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Bonus ballads to be on EP in Canada

Written by roxtexanet on November 1, 2002 to .

TORONTO - The initial pressings of the Canadian version of “The Ballad Hits” will feature the bonus four-song EP along with the standard 15-track CD, just as in Sweden. The album will be released on November 12th, one week later than in the rest of the world, and not on the 26th, as previously reported.

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That was my question above! I forgot to log in...

see me is missing

Missing from the reader’s list above... not from the EP.

I can hardly wait :)


I bought Roxette’s Ballad Hits today from HMV, since it was released today (November 5th) in Canada. For some reason, they only had 2 in stock, and it wasn’t on display at that location. The sales person mentioned that it just got to the store today. I really would like to see more promotion in Canada for this! I know that Roxette are planning on releasing the Ballad Hits in the US in February of 2003. I REALLY hope they do more promotion with it there. At least if they get promotion in the USA, it should pick up in Canada as well. I really, REALLY LOVE the new one called Breathe!
Canada loves Roxette!

I just bought the new album “The Ballad Hits” in Canada and it’s great ! All the new songs are excellent (including the four bonus tracks) and the sound is wonderful, as always. I also love the new musical taste of the songs, with a modern and New Age touch, a little bit like Enya or Era. To tell the truth, since I bought it, I can’t stop playing the CD again and again. Can’t wait to ear the next album !


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