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Per sends message of thanks to fans

Written by administrator on September 19, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Daily Roxette received this message from Per today, who asked us to share it with our readers:

Dear friends,

  On behalf of Marie and myself I would like to thank everyone for thinking/praying/writing/e-mailing good and positive thoughts regarding her illness.

  As you know, what happened Sept 11 (that day again!!) took us by complete surprise and last week has been tumultuous for us all to say the least.

  As I’m writing this, we don’t really know what’s going to happen with the Night of the Proms tour. We do know that the single/video “A thing about you” and the album “The Ballad Hits” will be released as planned worldwide and our ambition is still to promote and take part of that process as much as possible.

  Once again, thanks for your support and let’s keep our fingers crossed things will turn out for the best for Marie and her family.

  Hope to see y’all very soon.

Per G., Stockholm

Sep 19, 2002


thanks Per - we appreciate this! You know we all love both of yaz to bitz, so keep happy during this bad time.

We all feel like you... :-(

Awsome... I’m happy the single and album are to be released WORLDWIDE!
I’ve kept my fingers crossed for the past 8 days Per!

Thanx for your words!

The NOTP-tour is NOT important anymore!

The main thing is that Marie will be fine again!!!

And she WILL BE!!!

Take care!!!


Thx Per!
I´ll keep my fingers crossed.
And yes, the main thing is that Marie will be ok!!!
The words give us more hope that we still have!!!

It’s a positive message. This must be the proof that everything will be OK soon.

Tack så mycket Per!!
It feels good to hear from you!
I think I will hate the date of 11th September for ever (sorry to all who have their birthday there..)

I hope you or/and the management will keep us informed about Maries health! Otherwise I will get mad!
Big hug
Chrissie R. / Tyskland

Thx Per.

I keep on praying for Marie several times every day.

As “big-little-girl” already said - NOTP is not important. Important is only Marie and her health.

Thanks Per,
when we wake up each morning, we just wonder “will we have more news about Marie?” “will everything be ok about her?”.. she is in our minds ... and we have our fingers crossed so that Marie will be around us with her energy, her voice and those innocent eyes that are full of love.

We know that these moments are hard to live, for family and friends, and knowing that Marie wants to continue with every rox-related thing makes us know that she loves us as much as we do :)

Best wishes,
ALEX (Spain)

Yes as flowersonthemoon said– You are always in our minds!!
And we fans,all around the world always will be with you- in good times and in bad times!!
You give us so much love and now this love come back to you, and i’m sure that Marie soon will get well!!!

We got the power to heal!!!

Nice :)

Let´s hope Marie gets well soon!!


Dear Sweet Per!
Thank you, for the lovely message! This time must have been hard for you too, but baby your songs pull us through ups and downs and now our prayers will pull you and Marie through all this!! You cannot begin to imagine how much us Roxfans love you.....we all want to see Marie rested and healed, so NOTP is not an issue!
We love the song, we love the video, and to quote the Beach Boys classic(my fave song of theirs)
“God only knows what we’d do without you”(roxette) would not be the same!!! Roxette is Wickid!!!God Bless you both love you LOADS!!! XXXXXXX BigRoxfanxxxxxx

Hej Honey Per!!!
Finally, it’s nice to hear from you!!!
Marie is always on my mind, and i pray for her health every day!!!
All italian fans are close to her now!!!
We LOVE you!!!! Niky*

Thanx for your response Per!

I feel that Marie will get well again, but she needs time and peace. I bought tickets for NOTP myself, but still prefer Marie to stay at home.

Both of you did a great job with A Thing About You! I’m shure it will make it’s way, even without your personal promotion.

After this drama Roxette will be even stronger!

Thx Per!!
Marie is always on our minds,just like you and her family.
We love you all

Thanks Per....your message means a lot to all us Roxette fans :) Hope you are dealing well with this too...

Best wishes to Marie....just focus on your health and get better!

hugs from Canada!

Thanks Per for your lovely words. We all know Marie will be better soon.

Judith: Your “get well” project is again in the front sight. You´re fantastic. I love u. Hope to see you soon.


Thx Per for your message!
Surely, we continue crossing our fingers for Marie!

I really hope for all of us, esp. for Marie and her family, but also for her friends and fans, that there will be a happing ending soon!

Sköt om dig, Per!

love U both always

Hej Per!

your words can give so much relief, thanx :) Keep us informed! Marie will fight as you say and become a winner. We’re with you both in these hard times! We’ll never stop believing!

thank you per.

Thank you my dear, dear Per! I’m praying everyday for Marie’s health and I know we an see through all this together, we’re all magic friends! You and Marie are always in our hearts!!!! Laura

Tack Per!
We can’t stop thinking about Marie and her family and You as well! The most important is to keep the faith!
Hungarian fans love You!

Thank You Per!

You strengthen our believing that Marie will get healthy very soon!

I pray every day for Marie...”Hear my call, here and everywhere I’ve been walking the streets in despair...”

I love you both so much , you give me hope in my life, you bring me joy in my life, you make me happy!

I will be always on your side.

In Love,


Thanks so much for your nice message, Per! You know, Marie is always in our minds and hearts, and so are you. We love you soooo much!!! :-***

Ciao Per,

Thank you for talking to us. I wish all the best for Marie. i’m sure she will be nack stronger than before.

Hope to see you (both) in italy


Hej Per och tack så mycket!
It’s so nice to feel you so close to us, like we are to you and Marie.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Marie and hope she will be fine very soon. We need both of you!

Love Darya*
from *Official Italian Roxette Fanclub*

Dear Per:
Tell Marie that I’m really worried about her health. She’s my favorite singer. I’m really sure that she’ll deal with all this. As she sings in the song ” El dia del Amor - Baladas en Español”:
Marie. it i my message for you
Per and Marie, God bless you. I am close to you
Elizabeth Garcia (Peru)

Dear Per,

thank you very much for your message! We’re in this together, but we cannot hold your hands alltogether... So it is great that you find comfort in our thinking, praying, writing and e-mailing.
In God we trust, have faith,

love always, Ronney

Per thankyou very very much for the words. You make me feel relieved. Now I think I’m a new girl.
All brasilian fans are praying for her and for you too. We love you very very much. Thankyou for exist!!
Fernanda - São Paulo - Brazil

Thank you Per for your words. NOTP, promotion, album, single are not important, right now they are meaningless. The only important thing is Marie’s healt. I hope and know that Marie win this fight! She’s a winner!

Yes dear Per, ... but nothing is more important than Marie´s health!
We love you both of you and the best wishes to Marie, the Queen of Rain!

Kisses and lots of love ....
Lucrecia de la Piedra

Thanks Per, you’re so sweet.
Take care you and Marie, you will be back!
I wrote a Song to Marie “Dedicated to Marie” I’m trying to send it to a Fan Club, I’m hoping Marie will become it!

Many Hug and Love

Patty from Switzerland

Dear Per,

Thanx for being in touch with us! We appreciate it best and you know taht we never stop thinking of Marie. And the most important thing ever is that she would be completely recovered, then everything will line up naturally!

God bless you both!

Ivo, Bulgaria

Thanks so much, Per.
I wish Marie and her family the best. I love you both so much. All the best from Germany.

LOVE and KISSES to you, P&M, you´re the best!!! thanks a lot for everything, praying for marie!

Thank you for your words. We are still praying for Marie recuperation and for you to be strong. And we´ll keep our fingers crossed. Hope this‘s only a bad period that will pass very soon.

Fernanda Moraes - Brazil

We love you both!!
Thanks for sending this message to the fans

We’ll stay here supporting you guys, you’ve been one of the best things that ever happened to me. :)

Go Marie go! Be strong, we’ll be here. Always :)

Hello Per,

Thanks a lot for your message, hope these hard times will pass soon and everything will turn out to be alright. You both take care of yourself, lots of faith and support for Marie!

Alla i mexiko ber för att Marie bli bättre och för att vi kan lyssna på er så fort i liv.
gud med er!

Hi Per,

I am from Pakistan and Marie’s illness has made it here too. We are very concerned regarding this issue. The best thing is that we KNOW Marie will make it through and will soon be up and running. Thanks for all the lovely years of the BEST music enjoyement one cud ever DREAM Of. I love you Per, I love You Marie, I love ROXETTE!


Thanks for the message Per! We are all praying for Marie in this time and that she will make a complete recovery and be back stronger than ever! Send her our love from all the Australian fans!!!


Hi Per,

Nice to hear some news from you. I wish you all the best too. And I know for sure Marie is getting well verry soon. Of course I will buy your cd and listen to it every day while thinking and praying for Marie. I will burn a candle for her every nigt.

Love ya,

[To see the translation of the last article about Marie (21/09), go to the “Smaltalk” section, and to “General”.
There is a topic called “NEWS ARTICLE ABOUT MARIE” or something like that with a translation made by Fool.]

Per thank you for everything. Please send many kiss to Marie and her family.

Per : from Argentina we thank your words, they are very sweet. we love you!!!


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