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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Per to visit Finland and Norway this week

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on November 12, 2002 to .

Continuing to visit European locations in support of the “Ballad Hits” release, Per Gessle will be doing promo in Helsinki this Thursday, November 14th, and in Oslo on Friday, November 15th.


Why do Roxette only promote in Europe nowdays?
If they release an album worldwide, shouldent they promote a little bit outside of Europe as well? I live in sweden, but I really think Roxette should concentrate a little bit more in South America, Asia , Australia & Canada just to name a few.

Roxetteatic, I think the same as you. I live in Brazil and here Ballad Hits are going well. On top 100 they were #90 on the first week. On the second week they were #71 and now on third week they are in #64. On tv we are watching the same advertisement as you about ballad hits...
People love them here but sometimes I feel they doesn’t matter too much with us in South America
=(. Per, Marie we love you. Please pay attention is us =(
Fernanda - Brazil

Maybe they would promote more in other continents if they did not have their families. It must be a hard decision to go on tour with or without their children but it is maybe less important to them to promote an album in other continents now that they have children. Just a thought...

I think they do not promote as much as they would like becouse their managment ,that was suppose to promote them in America and other continents ,does not a verry god job. In our days it’s all about marketing, the fun dissapiears slowly.
This is what i think.
Neverending love for Roxette

You need promotion in my country!


Lars Erik: Do you know what kind of promotion Per are going to do in Norway (TV?Radio?)

i have no chance to travel to helsinki on thursday.
does someone know more about this??

Hey, I totally agree with roxette_atic. Roxette should consider promoting their new album outside Europe. The reason of their poor sales chart in Asia is mainly because they never come to promote it here. Asian rox fans are very upset about this. We feel that they should come to Asia. Hey, There are many international artists that have come to Malaysia to promote their album. Savage Garden, Jewel, Blue, Westlife, Tina arena, Micheal jackson, ...just to name a few...!! What a cruel world!!

Agreed! Rox has not attention towards Asia. They want to go to USA (which is good considering that they are finally looking out of Europe atleast) buttt.. they are ignoring a potentially great Rox market i.e. ASIA. They shud defenitely have a go here.. and they will make it to ASIAN TOP 10 verryy easily!!!

Somehow Asia’s music choice is good and a bit mature. I see more interest in Dido than Britney Spears here so defenitely ROX can make it top the top easily. If they can top Asia they can certainly have a lot of attention in US and UK too.


I’m sorry for you non-european fans but you shouldn’t expect too much! Roxette can’t promote in the whole world all the time. It is possible for a limited time like Rox did in the early years but as a human being you can’t handle that forever.

Either you go on till your totally exhausted split off after some years or you turn it down a bit and continue the main thing: to make music. Roxette chose the last one. Don’t forget Marie and Per got families who deserve their time and love!

Why don’t you come in ITALY?You may need come to promote your single and album!Here,the single ATAY can be a hit if you do a little bit promotion!
Excuse me for my english!
Ciao da

PER COME TO POLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PER!!! Please, visit Moscow!!!!
Remember last Russian concerts! We are waiting!

What are he going to do in Norway????????????????

Crap. And I was hopin he’d be swingin out this-a-way to wish me a happy birthday on Thursday. :oP *lol*

hey marie and per, if you two ever come to australia again, that would really make my day. but i guess that’s a dream that ain’t gonna come true, cos roxette just aren’t popular enough with aussies. :( i guess i’ll just have to go to europe one day and hope to see you two in a concert.

Please Per, como to ARGENTINA!!!

I´ve bought a finnish newspaper called Ilta sanomat with a Per interview.
There is a gorgeus pic too.I just love it !
He looks like cat.
Pity that I can´t understand a word.

The homepage is
I coudn´t find this article there, only an other little one.

I couldn´t find any articles in norwegian papers which I could find here in Stockholm.
Did anybody find something?


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