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Swedish press picks up on US release news

Written by Jud on November 1, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - Tobias Lindner, a reporter from the Swedish tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet, was at yesterday’s press conference in Spain and heard TDR’s reporter, Peter Mills, ask about the US release of “The Ballad Hits” in February. Picking up on that, he filed this report in today’s edition:

Now they try the USA – again

Hits compilation should give Roxette revenge

  Now the land in the west will be conquered. Again.

  Roxette´s compilation The Ballad Hits” will be released in the USA.

  “It’s the simplest way to come back there,” says Per Gessle.

  About 10 years ago USA capitulated totally. Per and Marie conquered the big country with hit after hit.

  Just as an example, “It Must Have Been Love” has been played over 3 million times on American radio while the album Joyride from 1991, has sold about 9 million copies in the US.

  But in 1994 the honeymoon was over. Roxette’s American record company released a shortered version of the album “Crash! Boom! Bang!” that was only available in McDonalds..

Oh well!

“Big songs in USA”

  Now it’s time for a comeback. Revenge.

  The compilation “The Ballad Hits,” in Swedish shops on Monday, should be released in the US in February.

  “It’s the only compilation where most of the songs have been really big hits in the US. There’s a link here, at least more than if we released a brand new album,” says Per Gessle.

  Aftonbladet reached him in Madrid, where he gave interviews to promote the album.

  His friend and collegue Marie Fredriksson continues to rest at home after the operation earlier this Autumn, when the doctors removed the tumor she had.

  “Of course it feels weird to be here alone, Roxette is so very much us,” says Per Gessle.

Waiting for Marie

  Now he hopes that Marie recovers soon - Roxette waits.

  And the USA.

  “There are eight, nine songs in the album that have been great hits there. This is the simplest way to come back in the US,” he says.

  Parallel to his work with Roxette, he tries to write songs - even in Swedish.

Gyllene Tider - Meeting

  But nothing is going to happen with GT. Even if the band members did meet in Stockholm last weekend.

  “We had a meeting about a concert that we could have done. But we decided not to,” he says

  Roxette is still his first choice

  Now we have to wait and see if the US thinks the same.


did this ever happen to you the way it has happened to me?

go rox in the usa - even the swedish press think its time again!

Per and Marie......

Go show the USA what real pop and pop ballads are. Enough with the over produced, manager-made pop stars that are all the rage in North America. Show the US market (again) what a lot of heart, an ability to write your own lyrics and music and play your own instruments can do to the realm of pop music. Hopefully people will buy this album up due to IMHBL and LTYH and then fall in love with the amazing ballads from HAND and RS. The pop album will blow them away! I think Per’s idea will work.

While here in Canada, which has been kind to Roxette in the past, our video channel’s playlists are influenced heavily by MTV and VH1.I look forward for the day that your videos will be all over muchmoremusic and muchmusic. It has really been way too long..................

hugs! Bobi

Bobi, I couldn’t agree more! The time is way over due for Roxette and other truly good pop music to get back “in” in North America. The crap that’s on the radio here just makes me sick! I pray for the day when I can turn the radio to a non-80’s station and actually here some decent tunes.

Rox-ette... Rox-ette... Rox-ette

The crowd goes wild for the wonderful duo from Sweden:)

opk there needs to be some clarification ..after spending ym time there we NO MORE usa hits so I dont understand where they get off saying that this package is any different from the last hits compilation...the only thing that varies is the new songs...this is bothering me now cause it sound like per has the same lazy attitude he had last time they were here :(

Everybody knows Roxette rules! I really liked the song ”Breathe” even more than ”A thing about you”. I just think that Roxette is not well promoted by EMI in most countries. Anywayz, Roxette is the best when it comes to music.
Take care you guys.

I’m a fan from Australia, who like the USA fans, has to constantly put up with the pathetic shit on the radio at the moment. Aussies tend to follow ALL American trends in anything (we love you guys). It’s about time that maunfactured Britney & J-Lo bull shit disappeared. Roxette have made no impact here since Sleeping In My Car, and the market for music is growing so rapidly here for music it isn’t funny.

9 million copies of joyride only in the US ???
Let’s stay honest ;-)

i’m from australia too and i couldn’t agree more: the shit we hear on radio is pathetic. and that’s because the US listens to bullshit nowadays. if roxette make it big again in america, they’ll be huge here in australia too, i have no doubt about that. you watch, roxette is gonna conquer the world again with their new songs ’every day’ and ’it hurts’! (i hope)

I also didn’t understand Per saying that there are 8 or 9 songs that were really big hits in the USA on this compilation. I can only count 3 big ones: Listen To Your Heart (#1), It Must Have Been Love(#1), and Fading Like A Flower (#2). Then, there’s the medium hit, “Spending My Time” - their last ballad “hit” (#32). So the last “Greatest Hits” on Edel included a lot more hits. :p

I don’t mean to get all specific - just something I noticed too in response to Coyboy’s comment. ;)

In any case, hopefully this project will work and we can add some of these newer tracks to the hit list in the USA as well. :)

That’s true about “Joyride” and “Crash! Boom! Bang!” in the USA. My copy of CBB (yes, the 15 track full version album) says EMI USA as the label.

finally. i’ve been waiting for them to make a comeback (I missed them about 2 years ago..;.;..) and ofcourse, they have my full support.


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