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Roxette to re-enter US and UK markets; “ATAY” to be Valentine’s Day single

Written by steven on October 28, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - Great news for American and British fans! According to EMI Sweden, there are plans to release Roxette’s “A Thing About You” in both countries simultaneously in February. They intend to release the single on or just before Valentine’s Day, 2003 – and to market the “Hits” albums as well.

  The Daily Roxette previously hinted at the possibility that something might happen in the US again, telling our readers recently that there was a proposal under consideration.

  That proposal, made to Capitol Records in the US, an affliate of EMI, met with a favorable response. “They’re all for it,” confirms Li Eriksson of EMI/Capitol Sweden.

  Americans have not enjoyed a release since the US version of the greatest hits album two years ago on the now-defunct Edel America Records label. In conjuction with the promotion for that, “Wish I Could Fly” was released, but only as a promo single for radio and TV. Meanwhile, Britain last had a record release in September 2001 with “Milk & Toast & Honey.”

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What a great piece of news for long suffering American and British fans.

And it makes sense to me. We know from experience that Per & Marie simply cannot be everywhere at once promoting new material. so why not sort out Europe now (albeit without Marie) and then concentrate fully on America and Britain in a few months time.

If they can crack these two tough music markets then who knows what the future could hold for other countries such as Australia, Canada, South Africa and South America etc.

This really would be a great oppotunity for Roxette and a time when fans must surely rally together to do their bit.

That’s made my week!

“A Thing About You” is the first release from Roxette that I can buy on it’s official release date... I’ve only been a fan since June 2002, and I only have “All Videos Ever Made & More!” to my credit - But all that should change, as A Thing About You is released in the UK: Hopefully, Roxette’s albums will become more accessible to me.

And if they don’t, I’ll just have to bite the bullet and buy online :-D

Anyway, I can’t wait for the release. And, of course, I’ll be phoning all the radio stations and requesting the song :-)

Sorry ..... but as I posted on smalltalk topic ...

I think its a waste of time UK wise!

The biggest retail market is Xmas ...... not Valentines day.

Too late EMI UK .... you missed the bus yet again!!!

Anyway....whats all this “re-enter” rubbish?? as far as I know it hasn’t even entered either of these markets! so how can it re-enter?? or will it be sneaking in?? ;)

@ Vixter:

Please consider what you have said here for one moment...

Do you REALLY believe that Roxette could possible go up against the UK’s top selling music artists at one the most agressively fought marketing times of the year?

And with Marie out of the equation resting at home this would leave Per to solely take on the likes of all manner of teenage bands, plus the highly favourable ’PopStars Rivals’ (which are tipped to be number one when they haven’t even recorded the single yet!).

I don’t believe Roxette could have achieved this incredible feat even in their hay day, let alone now a decade later.

I really believe Feb is a much sensible approach to this much needed release in America and Britain.

Think positively, otherwise we have lost the cause before we have began.

@steven - Christmas is a big seller ...... Valetines day not so..... where do you think Rox would sell more records?

Plus...... when do we get the up tempo stuff??? 2004?? when the whole world has had it for about 10 months? ;)

I’m just pissed off with what happens in the UK .... we should have had the single when Europe had it....after all the last time I looked .....we were in fact in Europe ....

Well there’s a line from Pulp fiction that Mr. Wolf Says, but I can’t repeat it here, but it sums up my sentiments, that I’ll believe it when I see it.


P.S. Yes Anonomous we are Roxette fans, we’ve just seen it all before.

They should re release WICF in the US I personally think that with good promotion can be easily #1
And in the UK, they only buy bullshit

they should release TCOTH in the US

or the new pop hit song

Great news.... Im sure Roxette will be met with a positive return to radio......maybe more so than “Wish I Could Fly”.... Christmas or Valentine’s Day.... Im just glad that we will have a chance to see some sort of a comeback. I am certainly not expecting there to be a #1 single.... but we might get some TV appearances...... maybe Marie’s return to good health will give her the OOOMPH to make a trip here and promote....


This is great news!

about bloody time.....its nice to see EMI start to get its head out of its ass! Perhaps I will finally be able to hear Roxette’s new stuff on Canadian radio if they break through in the US again!

To EMI: Canada has always supported Roxette when they have been promoted from Pearls of Passion through Crash, Boom, Bang.

Okay, this is fantastic news! I’m so excited! But, again, like most of you are saying, let’s see if it actually happens. At least there are plans!!!

Here’s what I think should be done...

The article states that it’s planned as a Valentine’s Day single. This is a perfect opportunity to promote the single! The cover is very fitting for Valentine’s Day - obviously with the heart-shaped cover of raspberries. (It’s funny because I was just suggesting this Valentine’s Day idea to Carlos E. a few weeks ago!!!) This could become a brilliant marketing concept - at least I think.

Perhaps they should send the song to radio in early January and hope for the best. Then commercially release the “A Thing About You” single the Tuesday before Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect Valentine’s Day gift! Give it to someone you like! ;) If it’s available in enough stores, I think it could easily spark interest. The cover itself should draw interest.

That’s what I think should be done. Let’s hope for the best - and I hope all you USA fans are ready to help promote as well. :)

By the way, I also think “Wish I Could Fly” is a brilliant song, currently my favorite Roxette song ever. I think it deserves another shot in the USA as well. There are a ton of hits on this album, so there’s quite a bit of “new” material to choose from for the US market, including songs like “Anyone” or “Salvation” or “Milk And Toast And Honey.”

It’s always worth a shot, especially with a major record label.

Enough ranting from me for now...


I just want to say that even though ’A Thing About You’ is a very good song, I don’t think it compares with Roxette’s bonus song ’Every Day’ which will be released on their “Ballad Hits” CD. I believe if this song is marketed properly, it has the potential to reach number 1 anywhere in the world! I hope enough people get to listen to it... it’s awesome!!!

Hi ya’ll!
Good news. I think it’s about time Roxette did a good thing in America since that Edel thing was a bomb. I am looking forward to listening to Roxette in America again.
Take care you guys,

@Alesvenska - in the UK people only buy bullshit because thats all thats available.

Great news. But a bit off topic: IF there’s one Rox-song which could be on #1 worldwide, then it’s the one and only “Every Day”, because it’s unusual for both, Roxette AND the charts. Roxette need to release at least one “untypical” Rox-song as a single.

I may not be in either UK or USA, but this is great news for me. :D

Where I’m from, there’s not much promotion for Roxette releases, even though we do get them. But who knows - being back in the US might help put it back to where it was...where it should be. ;)


I think it’s perfect for Valentines Day!!! Oh gee I cannot wait!!!! Every Day is briliant...and I agree it should be given a chance too!!!!

I just pray that EMI UK get it right this time.....loads of friends of mine who want to buy the single!!!!!

EVERY DAY should come out as a single for Valentine’s day instead of A THING ABOUT YOU!

If there are many people thinking the same way as I do, maybe they will make a change like the “peas” title!

Bonne journée! Have a nice day!

this was an unbelievable surprise i got to show this headline to my mom on her birthday.

I have to say reverything next with a level head. Valentines day from a martketing perspective is good for them here in the usa because NOTHING will be on the radio. The con to this is ATAY isn’t american radio friendly. DOn’t get me wrong, if capitol usa has any clue as to what they used to have in roxette they will fair pretty well, especially since billboard will give the album & single more attention that its on a label that isnt independent.
all i really want is another chance to see them live so I can do it right, with my mom and brother and boyfriend, tons of cameras a video recorder , the works. I knwo they wont be on the road or record forever, I want one last chance to bathe in their light :)

yeah.. i want a worldwide album after the hits albums... and then a WORLDTOUR like join the joyride....

Nicely put Rich, my thoughts exactely.

Hey !!

You can hear Breathe at !

Take care!
Carlos E., New York!

if breather were the single in the usa it would eb a hit whaT an amazing song

I didn’t think about this until now, but if EMI are releasing the single in February 2003, why are they releasing the same track on an album in November 2002?

The same thing happened with ABBA’s final singles - People just didn’t have a need to buy the singles, when the compilation had already reached the top of the charts.

[Sorry to bang on about ABBA, but it’s an obvious relation to Roxette!]

EMI can’t really promote the album, and then expect the single to do well next year :-(

Ah well, we’ll see what happens :-)

As for “Every Day,” I love the song. It’s my favorite of the EP songs we’ve heard. But I don’t think it would stand a chance on U.S. radio. Hopefully the U.S. version of “The Ballad Hits” will include the song.

As for “Breathe,” it’s hard to judge the song from such horrible sound quality. I’ll wait till I hear a CD quality version.

@ ChrisWilliams:

In the UK and US won’t be an album release before the single in february.

Even though I am not from US or UK but I feel good. I think it is Roxette’s and EMI’s last go in the UK/US market. For all those who think that “Everyday” will do better then I guess I don’t agree. “A thing about you” is an amazing-typical-roxette song. The lyrics, the mood, the environment (which ATAY creates), album’s cover and Per&Marie singing together creates a HIGH chance of ATAY being noticed in the valentine’s day season. Having said that, let me also say that Promotion and a timely launch are MUST for ATAY to become a major hit in US.

@Anonymous: I agree with you! I guess nobody even compares britney with Marie!!!!!! MARIE THE QUEEN, PER THE KING!!!!!!


Zee from Pakistan.

It could be a nice Idea to do a promotion in the UK and US. It would be woderful too, if Roxette will to do a new Album, but people the most importat is that Marie can to be fit & healthy again.
Than...will be to come a new Album too.



Huh? Are you referring to VH1 Europe? Trust me, I have a satellite system and there are NO European video channels available, even if you buy their most expensive package. Maybe the UK can get them, but at the very least, they’re not readily available in the US... so this will not impact sales of the single whatsoever.
And another thing, this country (USA) has so much tunnel vision when it comes to music being played in Europe... Why else would most of us think that Kylie’s CGYOOMH was a brand new release when it started to be played on radio here... one freaking year after it was huge in Europe. THe same is true of other songs, so I trust me, a very very very small number of people will even know that ATAY was previously released in Europe. Probably only the people in this forum and our friends and family:)

has it not occurred to them that any roxers in the Uk and US will already have imported the new stuff from mainland europe and also, aren’t we gonna be more interested in whatever’s being released in the rest of europe? (i was gonna say wouldn’t we be sick of ATAY by then... but it’s not possible!)

*peace out*
TPR xx

That the single will be appearing here is great news, but let’s bear a few things in mind before we all go completely yampee:

* the UK is miles behind the rest of the world in getting Roxette stuff again;
* you KNOW it’s not going to get any promotion from EMI UK whatsoever, but they’ll blame the almost inevitable lousy chart position on this being a poor Roxette market (and whose fault is THAT - not ours, that’s for sure);
* we haven’t actually *GOT* it yet, have we? I’ve said it before and will say it again, we were supposed to be getting ’Anyone’ as well, not to mention over half the other singles since 1995.
* I checked in Virgin Megastore for the Ballads Hits album, and they said it was on EMI Australia, and had no idea if the EP would be with it. So EMI wouldn’t even bother with it here at all, then.

For crying out loud, Per, Marie, COME OVER HERE AND PROMOTE YOUR WORK!!! If you leave it to EMI UK they’ll do absolutely bugger all!

Turn and fade...

Well, I read ICE magazine, with all the new releases in the US market, as well as imports, and “The Ballad Hits” is slated for US release on February 11th, the Tuesday of Valentines Day week, as Tuesdays are release dates in the US, so it looks promising!!


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