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Peas vanish from album titles and cover art

Written by daniel_alv on September 24, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - The peas are gone… and possibly, we had something to do with it.

  In a move that is sure to please the multitude of TDR readers who posted comments here and in our SmallTalk forum expressing their dismay – disbelief even – when we first reported that the title “Love Peas” would be given to the upcoming compilation of slower-tempo songs, Roxette and EMI have dropped the “peas” concept and reverted to naming the album “Roxette: The Ballad Hits!”

  The decision to change the title and the packaging concept first came to our attention earlier this month when the listing changed on EMI Sweden’s list of upcoming releases.

  On the cover of the single, “A Thing About You,” the peas have been replaced with raspberries.

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All this talk about peas has damaged me pyschologically...

...I dont think I’ll ever eat peas again - And I used to love em!

Thank goodness someone has finally seen the sense and done the sensible thing.


Reginald Hatstand (Mr)

P.S. wibble
Remove The Peas Inc.

LoveRaspberries: The Ballad Hits

and i thought it was an original tittle :(
i really loved it........

Hahahaha I just can’t believe it :DDDD

I think its great that they left the peas out ;)

But I would really enjoy to see the old Cover for ATAY with peas and I’d also like to see the ideas which Jonas had for the Compilation-Covers.

Hmm, I liked the peas! Hopefully the covers don’t loose their originality with the title change...

*The first cover for ATAY showed Marie lying naked on a table, only covered with peas!!!

*imagination mode off*

You know...I actually liked the “peas” concept. At first, I was thinking...ehhh. But after getting used to the idea, I thought it was cool. Oh well.

Good notice?
It’s nice that the record company notice our disapointments on the titte - Thank you for listening
I actually like the name “Love peas”, was not horrible at all, ugly but original.
“Love pearls” could have been another alternative.
Keep on listening fans opinions


@NancyBoy: Good that I didn’t comment before reading other people’s comments. Love Reaspberries is exactly what I was thinking of hahaha. I guess Love Peas sounds better than Love Raspberries. I don’t like peas. Raspberries are ofcourse more delicious.

HAY! now i don’t need to throw the album to the garbage after buying it!! how cool!

i had a dilema with myself... what would i do? go to the nearest tower records and ask for “roxette love peas” (lol... it sound so dumb!!!) or just “the new album”?

by the way, pearls suck too. just ballad hits is good. nice and simple. catchy and say alot.

Thats such a shame I like the peas Idea and the cover looked groovy!!! Would have grabbed lots of attention, Roxette have been known for a weird sense of humour. This would have done them good.
Never mind.

now that we know that we have the “power” to make them listen to us.... let´s start demanding... LOL ;)

MTV Unplugged DVD? :P

Alright! That title was bloody terrible! ’The Ballad Hits’ may not be to original, it sounds fine to me, but its better than some arty farty title!

ARTY FARTY? I thought music was a “kind of art”, so why not using “arty” names? Mind you, such title like The Best Ballads or similar would be very boring, just for BORING OLD FARTS.

Dictation of the masses. Appealing to the lowest level of mediocrity. How pathetic is that?! Now the last bit of individuality of this record has been killed. Thank you.

I liked “Love Pearls” :(

By the way, didn’t Lars Erik say that this of title would be probably more than decided by now??
I was beginning to accept the peas (but I will never eat them) :P

Well, as peas have dissapeared now maybe we get “THE ROCK SET” as the title for the uptempo compilation :P
That would be nice :D

“Roxette: The Ballad Hits!” - boooring! *yawn* Guess I belong to minority here. Oh well, Roxette have never been an ’arty’ band. A boring title to a boring album, hm? >;p
Love & Pea(s/ce) ;)

Is anyone really upset about the peas going missing????? coz I’m not .....I’d rather have Ballad Hits (as unoriginal as it is) than Love Peas! :P coz it was just so very naff! :P


What was wrong with “Peas”?
It seems many didn’t understand the whole symbolism aound them, and we now
get a boring “Roxette: The Ballad Hits” as any other greatest hits from any
old band....
Honestly, Peas should’ve stayed there...
Why then, did they use “Room Service”?? Roxette aren’t bellboys... following
the argunment at TDR forum-news-string, our “Room Service” should have been
called “Suite Music” or something...

What can i say?...
Simply Fantastic, many lovely songs from the center of the heart, NEVER GIVE UP... GO AHEAD ROXETTE!!!


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