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Per good for half a billion SEK

Written by tevensso on September 28, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - Dagens Industri, a Swedish newspaper that focuses on financial news, has recently mapped Per’s business empire. DI claims he’s good for half a billion Swedish crowns (almost 54 million USD).

  In one interesting item, Per is quoted as saying “Today I own the rights to all my songs but one.” That ’one’, TDR has learned, is “From One Heart to Another.” It’s owned by Sweden Music.

  Here’s an overview of his various enterprises:

  • Roxette - self explanatory. Sold more than 55 million records.
  • Music publishing - Owns the rights to GT’s and Roxette’s material, plus the works of many other successful Swedish songwriters.
  • Artist consulting - Owns 8 percent of Desert Business Management in Örebro and 38 percent of d&d Management.
  • Hotel - Owns 40 percent of Hotel Tylösand, plus 1/3 of art gallery Tres Hombres, with one of Sweden’s largest art collections including, among others, Ernst Billgren, Peter Dahl and Anton Corbijn.
  • Financial investments focusing on IT/Music - This is where many of Per’s more or less failed attempts to connect music with IT are. He recently took over the company Noteheads together with Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA.

  Examples of other businesses Per owns (at least in part): Roxette Productions, Roxette US Inc., Roxette Recordings, Gessle Music, Gessle Records, Hidden Dinosaur (computer games), Fame Studios (Internet consultants), People’s Front (Internet consultants), Tom Bone (Music publishing), and Jimmy Fun (Music publishing).

  Gessle declined to comment on his businesses. “Right now I’m on my way to the studio to record two new Roxette-demos… now that is real fun!”


Per’s the King!!! I love you Per.
Fernanda - Brazil

Well here is a man that loves what he is doing for Roxette. He isn’t worried about the money. He doesn’t need to keep Roxette to live, but he loves it, good on you Per!!!
I remember a few years ago Per quoting” He who owns the most when he dies, wins” Well he certainly owns a bit.

Two new Roxette demos??
mmmmmm! Great!
Come on Per!

Forza Per!! ( just go for it!!) Go Baby Go!!! Love you to bits!!! You are my shining star!!!

Of course Roxette is fun!!! Cannot wait to hear the Demos!!!

yours forever,
BigRoxfan xxx

Poor Per :DDD

Roxette has sold more than 55 million records? Wow! Is this accurate?

Bonne journée! / Have a nice day!

55 million records:

full albums: 40 million
singles: 15 million

That’s true...

Should be around 43 to 44 Million albums
and maybe 16 million singles!

40 million is a realistic and correct figure.
- LS: 8,5 mio
- Joyride: 10 mio
- Tourism: 4,5 mio
- CBB: 4 mio
- Favourites from CBB: 1 mio
- Rarities: 0,8 mio
- Greatest Hits: 4,5 mio
- Baladas: 1 mio
- HAND: 3,5 mio
- RS: 1 mio
TOTAL: 38,8 mio

what the hell is roxette us inc?

Pascal, did you count the singles? singles are also records... and they sold 15 (i think its now around 17 or 18) million singles. So that makes 55 million indeed.

@ Japeke: do you see any singles mentioned in my list? So I guess the answer is “no” :-)

I believed he had more than that

Tevensso, Which number of DI did you read it?

“Right now I’m on my way to the studio to record two new Roxette-demos... now that is real fun!”

I loved that part! – Zee

Well,you there ;) this is a reason to hurry up with those lyrics :p..........
I’m still waiting for them ;)

Hej Gyllene Man!!;) I can’t wait to hear the demos!!

Roxette US Inc is Roxette’s American tour company. Not much business lately I guess...

I have find this number of DI in a library.
From 21th September.
Per is very cute on the pix.

Pity that I didn’t know it in time to buy it.

Well... 2 new demos sure does sound great.

BUT, don’t forget that Per and MP are recordning demos all the time. I mean... if they record like 20 demos... then, MAYBE we get to hear one or two of those songs in an album or as a b-side or something.
My point is that just becosuse he said he was going to record new demos... don’t have to meen that there will be any new songs in the near furure. Apart from those we already know of...

But we can ofcourse always hope!

Hey Bunny...gimme some money....


we shud calc. how many fans we are and how
shares we hold of Per... *eg*

hold or sell? >;)

The real article is almost 4 pages in A3-format. It will be hard to add them to this site. It’s also in DI Weekend, that’s not featured on the site.

How can he own his music? Did he buy it all back from the publisher? Cos the publisher owns the copyright.. :(

I have mailed to DI and they give me this “Weekend” paper yesterday.
I just had to go to “Bonniers huset”.
(Torsgatan 21, at St.Eriksplan.)
You can also try it if you are from Stockholm.
Or from Sweden.
They offered to send it to me if I can ’t visit them.
[email protected]

Per *is* his own publisher...


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