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Per on morning radio show says Marie is “completely OK”

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on October 4, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - Making an appearance on the RixFM “Morning Zoo” radio program, Per Gessle faced the inevitable question: “You’re alone today. Usually you’re two. We must ask about Marie.”

  “I met Marie the day before yesterday,” Per replied, “and Marie feels completely OK, with some pain of course, but completely OK.” Per went on to say she is both strong and positive.

  When asked if there was anything missing in his life, Per mentioned that perhaps he would like to have another child.

  Other topics touched upon in the interview segments included cars and driving, coffee rolls (it is, after all, an early morning program), the Oktoberfest going on in Halmstad (Per’s hometown in Sweden), his art gallery at the Tylösand Hotel and Björn and Benny (from ABBA).
  The on-air personalities at Rix said they would “hold their thumbs” (the Swedish equivilant of “cross our fingers”) for the new record and for Marie, of course.

(David Nuñez [royalball] contributed to this article).


Fantastic news.

Dearest sweet Per!!

We will all hold thumbs for Marie and ATAY will be a success as well as the album!

I pray for you to have a second child, it is rewarding for the parents, and great company for cute little Gabriel! Only children get really lonely, so why not??You and Asa are super parents, so go for it!! Maybe another little Per?? How lovely!!!

All my love to you,

I listened to the radio all night long but didn’t hear Per. It was ofocurse not English and it was as if I was in ....

She is born in august of 1961, so she is 41 already.
( On 4th if I remember well.)

Mmmm,can your thoughts about having childeren change so much????
Oh-ow :s
:p Honey,don’t let me suffer so much,please :s :p ;)

Dear sweet Per! It’s GREAT news!!!! It’s fantastic to hear that Marie is quickly recovering and that you’re thinking about having another baby! I wish all the best and the joy in the world to you both guys!! En kyss!!!!!!

Oh Bunny, you bring great news again, that’s all I wanted to hear! :)

BOOyah!! wØØt! Similar L33T noises!

This is excellent news.
Hope you’re back to 100% soon, Marie-chan.


Oh Honey!!!
You have given to us a fantastic news!!!
Marie it’s ok now..and you are thinking to have anoter son..WONDERFUL!!!
I love you my honey NIKY*

i think per was in both rix and mix megapol

Per was in BOTH radios...

That’s fantastic!
Great news to be back from holiday! :-)

So loving that, “hold our thumbs”... may adopt that! ;);)
Although... quite how they do that?! Make a fist or what?!

Ok, so little things please little minds! :):):)
*Cheesy grin* Germany we are holding thumbs too...eeeerrrrrh....I can ....also eerr..try to hold my toes....*ouch*...YEah...actually I would give my right arm for Marie......

I was so surprised to hear about poor Marie (Here in Australia I heard about it last week on a music show... not much details, which is why I’m glad this site always has up to date Roxette news.) I will be praying for her and her family.

I was listening to MixMegaPol and all of a sudden Per was at the radio station for a short interview. I liked it and he sounded super happy (ain’t it funny how Per is less shy in Swedish than in English?), showing that Marie is OK. I guess that if she were in a bad shape he wouldn’t be that happy. By the way I liked the new song a lot. Just wish they would have changed the so-used structure of the lyrics. Anywayz, cheers everybody!

@Rain girl- what music show did u hear about Marie, all i’ve ever heard was a quick sentence on a music news item on our local station


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