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Watch “Ballad Hits” TV spot online

Written by roxeteer on November 2, 2002 to .

Capitol Records has started to promote the new “Ballad Hits” album online. At least is running a rich-media advertisement “Roxette Jukebox” which allows you to listen clips from 6 tracks on the album and from the 4 bonus EP tracks. You can also watch the a Swedish “Ballad Hits” TV spot by clicking a link in the advertisement (or by clicking the link below).

  As a side note, EMI Finland is also planning to show “Ballad Hits” TV spots before Christmas.


The ad on Aftonbladet works only once with me.

the tv spot is great!!!!!

I loved it. It could be so great if emi Brazil could release something like that here.
Here we don’t have singles and Emi will release a cd with only 15 songs. Great Emi clap clap clap for you.
The problem is that a lot of brasilian fans are saying that they will not buy the brasilian version. They will save more money to import from Germany. Good Emi Brazil, good work that are you doing one more time.
Per please there’s no way to solve it. Do something for us =( please!!!

wow! its so great! made me wanna cryyyyyyyy!

i hope they show that tv spot on swedish tv now.... i hope they show it now a couple of times in several channells.... and i hope they show it some more when we get closer to christmas....


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