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Per in Nyhetsmorgon on Swedish TV4

Written by vivien on November 7, 2002 to .

SWEDEN - Per is going to be a guest in Nyhetsmorgon (morning news) on Swedish TV 4 this Saturday. The program is going to be broadcast between 9.00-11.10.


My time is 11:26... :S

They read and select the articles, that takes time. Also how many people is responsible for this? Do you think this is like calling 112?? I think they do a pretty good job with all you, I don’t understand the complaining...

Tevensso... the time shown it’s according to where you’re living and your settings. I’m almost sure that one that posted about 10:26 lives in Portugal, The UK, Ireland or Canary Islands... don’t you?? Or maybe s/he’s living under CET and didn’t change her/his settings after the “saving energy change” two weeks ago...

Haha would be funny, the FC people talking about “bullshitting”, then tell me, what have they been doing for the past... 2 years?

2 years? I’d say more like... ummm.... 6?

Sorry to ask a daft question, but what’s the issue between the FC (Fan Club, I’m guessing), and the Daily Roxette?

For the record, I really love the TDR site - It’s *so* much better than the ABBA News fansites (I’m an ABBA fan too...)

I went a bit off subject with this post...

Hurrah, Per’s going on TV ;-)

@ChrisWilliams : I like you, you have to stay here!


Thanx, will load my VCR then. I’m NOT up at that hour! ;)

But you know Per, maybe he will be late again...

@Anonymous: to be able to objectively judge this site is a “small thing” and that “TDR readers assume everything” you must have been wandering around here for some time... and you still come back, that makes us two of a kind = TDR readers ;)

I am waiting in front of the TV now with a tape loaded. I am soooo excited :)))

as usual, most of your comments posted have indeed very much to do with roxette. Typical...

The interview was so great and guite long, more than 20 minutes.
Per was very lovely and funny.
Ha said that he starts to be doubtful about his paternity because Gabbe is very interested in matematics but not interested in music.


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