hard core Roxette fans.”

When The Daily Roxette asked Robert why he’d ever start a project of this magnitude, he claims it was a “cool thing.” He is a big record collector and thought it would be a piece of cake to put a book like this together. He was wrong. “I didn’t realize the size of Roxette’s combined discography. But I was never discouraged. Sure, there were moments when I felt sick and tired of it, but then a new record came out and ’bam’, it was fun again! I’m glad I didn’t publish it five years ago, it would’ve been a poor product. I’m very proud of this one,” he claims.

  “So anyways, we started a project way back in the early ’90s. It was I and two other serious record collectors who thought it would be nice to have a ’complete’ Roxette discography, including all the solo material,” Robert remembers.


  What are your favorite items in the book, we asked? Robert’s response is quick: “The Swedish ’Joyride’ fold-out LP, definitely! The LP’s original sleeve was scrapped due to that Per hated the picture, but I love it!” Other favorites are “The Look”, in clear vinyl, “Ännu doftar kärlek” in blue vinyl and “Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång” in burgundy vinyl.

  The book, which will be published in Sweden to start with, will be available for purchase through Premium Publishing’s own website and from Robert himself. The price will be set at €43 (Euro) or 395 kronor, and will feature a lovely color section with loads of beautiful posters and rare records!


woo hoo! can’t wait!

That’s fantastic news and the bonus CD is an excellent idea - I guess it will be very expensive...

This is good news. I can’t wait to get this book and the EP :-)

i think it will be to expensive for me.... but i want that version of i do belive

Is there also a biography included? 592 pages are a lot to publish a simple discography.

WOW, that’s the news!!!! Where will be the book released? Only in Sweden?

@pascal: well, if it is 592 pages, i think it isn’t just a simple discography dont you think!

i love per from this era! he looks so sexy! almost a kid like me!!! hehe, dont tell my bf! can’t wait, gonna be the best xmas pressie!!!


WOW!!! Those demos have to be really interesting to hear :) I love Looking for Jane!! And a demo produced by Marie!!! :D This is gonna be cool. I hope someone can make them available on the internet since this is a Limited edition just in Sweden, and I can’t buy the book :)
By the way, if it’s 600 pages of just discography is gonna be more boring than a collection of CDs with all their ballads :S

EP stands for Extended Play. It’s a CD with a maximum of 7 tracks, with a length less than 30 minutes. It’s neither an album, nor a single.

Hej Hej..I AM A HARDCORE ROXETTE-FAN......didn’t understand the thing with the publishing...can we somehow order it somewhere or do I have to jump in my car and drive to Sweden? (I’d actually do that for this book!!!!!)

was about time roxette had a decent book... and a decent ep :P

Woooww!!! :-))

Hey... Only Sweden? Why?
Fans from other countries are olso intrested...
I’m from Greece... How can I have this book????
Please think of us.. dear Rox!! :-))

Oh! it’s great!!! I can’t wait for it! Iujuuuu!!!!:-)

FANTASTIC!!! PERfectly MARIEvellous!!!

Cannot wait to get it!!

I’m gonna have to kill somebody to be able to get it and to be able to pay it here in Argentina

I’m sure they is going to be a way for intertaional fans t oget this book, after all thats who it;s aimed at. I myself am getting it direct from the Author.


A pity is Waiting For The Rain is Marie demo :(
For me at least...

Does anybody know how or where to get in touch with Robert Thorselius? Does he have a homepage, or doe anybody know how to get his e-mail? THANX!!!

Wow, it’s great! I can’t wait it!

Thanks and love

Patty from Switzerland

You can get in touch with Robert by mailing TDR.

40 EURO (€) not (£)...

40 Euro is a very decent price for a book with almost 600 pages and an exclusive Ep.

According to the writer and the publisher, no. I guess they should know...

To the Anomy’s that say they wont buy the book, good for you, your anomy it wont matter. But this is the ROXETTE BIBLE.
Love to all Roxette and former band and current band members, Roxette families, and of course us, yes you and me!!!!!!!
I will buy this book ’coz I luv ’em and to see how much my Roxette Vinyl of Almost Unreal is. Its a picture disc!! I payed AU$80 for it. I got a bargain I think. It sits on my TV in a little easel. One side is a pic of Roxette and the other the Mario Picture.
This is my fav Roxette item amongst others inc.... roxette dressed for succes CD single. So it’s a book to treasure for us collectors. I have lost a few things on the way though :(. but that’s life. Love you all.

There is 592 pages and over 1000 photos - I can’t wait to get the book and bonus EP - I think that 40 Euros is a reasonable price for the book... and when you get the book you are likely to find that one of the records you have is worth more than 40 Euros!

Both reading the article and the cover of the book it’s obvious that there will be an English edition. (and who knows, maybe there won’t be a Swedish edition)


The price is actually 43 EUR + shipping costs!

@Antimario: What’s up with that demo, what is a pitty???? I don’t understand you :S

@ Rich-UK

1000 photos? Where did you get this onformation?

Bonne journée! Have a nice day!

Erh... but can anyone answer me:
The book is 600 pages of lists of releases like

Name Country Format Colour Date Cover
Joyride Sweden Cd-single Blue 1991 Elephant

Is it gonna be like this??? :S

Because if it’s gonna be this it’s SUPER BORING!!! :S Like those never ending lists of gigs all around the world :O

And another thing... about the cd it includes... what has Mr. Gessle in mind for the demoes to songs like The Big L., She doesn’t live here anymore, I don’t want to get hurt, You don’t understand me, Stars (that they say was “hard rock riff”), Beautiful things, Crush on you, The Centre of The Heart, Real Sugar, God is a Girl... :S I mean: Jefferson, Breathe, A thing about you (that is the actual recording they used for the song -vocals and guitar-), It hurts...... ??? This is such a great chance to make us available... :( And we just get 2 Roxette songs and 2 Per songs recorded by other artists.
Well, anyway, at least is something, but a bonus CD with 12 songs would be worth buying even with a very boring book!!! :o

i wont buy it, maybe later when i got a job and make money.... it’s to expensive.... it vosts 395 SEK (a little more then 40 €)... so I wont buy it.... the only thing with it that i really want is the demo of i do belive.... i think that gessle sings that sp great!!!!! the song is great.... and i think gessle sings better then paris so.... and i want stay to... does anybody know anything about that?

€43 + €30 for shipping is extremely high price for a book. Premium Publishing is ripping off fans cause they know some people will buy that anyway. This is ridiculous and very rude.

C’mon, this book is a gift of fortune for fans!
The best fact is that it’s in english :)
Will try to get limited edition of course!

The cover design could be much better, huh?

The book won’t look that boring Santi. And also, while I agree that 4 songs is not a lot, but how much is zero (0) songs?

I hope this book be published in brazil. I’ll Buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am totally speechless... and SOOOOO happy!!! Finally the book for us and the EP mmm :)

>insert expletive here

I’ld like to buy the book, but why havent they got a better payment methods ie mastercard, than sending cash?! I have a large Roxette collection so I will get the book and the bonus cd is a fantastic idea! But it looks like alot of Roxette fans wont pay around $70 us for the book inc shipping, many will complain of never getting the cd, just the mp3’s, then they will be released as b-sides on future Roxette singles, I can see this happening. A website of all Roxette releases would be better than paying for a book which cant update itself. But its all about making $$ isnt it!?

Yea! I love the time of Joyride...Per looks so coooooooooooooooool! :) I must buy it

great choice of songs for the ep!!!!!!

Now that is available for every one the Demo of “I’m waiting for the rain” in Chantie’s site... there are just 3 unreleased demos in that EP... C’mon Per!!!! Give him some more!!! :)

No offense to the author of the book, but since it is very hard to get I do not think I will buy it. I mean, the fan has to fax them, okay so I DO have a fax for a credit form, but then it says only AMERICAN EXPRESS, and babes, I don’t have that! Plus there is the issue with my fax being on the same line as my phone, so it is just a bunch of troubles. Then with the money in registered envelope, perhaps I will do that, but if the shipping, is around 10 USD, that would make it 53 USD which could buy about 3 Roxette DVDs or CDs ;). Perhaps if the publisher wasn’t so greedy :)) or they got with a bigger company to distrube (such as AMAZON.COM or TOWERRECORDS.COM), then the price would be lowered. Until then, unless some nice Swedish fan wants to send it to me, I cannot buy it :)

It’s not online anymore, but I can send you by e-mail :o

Does anybody know if this is the same book that the (Dutch?) Roxette Fanclub give away to its members?

I was mixed up with the tourbook.

No it’s not the same book at all.

If you want it, then buy it... if not, then stop moaning! If you REALLY want it, I’m sure there will be plenty of peeps to help out... As you know, Roxette no longer have a massive worldwide market, which is why this book won’t be as widely available as we might wish... maybe later (?!) It’s for the fans and collectors, you know, and apart from a great sense of achievement, Robert’s not getting much out of this for himself. Gratitude for ya, eh?

Look folsk were talking about a 600 page Hard cover book, with a colour section and cd. If you want it get it, other wise don’t. You can always go to, whoch hasn’t been updated since 2000.


P.S. who knows how many copies are being printed once it is out of print, who knows when it will be rereleased.

The book weighs almost 2 kgs. (5 lbs).

The Book is available at the Fanshop at:
Or follow the link on

By the way - it´s cheaper there... :)

I would order it from the fanclub, but after reading all the comments from fans here, how do I know it will ever get delivered? LOL. *confused* It’s scary.


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