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Roxette bows out of “Proms” concert series

Written by Pascal on September 25, 2002 to .

ANTWERP (UPDATED) - With the concert series only about a month away, and with Marie Fredriksson’s treatment and recovery plan still undetermined, Roxette has been forced to bow out of their “Night of the Proms” appearances.

  Organizers of the concert series have told Daily Roxette reporters that an announcement to this effect will be made tomorrow (Thursday).

  Simple Minds have reportedly been lined up to take Roxette’s place as the headline act this year and, if all goes well, “Roxette will be at the NOTP 2003 (next year)”, said a spokesman for PSE, the event organizer.


And who cares?! That’s not important at the moment.

I am so sad to hear this...but I just knew in my heart of hearts that Marie would not be able to participate....hej, Marie, just rest up and enjoy all the love that surrounds you!!!
After all:

Love, Love is is all around you....and the light, shining through, it shines for you!

Very soon. you will shine your beautiful light and your gorgeous voice again...with a vengeance!!!
Take good care Marie, love you loads, you are in my thoughts and prayers every single day!!
Big kisses to you and your family and huge hugs!!

it’s a shame.... but oh well....

will those bad news end up at last ?:(((

While it is unfortunate that Roxette had to back out of Proms, so what? Ms. Fredriksson needs this time to heal. I, personally, wasn’t able to attend this series so it is of no great loss to me. However, I think that if you want to go, go. Roxette wasn’t the only good band there.

Hopefully, they will make it back in 2003 and be “large and in charge”. Now is not the time to bemoan the fact that Roxette bowed out. It’s a time to pause and reflect on how things in life don’t go as we’ve planned.

To quote: “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.” I believe that was John Lennon. I might be off on the quote too. It’s either that or: “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” One of these two is correct.

To quote someone else (I have no idea who): Life is TOO SHORT to drink bad wine.

Hopefully i can get my money back!!
I won’t go with no Roxette.
Next year... Yeah right.
This was the moment for Roxette!
But the health of Marie is more important
than the Night of the Proms.
But it still sucks.
Simple minds were already there
2 years ago. Was great but Roxette is
the best (with Joe Satriani, SteveVai, Brian May).
My opinion.

People, such decision was very obvious. frankly I would be worried if marie , instead of tanking time to recover, jumped on stage just like that. so, well, let’s screw NOTP this year, but in 2003...we’ll show them all!!!! :))) Together with Roxette kicking more than ever. I feel it inside me already now :)

considering the circumstances i think it’s the best solution. and fair as they seem to be some agreement assuming roxette will be the next NOTP’s headliner

I will not go without Roxette there.

But whilst it is such a major shame that we won’t be able to see Roxette perform live this year, it is obvious that Marie’s health and happiness is THE most important thing.

God bless Marie.

Marie’s health is more important than any concert.


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