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Night of the Proms gigs not cancelled yet

Written by Roxmaniac on September 16, 2002 to .

One of the organizers of Night of the Proms concert tour, Dirk Hohmeyer of PSE-Germany, has posted a statement on the tour’s web site. Here’s a translation:

As you can imagine, we too were surprised with the messages from Sweden and we’d like to wish Marie a fast recovery. Roxette had to cancel all their commitments for the near future. However, their performances at the Night Of The Proms concerts are not cancelled. Marie and Per want to perform, if possible. Marie is currently undergoing some medical tests and we’ll have more news in a few days. According to the information we’ve got already, there is certainly no mortal danger, otherwise Marie wouldn’t have been able to go home. Everything else is just speculation and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  The first concert is in Belgium on October 25th.

(Pascal and Roxeteer contributed to this story.)


not that anyone would really mind if it was cancelled in these circumstances, but this seems to be a pretty positive article - ’no mortal danger’, and obviously Marie thinks she will be fit enough to perform in the not to distant future - but we always knew she was strong.

I agree. I don’t care whether the NOTP will be cancelled or not. That’s not important. Forget concerts, forget new Roxette CDs. Just care about Marie’s health.

Yes, it’s true.
Such a strong woman! I love her!!!

Praying is a good thing, maybe one minute is not really long.
For me it feels strange though, to pray for someone who doesn’t know me. And I only know her from her ’work’ as an artist...
Anyway, we humans do not control life, so praying is a great weapon!


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