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Written by tevensso on November 9, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle was the featured guest on Swedish TV4’s “Nyhetsmorgon” program this past Saturday, November 9th.

 The interview segment, which was really personal, started by showing shots from old Gyllene Tider videos, followed by Roxette ones, from older to newest; of course, Per and the program host, couldn’t help laughing about the look both Per and Marie had 15 years ago. When asked about how long he will keep on doing his thing Per says “I’ll be standing on a stage in Gävle when I’m 75, singing ’Flickorna på TV2’!”

 They went on talking about Marie’s illness, life and future. “I can’t really say now what the future will bring,” he says, “we have to wait some months and see what Marie will decide for her future”. In the last part of the interview, Per talked mostly about two of his favorite vinyl albums and about the music business world. “It certainly has changed a lot during my 20 or so years in the business,” he says. He also mentions that “The Look” is still his favorite Roxette song. “It’s hard to write something that sounds so simple.”

Despite Roxette’s the successful career, Per is a bit disappointed with the fact that they never got the kind of acknowledgement they would deserve from the Swedish media: Roxette has only won one Grammy (’Grammis’), and so has Per, as best songwriter, but Clarence hasn’t even been nominated, “I believe that if we would have been an English band, the treatment would have been different, and Clarence would be Sir Clarence by now,” adds Per, half serious.

 Per is also sorry that they had to cancel the Night of the Proms. The host asked if millions of kronor wouldn’t have to be paid back to disappointed fans. Per replied that he assumes so, but that Roxette has been replaced by another act, as TDR previously reported.

 The TV channel has made the interview partly available in stream format on their website. To watch it click the links below.

Vivien contributed to this article


Can anyone translate the interview?

What LP?

The first LP he ever bought, his brother sold him to buy cigarettes :D

Veeeeeeeeery nice interview! ;)
Does anyone know how to save it to my pc?
Tack så mycket!

ok.. i can say somethings that i remember....

he thinks that the best he has ever done is: his son (and besides that it is the look)

one of his favorite LP’s when he was young was a CD from Hep Stars, Hep stars is a swedish band with one of the boys from ABBA....

I don’t understand it... :-( I don’t speak Swedish. Please translate it someone.

damn it... i wrote it all, and now it dissepered....

i can write what gessle tells us, but not the whole translation...

after they have played his hits...

gessle sais that he don’t like his haircuts from the hits...

he also spend a lot of time on “the look”

he thinks that the looks means a lot in his buiseness.... the videos are very important...

he also think that roxette are very untrendy.... and that that is a reason for there success....

and they thought they had so small chances to success outside sweden, so they made their ownb thing...

he also sais that their recordcompany in the us said no to roxette a couple of months before the look succeded....

and he tried to follow the new music in the beginning of the 90’s but now he don’t.... now he just tries to keep his taste of music...

S: How do you feel about being 40 and still play pop? to develope in a new direction?
P: pop and rock is my kind of music.... The pop and rock music are very old.... there is no reason for me to do something else now, because i am not able to do that....
S: So you think that you still do this in 10 years?
P: Yeah, then I’ll play Flickorna på TV2 in Gävle or something

to be continued....

The Fanclub is working on a translation according to their website.

Great, I loved the interview. Of course I didn’t undertand nothing but is always good to see Per. Hope to see the translation soon
Fernanda - Brazil

see it at

woow yeah really fast, 36 hours
btw, it should be called “summary” because there are some parts missing on ;)

that was, indeed a LOVELY interview, just as expected :)

Gentelmen is it me or does it looks like if Mr. Per has started to gain a bit of weight again? If so then it is a great thing for me!!!


FABULOUS, HANDSOME DELICIOUS,FUNNY AND LAID BACK........yes!!! Per, you are the best, and I would love to see you sing Flickorna when you are 75!!!!hehehehehe!! Super interview!!!

Viva Per!!!Viva Marie!!Viva Roxette!!! Love you loads!!!xxxxxxxx

There was a small article in Expressen about the interview, without pix.
Kvällsposten (special edition in south and west Sweden) had a bigger article with a very great big picture.

expressen also wrote about it

Jag har sagt att det fanns en liten artikel i Expressen och Kvällsposten hade samma artikel men de hade en stor bild också.


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