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Interview with Per to be broadcast tomorrow

Written by Jud on October 3, 2002 to .

Per will be interviewed by the Swedish radio station Rix FM tomorrow (Friday). He will take part in the radio station’s morning program “RIX MorronZoo”, that runs from 6:00 to 10:00 CET.

The program is also available as a webcast through the radio station’s website.

  • RixFM (Click on GO - button to listen)


he will also be on the morning show on mix megapol

what is CET?

If this interview is in Swedish then please can anyone translate it for us (who don not understand swedish)
If this is in English (I hope) then can anyone save it and uploaded it somewhere (RoxBytes!?) so that we could download it.


Please upload it anyway! I know that it was in Swedish but if one shall translate it one has to be able to listen to it!

IT looks like they will maybe replay or go on with the interview with Per in mixmegapol at 14.30:

“Vad saknar Gessle, du hör det 14:30 i nöjesnyheterna!”

this is what stands on site/news...

Hm, maybe there was too much traffic on the site?! Cos I couldn’t listen to it either...

oh well, and i was away studying! Hope to download it from somewhere... is it maybe saved on radio’s site? :)

I had problems too.......I just mamagd to hear his infectuous laugh, and then....
I hope we have a trnascript of the interview

Go Per Go, you are the best!!

Love you forever
yours always

11:30 they just said: what soes a man like gessle miss in his life and he said that he wanted one more vhild...

To Daniel Alv.
What does “vhild” mean?
Do you mean “child”?

I missed it. Can someone write down the whole interview?
Swedish or english it doesn’t matter...Tack


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