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UK court rules in favor of Gessle

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on November 4, 2002 to .

LONDON - Stephan Malmstedt’s claim against Per Gessle and EMI Records UK was dismissed by the High Court today. The judge also dismissed Malmstedt’s immediate appeal.

  “I am of course very pleased with this judgement,” Per says. “It did not however, come as a surprise. Malmstedt has tried to pursue this matter for almost 10 years and has failed in Sweden. Now he has also failed in the UK. I trust this will be the end of this episode.”


I am not surprised either.
Malmstedt is stupid.( “en knäppgök”)

Hehe...and Malmstedt has to pay now...
I‘m sure Per´s lawyer was very expensive...hehe

I hope this means that he will leave Per alone now!!!!

sounds kind of dum, and I will probably get loads of abuse for saying this, and Per probably doesn’t want to do it, but perhaps they could work together on a Xmas song or something? could be fun, and might break the ice. peace out, Suzanne

woohoo! if i’ve said it once, i’ve said it a million times... but here goes...


hahaha, poor Malmstedt...NOT :)))) Gessle rules!!!!

well...this Malmsted at least got some people listening to his song... an expensive way of promoting it though...

I knew Per won!!!
The world according to Gessle.... =P


I knew this would happen, and I didn’t even need to compare the 2 songs. The whole thing didn’t worry me one bit. I saw it coming. ;)

I wouldnlt be suprised if this guy moves to the US becomes a US citizen then tries to sue per again.

The judge should make it so that he can’t ever sue per again on this matter.


And Malmstedt has to pay lots of money, more
100 000´s according to Expressen to Per & co!
Pity that he doesn’t need to pay for their plane tickets and hotel costs.
Ha wants to try at European high court now.
But he has no chance...

AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Malmstedt you are so stupid dear. Why don’t you spend you time trying to improve your songs that are terrible.
Now I’ll send this article to brasilian newspapers. Everybody needs to know how much stupid you are.
Per, you are the best always =D
Fernanda - Brazil

Well yes Per hadn’t done anything wrong and the melody and the song and everything was original. But let’s not criticize the guy. I had written this comment on an October thread and I rephrase it.
“I totally agree with everyone that this guy is nuts. He could be right though. Let’s be fair. I have loved Per crazily for 16 years now in my 22 years of existance. Let’s not forget he is a human being. People make mistakes. Per is not God. He used to be my God up until a few years ago. I still adore him but it doesn’t mean I can totally deny the fact that he CAN make mistakes. I am not saying he stole the song. I’m just saying anything is possible. Put yourself in that dude’s shoes.”

Thumbs up!:) so this little misunderstanding is over:)))

It‘s obvious ... Gessle rules the world!!!!


Nothing comPERS to you, Per!!!

It’s Hip To Be Per!!!!

What a PERfect Moment!!!


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