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Raspberry heart shape fills in on album cover

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on September 26, 2002 to .

With a revised packaging concept and title, Roxette’s collection of slower tempo songs, “Roxette: The Ballad Hits,” is right on schedule for release on November 4th.

  Roxette, working with Jonas Åkerlund and their record label, decided at the last minute to drop the “Love Peas” concept in favor of what you see here… raspberries floating in milk.

  As first reported by The Daily Roxette, “Love Peas” and “Pop Peas” were dropped from the names of the two forthcoming ’greatest hits’-type albums. While the raspberry motif is being used for the ballad album, it is expected that some other object that ties in, yet is different, will be used on the up-tempo collection. The end result will be a series that has a coordinated look and feel… two albums and, as originally planned or conceived, a tour.

  The published track listing for the first of the two is as follows:
1. A Thing About You (2002)
2. It Must Have Been Love (1987)
3. Listen To Your Heart (1988)
4. Fading Like A Flower (1991)
5. Spending My Time (1991)
6. Queen Of Rain (1992)
7. Almost Unreal (1993)
8. Crash! Boom! Bang! (1994)
9. Vulnerable (1994)
10. You Don´t Understand Me (1995)
11. Wish I Could Fly (1999)
12. Anyone (1999)
13. Salvation (1999)
14. Milk And Toast And Honey (2001)
15. Breathe (2002)
16. The Weight Of The World - Bonus-Track (previously unreleased)
17. It Hurts - Bonus-Track (previously unreleased)
18. Every Day - Bonus-Track (previously unreleased).

(Birgit Eichler contributed to this article.)

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Well, at least the heart is not green :)
Looks fine.

Very impressed. Much different to any one of the others.It should really stand out on the shelves.

stand-out? oh yess.. defenitely.. GOO ROX GOO!

Sweet! Just checked out that the berries swim in milk. I wonder if they planned to show Marie/Per and had to cancel photo shoots because of Marie’s illness.

The question is: What will the uptempo cover show to match this design?

What’s there in the backgrund? Is it milk? I can see bubbles ;)

The Picture behind the “Ballad Hits” Cover is an enlargement of the ATAY Cover right?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Correct on both accounts. - LEO

raspberry ,milk with bubbles –it’s better:-))
this cover eats well :-,)

the tracklist is from the EMI Germany page.

YES!! what happened to see me????? i was so happy that i would have it on a cd (i’ve gotit only as mp3) and what now? it’s so beautiful. beside i suppose all the other songs are per’s so there should have been one marie song. mhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Already for pre-order here....?

Yeah, seems like they dropped the EP concept and put all the songs on one CD. See Me is left out because it isn’t a new song.

I like the cover... But where’s i See me?
Looks like they changed more than just the name

I like this cover and the tracklist is very good too.
I hope all these 18 songs are in an unic disc.
See you
LF (Brazil)

I like the new concept. The cover is great, like ALL roxette’s covers, milk and berries, I love it.

See Me is a fantastic song, I have heard it because I’ve got the Salvation single CD and I thing that It fits perfectly as last track in this compilation.

I think that the Cover is great!.. and it fits the contents on the disc.. so sweet.. :P

And I also like that there is no limited_edition_EP.. I don’t like the idea (at all!) that we would have to fetch the “limited_edition” thing.. (like it happened on Rarities).. I think that I will sleep better tonight.. LOL

If the next greatest hits would contain the same design strategy, what would we have on it?? mmm.. no idea, I would suggest.. hehe.. let’s see.. ;)


my first thought “WOooooW”

good job roxette


great ;-)

well done jonas! *g*

I like it; it’s pretty and original

According to it IS still a limited edition.

Very nice cover. It has a lot of quality.

mmm great :)

Ahhhhh, much better! :)

Wow, I am totally satisfied and happy! and about see me, it is not really a pity as we have it already on a single. I just wonder about the EP concept... will they stick to the limited edition thing or will all songs be on one CD?

I just mentioned in Small Talk that I heard a rumor that Sweden still will get the EP, but no other countries.

Looks like this album will be released in Canada! YES!!! On, they mention that it will be released in Canada on Tuesday, November 5th, 2002. I really do hope that EMI Canada does some promoting for this album. Canada Loves ROXETTE!

Whats the story with “2. It Must Have Been Love (1987)”?? Is that a mistake, most people only know the 1990 version. They do sound different. I can imagine people buying this album based alot on IMHBL 1990 and listening to it and saying “That doesnt sound right!..”



i hate that cover! can they not include a picture of themselves?

hi all could someone please help me as i don‘t know is the EP going to be droped from the uk version please help someone


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