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Argentinian station can’t wait... plays webcast version of ATAY

Written by arnie on September 18, 2002 to .

CORDOBA, ARGENTINA - One of the most important radio stations here in Argentina
played the new Roxette single on Monday evening.
The announcer talked about Marie’s illness and said
that “Roxette is like love: one can’t live without the
other one”.

  Some minutes later, he presented “A Thing About You.” The funny thing is… he played the “Mix Megapol

  “We had waited for the promo but it never arrived,
so we decided to play this version, as we’ve had a lot of
requests,” he said.

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HMMM. Kinda sad that they waited for the promo but never got it. Very sad. But it’s EMI. Goes to show how well promotion is being taken care of there!

EMI Poland has had a promo CD for a long time, but they hasn’t sent it to the main radio stations yet. EMI Poland says that it is going to be on air till the end of September. We’ll see what will happen.

On Monday the Bulgarian *EMI-licensee* still didn’t have the promo-single... Let alone the radio stations!

Argentinian fans are the bests ^_^

Hey guys!
EMI Argentina told us they expect to release an album in November (no extra details about it).
Of course we haven’t heard about ATAY on the major radiostations in Buenos Aires, they stick to the official releases (although FM HIT played the MP3-version of TCOTH last year ...)

Argentinian fans !!!! we are the best...and we are always waiting Per and MArie!!!


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