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Bonus tracks on same CD in Japan

Written by roxeteer on October 31, 2002 to .

“The Ballad Hits” album’s Japanese version will be similar to the German one: it will have 15 tracks and 2 bonus tracks on one CD. Just like in Germany, the bonus tracks will be “The Weight Of The World” and “It Hurts”.

  It’s unusual that EMI Electrola in Germany releases a Roxette album that differs from the European edition, but in Japan it’s not. Toshiba-EMI often adds bonus tracks to the Japanese editions to boost the sales. The Japanese editions can be more expensive than imported ones, because the record company has to print special covers for the localized Japanese editions.

  “The Ballad Hits” will be released in Japan on November 7th.

  Stefan Schönhacker contributed to this story.

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And still EMI Germany´s Website says “18 tracks” ...

I added the time lengths of the tracks and I find no reason why they cannot include “Every Day” on the CD to in fact include 18 tracks. It’s a shame “Every Day” will be left out.

IMHO the German version WILL have 18 tracks, and I´ve told TDR about that for many times but they don´t believe it ...
Why should they, I´ve only been in the Roxette community for about 11 years now ...

I’m sorry if your message hasn’t been heard, but you haven’t sent one through our feedback form at

We can’t go through every message sent here or to SmallTalk.

I had some private e-Mail correspondence with LEO about this topic.

We´ll see who´s right on Monday latest...

The German edition has 17 tracks.
EMI Germany´s website was wrong.
EMI Austria´s website was wrong.


Sorry guys! :-)

Also, the CD playing software that´s on the CD states “The Ballad Hits (DE & JP)” as the album title.

Obviously you´re right that the CDs are perfectly the same...

Somehow I get the feeling LEO is jumping up and down screeming, “Ha, ha I’m right!”


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