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Per calls Roxette fans “extremely loyal”

Written by ngriffioen on November 8, 2002 to .

COPENHAGEN - It’s a Danish newspaper this time that has published an interview with Per. He was in Denmark on the return leg of his Roxette promo tour.

  The journalist starts out the interview by asking Per about the day he found out about Marie’s illness. As reported previously, he was riding in a cab on the way to the airport when his mobile phone rang and he learned the horrible news.

  He says that it’s still hard to understand that this is for real and that he thinks of Marie as a sister.

  Per also says that Marie was in the studio this week. “It was fantastic to see her being able to work,” says Per. “She did a good job,” he says, “but it will still take many months before she will really know what she wants for the future.”

  He went on to say that even if they’ve both given interviews on their own before, it’s still better when they are together. The circumstances make it worse.

  “Our fans were very shocked [about the news], but after getting themselves together, they’ve sent thousands of e-mails. Something that Marie thinks highly of”. “Our fans have been amazing. They are extremely loyal. We have a special communication with them,” he says with a smile.

  He ends the interview by saying that this is not the end for Roxette.


My message to both Per and Marie:


I wanted to thank you for all the amazinhg years so far and yes nothing is over yet there’s a lot of magic and passion to share and we are all looking foward to it.
My best wished go out to Marie and all my kindests regards go out to Per... you have made me a very special person to myself and those few who mean a lot to me. You are one of the most treasured chapters written in life! How could i ever know? I am blessed..:)

We have been, we are and we will always be singing in the same chorus as you and no one will ever bores us with that....the joyride is still on high and allow rain to fall, hearts to listen and all wishes to fly.... Roxette are still here in our lives ! Bring the milk, the sugar, the toast, the bear, the harley davidson, the guitar, the piano, Per’s golden fish and Desmond Child’s cigar....and all that has made Roxette story and all our true passion for them so true, honest and exciting. My life has been driven under your musical essence and i want to keep walking on that same water and breath that same love....Thanxs for everything!!!!

Keep Roxing...:)

Ps: Has Cooper returned finally home or is he closer to God yet? lol:) Say ho to the girl on the moon from me we miss her and tell it doen’t take time to get here...if she ever catches the 7-20-7 plane back home!!!!


Hi Per,

I have been a Rox fan when I was 9, 1989 to be exact and I have been listening to your music NON-STOP and I MEAN non-stop. I know many more like me and all I can tell you is that YOU GUYS HANG ON TO ROXETTE and we will hang on to you till 2589 and even more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zee - Pakistan.

Hej Per!!!

Everynights you and Marie are in my prayers. I wish you could be the most happy person all over the world because you make us happy always.
I like you since I was 12 and now I’m 23 and since then day after day I love you more and more.
You both will live in my heart forever. I love you as you are someone from my familly.
Thakyou very very much for exist and make so many good things.
It’s a shame that my country is so far from yours. Hope you and Marie can come to Brazil soon. All brasilian fans are waiting for you =D
Best wishes,
Fernanda - Brasil.

COOL ROXETTE is not over!!!thanks for sayin that!!’cause sometime we think the oposite!!

Roxette’s music has been the “soundtrack” to my life for the past 14 years and I hope for at least that many, if not more, years in the future!!
I love you Per and Marie!!
Cheryl from the USA :0)

ditto to silver blue......

Roxette has been the one band that I have never grown tired of since ’89 at the ripe age of 10. So of course I would be extremely loyal and worried about Roxette. Music plays such a large roll in my life and Roxette’s music keeps getting better and better with each album (I especially love the strings sections from the past two albums :) So many bands fad into rock history so quickly, but Roxette keeps going.

I was looking forward to going to Europe and seeing Roxette live in concert, but it will probably have to wait.

Marie, keep healing and remain strong.
Per, keep writing beautiful music

I love you guys!!!!

Bobi from Edmonton, Canada

Nice said Cheryl! Yeah, hope we have many more years of magic and love.

Btw, Cheryl, i’m also in the USA. Do you have an kind of instant messenger ?

Take care.
Carlos E., New York

What a compliment :) Thanks!
Per and Marie Darlings: YOU both mean so much to me, all the best things that happened in my life have to do with you. To cut long stry short: there is no me without you anymore, and that’s what I wanna thank you for :)

Hej,Per andMarie....!!

I have been without a PC this past week, and have dearly missed hearingall thelatest news...I have just read it FANTASTIC that alL isoing sowell for otho you!!

WE are Rofans, and we love you will always be there foryou....


I love both of you sooooo much.

I read an article similar to this in another danish newspaper, a bit longer though. And the whole situation around Marie has been followed up from it started up to now... you know the press-releases has been printed.

And I think everybody wishes Marie a speedy recovery... I know I do... :)

Kenneth (Denmark)

So I’m a little slow on the uptake here, I’m on vacation! :o)

I think I will post my comments in the Small Talk section, as I feel this might be a LONG posting *chuckles*

Summary: I want to give something back to the people who were there in some of the darkest times of my life as an inspiration. My loyalty is the best that I have.

I didn’t think I understood so well Danish :DD So I guess if Marie does the backing vocals then Per sings in the next single of them... so it will be from the Pop Hits or whatever they call it... so Breathe = No single...

I do totally agree with everybody here.
Roxette has changed my life; is part of my life.
Roxette is the best.

Rox On!


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