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Fans compile lyrics to “A Thing About You”

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on September 9, 2002 to .

Many TDR subscribers using our SmallTalk forum have been having fun figuring out and compiling the lyrics to the new single after having either heard the song on the radio, or a recording made of the premiere broadcast. Here’s the version almost everyone seems to agree on….

A Thing About You

Lyrics by Per Gessle

I pick up the phone,

I’m dialing your number

While I pray you’re at home,

At home and alone

’Cuz I can’t function on my own

And I’ll never stop believing…

The reaping is done,

You are the one

The radio is on but the sound is all gone

And I wanna walk out in the sun

But lately that’s been very hard to do

I’ve got a thing about you

And I don’t really know what to do

’Cuz I’ve got a thing about you

Hey you

I pick up the phone,

I’m dialing that number

And my heart like a stone

Waits for the tone

Oh I can’t make it on my own

And I’ll never stop believing…

I know what is right and this is so wrong

Alone in my bed, better off on my own

The TV is on but the colors are gone

And lately you’ve been painting my world blue

I’ve got a thing about you

(I’ve got a thing about you)

And I don’t really care what you do

I’ve got a thing about you

(I’ve got a thing about you)

Yeah, you

I’ve got a thing about you

I’ve got a thing about you

Lately you’ve been painting my world blue

I’ve got a thing about you

(I’ve got a thing about you)

And I don’t really know what to do

I’ve got a thing about you

Hoping this story cuts through

(this story cuts through)

Yeah, I’ve got a thing about you

A thing about you

I’ve got a thing about you

I’ve got a thing about you

And I don’t really know what to do

I’ve got a thing about you… (fade out)

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I’m not so sure about “A Thing About You” sounding like a b-side, but whether it’s a-side or b-side, it still sounds great. Can’t wait to hear it in CD form.

They should release an album of b-sides or something, I would definitely pay for that– just look at all the great b-sides:

I Remember You
The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye
Come Back Before You Leave
Silver Blue
The Voice
Entering Your Heart

Am I missing anything else?

A lot man!!

Of course... you’re missing Crazy About You ;)

Hi Roxfans! Wow, new Lyrics is really good, I like it. I didn’t hear the new song, but I can’t wait it long time! I will try to hear it as soon as possible.

Greatings and Roxette forever!


Great song! And a strange quincidence, one of my songs has almost the same beginning! And a bit same story in it, especially in the verses. But my chorus is longer and completely different. Thanx God!:) lots of my friends have heard the song long before ATAY was released so now I won’t be blamed for stealing lyrics or just for being crazy.

Rox on top of the charts!

Per has used his talent for writing lyrics this time.
Good lyrics!!

Hi all,

Finally Roxette is beginning to sound like “Roxette”. Stuff like “who killed my amp and fender..” is not my cup of tea when it comes to Roxette. However Roxette’s music is turning European song after song. I don’t know if I can explain you what I mean from this but there world-wide appeal is not as strong as it was. BAH.. what the hell I still love this song. I can’t wait for that PEAS stuff. I wana hear BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Good lyrics!, well done!

“Lately you’ve been painting my world blue”, it’s the most beautiful sentence I’ve heard in weeks. Per’s a genious!!!!

A beautiful song, really. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the new stuff! :)

hej! i don’t want to add any comment (strange ;)? but true). i would just like you all to tell whether it is typicall rox song or not. do notice - i don’t want you to value it, only to say whether it’s typicall. i will judge by myself whether it’s good or not. the same i will do with the type of this song but i will take long time for me to hear it (probably on monday) so i just can’t wait it. so please answer my q! oh, and how long is it?

ok guys! this is one of the best rox songs since 1999 coz i thought that room service was a bit shitty compared to the others!!!!!! and who said per cant sing ballads????? he is the man!!!!!!

brad australia!

p.s. i have “>>>>>MYTH

i think the lyrics are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Wou! i like it very muuuuuuch!!!!! i want to hear the whole song as soon as possible.
C´mon, c´mon give me more ROXETTEEEEEE!!!!!!

Well I believe this single has only been released in Europe eh? I should thank Per and Marie for not liking Canadians. Thank you very much!!

Well I should thank konstpaus for giving us the site. Nice song. I LOVE IT. Made me cry! Oh well! I hope they make it to North American charts.

YES! GREAT LYRICS! BACK ON THE SADDLE AGAIN BABY! Could please stop naming other musicians specially those who suck? why don’t you compare this lyrics to those which are really worth comparing (BEATLES OASIS THE VERVE OR ABBA....) just an opinion.

by reading most of the comments here and in SmallTalk it seems this has been one of the best recieved rox songs in quite a while - which is really great. I absolutely loved the song at first but now i’m not so sure (I still like it of coarse, just not addicted to it like i was with other rox songs), anyway some fans will like it, others won’t - that doesn’t make them any lesser fans!!

@Maurecio and other so called long time fans....

Although I understand that songs will always have good and bad responses, remember, Roxette are STILL great, and to my way of thinking, always will be! I have been and still am being inspired by their lovely style of music, bubble gum or not! At least Per is writing his own stuff and NOT copying others!!(A big trend at the moment in the UK! I hate it!!) Give them both credit for adapting to the times and giving it a go!!


Thank Per & Marie, you are always the greatest!



So I wonder about rumors of the end of roxette. Lately I read on some site that Per wants to be only songwritter and Marie wants to be an actress. I hope this all is bullshiet! What can I say I LOVE ROXETTE and I can imagine what would happen if they split up! God please NO!

Now about ATAY - it’s great, very catchy. I think it could be a big hit if EMI will do a promotion worth of Roxette. Homever can anyone tell when will video appear on TV and on which channel?

Greetings to all ROXmaniacs

Hi guys! Well all I have to say is: I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must confess that despite being a Roxette fan since I was 7, the previous releases had disapointed me a little. But I just heard it and now I´m sure Roxette is truely back in the way we all love ’em. I love this song and I thank God there are people like Per to write such wonderfull songs that lighten our day!! Rock on! xxx

Hei BigRoxfan are you Italiener? I speak Italien, if you want you can write me!


Roxette forever!

some say it sounds like a b-side. i couldn’t think of a better news, as i haven’t heard it yet. but that’s the best that could happen. after all their biggest hit (it must have been love) was a b-side, don’t you remember that.

maciek, naprawde sadzisz, ze to moze byc koniec? bez przesady, moze mieli troche nieudanych momentow, moze i wydaja kompilacje za kompilacja, ale per ma szanse na kariere tylko z roxette, niestety, i chocby z tego powodu (choc ja nie wierze, by mu tylko na tym zalezalo) roxette bedzie jeszcze trwalo.

ale, swoja droga byloby milo zobaczyc marie na duzym ekranie, juz dawno o tym myslalem. bo ona jest zwierzeciem kamerowym, swietnie sie czuje na planie, to widac w teledyskach, ale przede wszystkim jej to wychodzi.

BTW - it would be interesting to see marie in a movie as she would be wonderful, she’s great actress, we could have all see it through all the videos and more..:))

Do Shama / To Shama

Muszê sprostowaæ, ¿e ja nie s¹dzê ¿e to koniec, ale przes³anki mog¹ (ale nie musz¹ ) na to wskazywaæ. Uwa¿am ¿e by³aby to wielka strata. Oczywiœcie masz racjê, ¿e Per poza Szwecj¹ nie ma szans na karierê. Marie w filmie to by³oby coœ! W ka¿dym razie mi³o mi poznaæ kolejnego fana z Polski jakby co to napisz do mnie, mój adres [email protected].

Quick translation for not Polish fans - I don’t think that Roxette will split up. But there are some rumours. But I would love to see Marie on the big screen.

jesli sa tu fani z polski ktorych nie ma na liscie dyskusyjnej to napiszcie do mnie na [email protected]
if here are fans from poland and they are not members of polish mailing list please contact me [email protected]
if you are not from poland and you want to meet polish fans contact me.

Hej Patty,
Yes, I am Italian...but only ha;f!! I am also half Croatian!! Bella mistura, eh??? I would love to write to you and to any of you rioxfans out there, who woild not mind chatting to a happy cheeky BigRoxfan!!!

Saluti a tutti...any French fans out there??If so, bisoux!!!!


My family fly to Europe alot and as usual, I ask for Roxette stuff. They tell me Roxette is not big in europe anymore. Is that true? I mean here in North America, they don’t even know Roxette. You gotta sing Joyride for them to remember. I was just wondering though. Cause back in the old days, Roxette was really big in UK, Germany and ...

“It Must Have Been Love” never was a B-side (until, of course, “Queen Of Rain” with the live version was released in 1992).

The lyrics is great, but I don’t know what do it mean ( A THING ABOUT YOU) in Czech...

Hej Lisa!!

Nice to see another UK Roxfan!! Would love to write to you!

@Rich UK
would love to write to you too.... if you are willing!!

In fact, all of you are welcome!!


Hej all,
I anyone wants the chords for the new song let me know. Chao

i don’t have a cd within the range of my hand but as i remember, from the Pearls of passion re-released edition’s booklet “it must have been love, (x-mas for the broken hearted)” was a b-side to the “soul deep” single. i don’t want to argue but as soon as i get home i will check it and be aware if i was right.

and finally i have heard half of the song - GORGEOUS!!! i also think it will be a hit but only comparable to the succes of “wish i could fly”; anyway who cares - i think with this single they’re goingto regain the respect of DJs and some part of the fans which have grown up of their music.




I’m not French, but almost! I live in Québec.


Hej, everyone....did u see that scathing article on Aftonbladet and Expressen, calling Per a notorious pop thief...I was so uipset I sent a mail to saying so!!

If the song is so bad as they say it is, then why is it being so well received by the fans?? Open your eyes Expressen and Aftonbladet....stop slagging Per off and check out the fanbase!!!!!

Bacioni bisoux kisses to all!!

Saluts a tout le monde, Desert Moon, a bientot, j’espere!!


“I know what is right and this is so wrong
Alone in my bed, better off on my own
The TV is on but the colors are gone
And lately you’ve been painting my world blue”

Very good Gessle!!!!!

It’s wonderful!!! a very nice song to start a new album.


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