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Sound clip of “The Weight of the World” appears on EMI site

Written by Jud on October 11, 2002 to .

COLOGNE - EMI Electrola, Roxette’s record label in Germany, has placed a 30-second clip of the unreleased song “The Weight of the World” on their website.

 The song is the “b-side” from the “A Thing About You” single and maxi-single, that will be released October 21st according to EMI Sweden’s website (but appears with an October 14th release date on EMI Germany’s site). It will also be featured as a bonus track on Roxette’s upcoming compilation album “The Ballad Hits”.

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I don’t get any of the links to work...

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s a RealAudio clip... and worked fine when we tested these links.

I love the song!!!

sooo sweeeeet.......

I luuuuv Marie´s voice, it reminds me of the “Silver Blue” voice she has there! mmmmm lets see how the whole song sounds like...

it sounds good

Just so you know: the name EMI Electrola doesn’t exist anymore, it’s Capitol Records Germany nowadays - they simply didn’t bother to change it everywhere, especially not on their homepage! It still has the old CEO (who was fired in spring!) listed in the copyright section, for example...

Oh, and the German release date’s really this monday, the single has already been seen in different shops!

Wonderful song, I like it a lot, Marie sounds like an Angel.
Roxette the best one in all the world.

It will be a sad song. I have an Idea it will be fitting for Marie with what she is going through. I bet she feels the Weight of the world on her right now. Can’t wait to hear the full version. 30 secs aint enuf to get the full taste.

it sounds boring. :(

It’s soon to say my opinion about it ;but it didn’t shock me. :-(

Marie sounds like a beautiful angel, whispering her delicate words to the world....great guitar effect!!


30 secs is way too little to make a proper opinion, especially as the quality was far from good... but anyway, I am starting to love it already :) GO PER AND MARIE!!!!

I guess they shudn’t have released this snippet at all.. cuz the quality sucks... a great song can not recognized in such a bad quality. 16K plus RM file.. they gotta be joking!!!!!!!



I agree with you, the quality sucks! How can some of you say that Per or Marie sounds great? Well, we all know that they are always great, but that’s another story... But I mean, the quality really sucks!

i didn t hear it yet
im looking forn it


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