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German portal posts new songs online

Written by cskendras on October 22, 2002 to .

DARMSTADT - German portal T-Online has posted full versions of The Ballad Hits album bonus tracks on their website. You can listen to “The Weight Of The World”, “It Hurts” and “Every Day” in Windows Media Player format.

  In an email received today, T-Online apologized for the delay in making the new songs available on time. Originally they were supposed to be online on October 15th.

  At press time, the T-Online website was acting very slowly. Have patience. Also note that clicking “The Weight Of The World” plays the song “Every Day” and vice versa.

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woow, It hurts is great. Reminds me of Crazy about you but slow version ;)

it hurts is great!!!!!!! :-)

Every day sounds as if Marie wrote it. Just put swedish lyrics and put it on Den standiga resan ;)

Im frantically trying to listen to it - but it wont happen! Why is their server so slow? I still havent heard 1 song and Ive been trying for the last half hour! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!

Great! Despite other indications we really get Every Day in Germany! I’m glad.

...but I wooon’t listen to the songs yet! ;-)

It is BREATHE the song the German release is not including :)

EDIT: Now that I looked at the list of songs for the German release, it´s true, Breathe IS in the CD, but not Every day :P

Wow!!!!!!!!! I’m shaking here, Marie knows exactly how to put her emotions in those songs... Every day reminds me of I don’t wanna get hurt in a way!

I’m impressed, Marie’s voice is so unbelievable... I’m out of words!! I hate the interruptions!!

Gr8 lyrix!!

where the hell on the site are tthe songs?

Try this link for every day:

And this one for it hurts:

That worked for me!

@ Judith: No, I don’t think we loose Breathe. It’s just that t-online features the *bonus*songs. EMI is hiding Breathe to keep interest.

cowboyusa: Just click the “T-Online Roxette Special” link above to get directly to the songs.

Messed up!!!!

Hey, there gotta be something wrong with the links. Are they dead or something ?? Not even from college, which has a T-1 connection i can get the links to work. So terrible!!! Need to hear the songs.. need to clear my mind with Marie’s voice. Help!!!!!

Carlos E., New York!

It won’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

I guess BREATHE is something “special”!!!!!!


There must be 19283172 people trying to listen to them :) It was working fine the first 2 minutes hehe

everyday should have been titled strange caue marie repeats it so often but its hurts is great ...very airy and jazzy...maybe fromt he lost marie jazz album? the new sound really fits roxette

i hope breather is sung by per tho

I figured out the lyrix of “It hurts”:

Can you tell me where it leaves
when it’s neverending?
Can you tell me where to go
when no one’s home?

And I know, you know
It hurts
It hurts to be alone
You’re wrong, you’re wrong
On the one-way train going down

Can you tell me what to say
when there’s no one listening?
Can you show me what to do
when all is done?

I know, you know
It hurts
It hurts to be alone
The plan has gone wrong
Like a one-way train going down
Going down, down, down
Going down
Going down, down, down

Yes I know, you know
It hurts
It hurts to be alone
You’re wrong, oh you’re wrong
On a one-way train going down, going down
Going down, down, down
Going down
Going down, down, down

That’s the feeling
It hurts to be alone…..
Going down

We are discussing about lyrics in this post :D

I posted Every Day lyrics there but i am missing some words! ;) hEEEELp

@Zeeshan... you can download the songs from the link they say here, in MP3 format:

I don’t intend to listen to the songs, ( neither read your coments) until I lay my hands on the original CD!!! :)

It hurts is absolutely stunning! I am getting this album for myself and my friends in the US for sure.

Tinytim, I do not agree. Even a good record company that does not go bankrupt like Edel, and a good record company that has $ and the devotion to roxette, they can come back to the US just like some of the old artists that are still around here. Promotion is EVERYTHING in the US. It was really a big mistake to pick Edel over a big company like Sony few years ago, i have to agree on that ...

it hurts is just great!!!!

i think i can listen to them online, because i’m going to buy the CD anyway....

How beautiful ALL the songs are, how haunting, how deep WOW what meaning and WOW Marie’s voice is GORGEOUS!!



I love the songs....just great!!!

I want the album...NOW!!!!

bunny just so you know edel in america SUCKS BIG TIME

oh and btw sony passed on roxette not the other way around

“Every Day” is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Love the piano, love Marie’s interpretation of the lovely lyrics. I can’t put my feelings about this song in words, but it’s something really nice, really beautiful. I can’t stop listening to “Every Day”! I wish “Every Day” was a single off this new GH album. I love it.
Thank you, Marie and Per.

Woah! “Every Day” is beautiful! It’s such a simple song. Very haunting! Very sad too. I love it!!!!!

I love the arrangement of “It Hurts” too. Again, very haunting. Wonderful lyrics.

Excellent songs!

What a sleepless night ! I couldn’t wait to listen to “Every day” once more. I think now I know the lyrics by heart. In my opinion this would be a real good airplay song especially when listening to it on a lazy sunday morning in bed ;o). Unfortunately it seems as Roxette won’t release it as a single..but that won’t stop me from listening to it again again and again :o)


These 3 songs are better than anything than what they released since Crash! Boom! Bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, there were a few exceptions as well on HAND and RS, but this........... W.O.W.!!!!!!!

My god, as it felt on the new pictures, this feels like in the good old times of Roxette!!!!!
In these songs I can finally FEEL Roxette again, and it’s not just my knowledge that it’s them, for the first time since CBB I can FEEL it again!!!! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (i never made such an emotional comment here before)

I cannot believe how impressive these new songs are. As I am sure many of you will agree, why are they wasting these incredible songs as bonus tracks and additions to an already available x 4 greatest hits album? I mean, come on, this is where Roxette should have moved to after HAND. It’s fresh, haunting, inspiring, artistic, and ... well... GOOD (for lack of a better word). – And this coming from someone who still finds HAND facinating and now sees Room Service as sort of a train wreck. – I love this sound. It’s like a grown up ver. of HAND!

Can you only imagine what the Pop tracks will sound like? Imagine Twenty Four Seven with this maturity! I can’t wait.


Anoymous at the top!!! What do you know about this song”It Hurts”?
How old is it, were you there that day with the window open in 95, was it going to be in the greatest hits album back then?

Also whatever happened to the song “Myth”?

Everyday.....Finally the piano is back!

Fabolous!! It hurts is fantastic!!, everyday is more melencolic, i love both of the songs!

You can also download the songs at mp3 files at:

“Pearls of Roxette”

If ’Every Day’ doesn’t reach #1 all over the world, then something is terribly, terribly wrong. I’ve been listening to this song over and over again, while I’m studying and while I’m sleeping... This song can be something really big, and I don’t understand why Roxette didn’t release it as a single. I hope the whole world can listen to it, because I am totally stunned by it.


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