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Ballad Hits gets Canadian release date

Written by roxeteer on September 28, 2002 to .

EMI Music Canada has published a news story on The Ballad Hits album on their website: “[…] Roxette have collected their big ballads on one album. Songs that people all over the world relate to. Their seductive mix of tongue-in-cheek pop and sweepingly romantic ballads sound as fresh and effective as when they first stormed the airwaves.”

  The ballad compilation will be released in Canada on November 5. While the story refers to “A Thing About You” as a single, it is uncertain if that’s actually the case in Canada, as the text is based on a press release from EMI Sweden.

  (Rob McIntyre contributed to this story.)

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Wonder when EMI UK will pull their fingers out!!

Went to HMV store today to enquire about ATAY, nothing NOTHING no detail at all has been given to this store! Not even about the Album!!!!!!!!!!

Shocking ain’t it??

They need a good butt kicking I reckon! Who will join me in doing this??hehehehe!

Faithfully yours, BigRoxfan xxxxxxxxxx

hmm... i was in HMV yesterday and the single isn’t even on the release sheet.... :(
hay, all the UK roxers get together and keep bugging EMI UK until they sort it aaaaht!!! hahaha!

So, who is gonna join me to Kix EMI UK’ s butt live??


All my love

me! me! me!... or not! i is too shy!

How about EMI Argentina? NE1 knows?

I’m so happy to hear that Roxette is getting a Canadian release date! I just hope that they do a big promotion here in Canada for the album this time, because when Room Service was released in Canada, there was no big promotion done for the album. There was a page on the EMI Canada web site which actually had some good clips of Roxette performing new songs from the Room Service album and some old songs live.

Canada loves Roxette!!!


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