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ATAY goes on climbing the charts

Written by kibkalo on October 25, 2002 to .

TDR’s ’Small Talk’ section is – as always when a new Roxette single is released – full of messages from our subscribers talking about the success of the single on the charts.

  Last weekend, “A Thing About You” reached the top at major Russian station Maximum, after a week of voting. It was followed by Madonna’s new single.

  In Sweden, it entered the single charts at #14; while in Germany it’s at #37 and in Austria #39.

  There are two TDR subscriber-reporters keeping track of this activity in an organized fashion. One, “RoomService”, is posting chart info on his website “Roxette Charts”. You’ll find “PerFanatic”’s info as this article continues.

  (Christos Skendras, joyrider and Daniel Alvedal also contributed to this article).

By Jim Greulich (PerFanatic)

Here is the update on ATAY in the world-wide Radio/Airplay/Sales/Internet charts:

Wk 1: 22 charts, 27.5 avg, 2 top 10, 11 countries

Wk 2: 38 charts, 17.5 avg, 8 top 10, 2 @ #1, 14 counties

Wk 3: 44 charts, 14.0 avg, 20 top 10, 1 @ #1, 15 countries

Wk 4: 57 charts, 13.5 avg, 26 top 10, 2 @ #1, 18 countries

  By comparison, MATAH peaked at 47 total charts, but keep in mind that I am pulling more charts than were available at that time, so it’s not completely scientific. Still though, a pretty impressive trend so far.

  For Week 5, ATAY is already #1 on three stations, with a few more possibilities.


Hi I’m from Germany...
Yes Atay is really a new Hitsingle !
It will climb much more upstairs !

ATAY is number 15 at top 100 here in Brazil Vivaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

You can see here :

Fernanda - São Paulo - Brazil

On my page you can also find a table with all the position of ATAY in different german radio Charts & in german Airplay Charts.
Have a look:

I’ve also been wondering about ATAY not released in SA, or am I blind?! I’m saving money 4 “The Ballad Hits, am I wasting my time?
If u have answers, my email is [email protected]. Thanx!

Sorry that was wrong. Roxette is the #90 on top 100 here in Brazil.
It’s the first week of ATAY here and it will go up more and more.
Marie and Per brasilian people love’s you guys come here soon again.
Lots of kisses for you!!!!

It’s #2 here in the Czech Republic, on the Radio “Evropa 2”. The # 1 is Las Ketchup (or something like that).


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