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Interview with Per to be broadcast today

Written by Jud on October 31, 2002 to .

MADRID - As part of his promotion tour, Per Gessle is visiting Spain this week. In addition to a press conference and meetings with various media, he was interviewed by the Spanish radio station Los 40 Principales yesterday afternoon.

  The interview will be broadcast today on their program “Lo + 40” that runs from 17.00 to 20.00 CET.

  The program is also available as a webcast through the radio station’s website.

A first part of the interview was already broadcast at around 17.20. There will be more in the next 2 hours of the program

  • Los 40 Principales (Click on “Player” button on the top-left corner to listen to the program)


I wish Marie will be with him in future programs.

grrrrrrrrrrrrr “and Per Gessle visits us, he will talk about how MERY is feeling -grrrrrr after so many years they can´t still pronounce MARIE??? - and the future of Roxette”.

lets see ;)

Oh my God, the hosts only speak Spanish? We don’t understand what they’re asking to Per!

Worse yet, he’s translating over Per’s voice! :/

haha welcome to Spain ;)
here´s a small transcript:
They asked him how is Marie doing:
PER: She is fine under the circumstances, she is recovering from the operation, she is a strong woman and very positive and she will be fine. Of course, it all happened in a sudden, she was fine and from one day to the other she was found a tumour so we are all in some kind of shock.

Then they asked him about the future plans for Roxette.
He says that it´s too early to talk about the future of Roxette, that time will say.
But that they have plans, like releasing next spring the power-pop album, and there´s 2 unreleased tracks on that album that they are finishing now.
Then if everything goes well, Roxette will be there as always with new albums and going and tour and etc.

more or less.. that was it

I hope we’ll get more than 2 unreleased tracks!

I mean, being Portuguese, I was able to understand quite nicely what was being said in Spanish, but... I was kinda hoping to hear Per on his own... :/
But then again, was that it? Was that the whole thing? Or will there be some more through the rest of the programme?...

Curious moment tho’, the host referring to the, as Per himself called it, “uptempo” compilation, as their upcoming *rock* collection... :P

That was it? Too short! :(
And the translation was horrible, not only the up-tempo/rock stuff... the translator did some other mistakes, too. Too bad!

No! They said that in the next 2 hours there will be more from the interview with Per...

I thought the program runs to 20h00?

Jupp Pascal, and now it´s 18.00.. so in the next 2 hours (that´s till 20.00) there will be more

That’s how it works here in Spain...what can we do :(

I was expecting to listen to Per’s voice at least, but that seems asking too much (?).

And the worst of it all is that we have to wait until 20.00 to listen to the whole interview...

I miss good interviews!!

I got the second part full in .Wav. I’m gonna upload it in MP3 as soon as I can... as well as the whole Breathe in excellent quality :P

Damn it man! They just almost spoiled all the emotion I’m saving for the 4th! Playing “Breathe”??? Not fair! (Thank God the speakers off button was near enough!) :PPPPP

PS. This comment was @ Los40, not @ Santi of course! ;P

I goes so slow the server... :(:(:(:(

In the second part of the interview Per says that he loves Spain and he has visited our country with his son. He also tells the story behind doing “Baladas en Español”: a south american productor idea!

To the hell with he translator, He is awful!

They have played “Breathe” at the end

go go Santi ;)

Ok, here you can get “Breathe” by now... the interview a little later...

@Santi: YOur site is down now :( please use some other host like



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sorry, sent it twice. the above ANONYMOUS entry is me!!! Like i said, I hate computers! ;)


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