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EMI promotes new album with raspberry-themed items

Written by roxeteer on October 22, 2002 to .

Often when a new album is released, the record company releases promotional items to advertise and promote the album. Such is the case with Roxette’s forthcoming ballad album. This time, the record company has decided to make the items tie in with the cover pictures of the new releases featuring raspberries in milk. EMI Svenska has sent a list of availble items to the local EMI offices so that they can decide what to order. TDR was told that list included items such as “raspberry-red fleece blanket, raspberry-red fleece scarf, a ski hat and raspberry-flavored bubble bath”.

  These items won’t be available for sale, and will mainly be given out in competitions or as premiums to retailers.

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Imagine all this with peas ;)

Anonymous1: This kind of ’internal’ promotion is important too... shows the radio stations/video channels that EMI is throwing money behind the release, and helps their new release get noticed in the heap of other records that come out every week.

Anybody managed to buy a copy in the UK yet?
Or know where we can all find it in the UK?

what kinda a message would roxette be sending if they endorsed paying big radio to play their music?

Jag gillar hallon.

EDITOR’S NOTE: “I like raspberries.”

lol @ Judith’s comment! ;)

Det saknas Arlas Roxette’s hallon filmjölk :DDDDD

It lacks Roxette’s raspberries yoghourt by Arla :DDDDD

If they did this site should be called “The Dairy Roxette” :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Mmmmmmmm,i want strawberries with milk ;)


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