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“A Thing About You” cover picture announced

Written by roxeteer on September 24, 2002 to .

The German branch of EMI has published the cover picture of Roxette’s latest single, “A Thing About You”. The single will include another all-new song, “Weight Of The World”, and the video for “A Thing About You”.

  Thanks to Steven of for the tip.

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- Strange cover
- Expected something in relationship with the videoclip
- Hope it will attract attention in the shops

I can imagine that cover would most certainly stand out on a shop shelf.

A huge square of white amongst a sea of shelf colour.

We should have no problems spotting it.

Simply and beautiful.

great *g*

simple and great....

*sigh* it is touching, I LIKE it!
and congrats on article no 1000! :)

I LOVE IT. What more is there to say. It’s simple, and beautiful.

I think it is a nice cover, simple and nice, and i think it fits the moment right now (with Marie’s illness)...

@TDR ppl: congrats for article 1000 ;)

Nice! Boring font, but it doesen’t mean as much as the picture.

oooooooooooooh so cute ;)

It’s beautiful, and as Judith said, I think it fits the situation that is now.

I think the cover is really cool - very modern, maybe rox think that their images on their cds reduce their sales?!

hm... Now, I was wondering one thing... I don’t have ALL singles ever released, but I don’t think it’s that common that Roxette release a single or album that don’t have their faces on the cover in some way, right??
I wonder, is there any other single that dont have Per and Marie on the cover??


Neverending Love
Church Of Your Heart
Fingertips ’93

@ little-girl: FINGERTIPS! On that cover were just handprints!! ;-)

it’s good... i like it

sooo simple...and sooo sweet....

It’s simple and sweet. It’s totally different from any other Rox-cover. It seems kinda...”shy” because it’s so simple, but that’s what makes it brand-new! Go strawberry!!:)

It’s a very nice cover. It’s simple and yet, it stands out.
Will the single be released in Canada??

it is... nice. i don’t know, i never buy singles. why would i do it? i buy the album. why pay for the same song twice?

that’s a sweet cover!
’lingor salad’ coul be better for the tittle isn’t? ,kidding ;).

Gargar, maybe because singles have extra rare tracks not on the album - like “Weight Of The World.”

It’s Nice, Classy & understated.


@Damineh: No commercial Roxette single has been released in Canada since 1994, so it’s unlikely we’ll see it (the “Wish I Could Fly” single wasn’t released, you could only get it at HMV by buying “Have a Nice Day,” or asking for it, as you did!). You should be able to find it as an import in Vancouver, though...

So, is it a single from a new album, or just a single by itself?

classy and different. interesting and noticable. and without marie and per - good. i mean how many variations of M&P can be figured out.
the font - it’s simple, not boring and another wouldn’t suit it.
i think it’s the best singl-cover of them i have seen. and i think i’ve seen all of them.

Pers favourite according to an old swedish interview.

mmmmmm.....that so, viv....? I can just see an increase in the sale of rasberries.......!!!Hehehehe!!!

Cover is lovely, catching simple and sweet, just like the song!!!!

Love it, love Per and love Marie to bits!!!!Bless them both for hard work and resilience!!!And Dear Lord , please bless Marie with good health again!!!
We are with you all the way Marie and Per!!
VIVA ROXETTE!!! Saluti, bisoux to all!!!

LOL means laugh out loud!!!


Maybe it won’t be available on a shelf in stores, but in a rasberry basket!!!

Peas, rasberry, ... What’s next?

Bonne journée! / Have a nive day!

P.S. Salut BigRoxFan!

“article 1000”: thanx for being there, TDR!

Crystallised Roxette raspberries!!!yumyum!!!

Bonjour va???A bientot, j’espere!!! Viva Roxette!!

Ciao a tuuti i fans italiani!!! Forza Roxette!!!

Guten Tag und Grusse to all German fans!!

Yours always

PS Goie Dag to all SA fans!!!! Roxeete, alles van die beste! xxxxBigRoxfan

What is it about fruit and veg thats so appealing for cd covers??? :P


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