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Video of “A Thing About You” to be included in maxi-single

Written by i_jera on September 3, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - “A Thing About You”, the new Roxette single slated to be released on October 14th, will be available in two different packages.

 A 2-track CD will come in a paper wallet with “Weight of the World” as the ’B side’. The maxi-single version, housed in a jewel case, will include both songs and also the video directed by Jonas Åkerlund.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Despite some posts in our SmallTalk section concerning Spain and Germany, the date that radio stations will have this song available to them to play remains unchanged: it’s September 9th.

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Who has heard something about WOTW before?

It´s one of the tracks on the bonus EP ...

That’s better than get it in the next one... We always miss the last, like Milk and Toast and Honey or Salvation.

wonder if the b side will be absolutely same as on the EP. I suppose so, and if so, then it is a bit boring. Hehe, finally I’m complaining about something :) BUT it is good they’ll go on with adding videos! Music chaneels show only crappy videos these days...

Hey its a new b-side...maybe from RS or after...!!Isn’t it great!!!!i hope il get it soon...CANADA...i don’T know...anybody help me?

Well, let’s just hope that the maxi-single is more than just...

A Thing About You
The Weight Of The World
A Thing About You (enhanced video)

The only thing extra on the maxi-single would be the video then. HMMM. Let’s hope there is the demo or perhaps other b-sides that will NOT be on the bonus EP included with the album. You know...perhaps a few live ballad cuts from the Room Service Tour. *hint* *hint*

i must admit it is a bit disappointing that WOTW will be on the single. i expected a completely new song as a b-side cause that gives us only four new songs, not five. well, anyway there is not much we can do... but expressing our disappointment. but a good news is that the current video is going to be included. till now it has always been the former video and so the last videos of HAND and of RS were available only on the DVD.

the idea of including the video in the single is great. however, there should be other tracks in the single such us a demo version and a different bside. moreover, i would really love if they included crush on you almighty remix as a bonus track in this single. something similar to what they did with how do you do! single when including knockin´on every door remix.

the crush-remix will be on the up-tempo-EP

nice news.
I love cd-singles with videos.

“Extended Play”. A collection of usually about 4-7 songs. There are bonus EPs for the two Greatest Hits-albums.

No covers, no live songs, no demos, no remix, no acoustic version? just one more track!

I think it’s wonderful that there will be a video included. Thanks you all, but yea I do agree that perhaps a different song or perhaps some remixes?

Take care,
Scotty J, with a J dude!

Yeah...great news. I cannot wait any longer, I hope the video is running already on VIVA-TV this Saturday ’cause I wanna see it, and of course I wanna have the single, too.


Don’t you think that the time between release and starting the airplay (about 5 weeks) is a bit long...

I agree with Anonymous above. Yes, EMI is restructuring. But let’s get’s not very hard to properly put together a proper CD maxi-single release. *shame*

I wonder how much say Per and Marie have in what gets put on the singles.


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