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Marie to be back in studio soon

Written by Jud on November 3, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie Fredriksson is on her way back. Sometime before Christmas, she will sing for Roxette’s new single.

  “She feels better and better every day,” says Per Gessle.

  “She has to do some additional singing for one of the songs for the next album. And we will try to do that before Christmas. Marie has a studio in her home, so that makes things easier,” says Per.

  Last week Marie and her husband Micke invited the Gessle family for dinner.

  “It was great and just as always. What’s nice about Marie is that she is so positive and optimistic. This is a really hard thing that she has had to go through,” he says.

  According to him, the danger is over now.

  “Yes, as far as we know. It seems like they removed the entire tumor. What I feel is that there’s nobody that can stop the wheel from rolling now,” says Per.

  But for him this period has been hard.

  “This shock comes back all the time. One is reminded that something like this can actually happen. It’s been a very remarkable time,” he says. “But I’m glad that everything is going this good.”


Great News!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

and go on making such a good music!!!

what “next album” exactly are we talking about here?

I am so glad to hear this great news about Marie and Roxette!!!! :)

How nice... =)

Per says he feels the danger is over, does this mean the tumour is benigne? Could someone pls clarify. But on the other hand this is amazing news, good on you Marie.

Marie Fredriksson is probably the sweetest person I’ve ever met. She exhales all this energy and a tender love that you can’t imagine any other human being in this world being capable to do the same. I am enchanted with her. I knew she was going to do fine. As soon as I heard the (bad) news I said to myself ”She’s a Fredriksson, she can take it.”. And she managed to do great all the way thru it. I am proud of my brave little girl, Marie.
Take care you guys,

Welcome back Marie. It has been a hard time for all of us. You don’t even have a clue of how badly we all were waiting for such a wonderfull news.


A compelete studion in her home eh?? Make me wonder if we will hear the news of a RACING TRACK in Per’s house ;)


Greeeeeeeeeeat!!! Ahhhhh I’m soo happy about this news!!! Marie you are our sunshine and this’s a very very good news. I’ve been praying so much for you... Hope to see you weel on stage soon again.
Best wishes,
Fernanda - Brazil


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