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Short list of songs selected for ’Night Of The Proms’

Written by Pascal on September 2, 2002 to .

ANTWERP - Roxette, accompanied by the Il Novecento orchestra under the direction of Robert Groslot, will perform four or five hit songs during each of the upcoming ’Night of the Proms’ concerts. Jan Vereecke, founder of the successful concert series, has revealed to The Daily Roxette that the orchestra is busy rehearsing the following songs from which Marie and Per will make a final selection: “Joyride,” “Wish I Could Fly,” “Crash! Boom! Bang!,” “It Must Have Been Love,” “The Look” and “Dressed For Success.”

  The ’Night of the Proms’ is one of the most popular musical events in Europe. As of this date, 47 concerts have been announced in Belgium (20), Holland (13) and Germany (14). Roxette, as the headline act, will play all of them. “We’re expecting 600,000 people to attend the concerts this year,” Vereecke said.


If they’re gonna play so many times in a row..... i think they should rehearsal some alternative songs... It could get really boring otherwise

Yep! Ferdan is right.

Besides,I think selecting DFS is a little strange!

What about the newer stuff?
People, who aren’t fans could think that they didn’t make any music since the early nineties..! Ok, WICF is a newer song.
DFS sounds strange yes, escpecially with an orchestra. I would like to hear that.


I’m a little disapointed myself on this play list. I do realize this is not a Roxette concert but they are(NOTP) heading this huge event. THis huge event with thousands of people should hear huge songs from the band not C!B!B!? These people should hear WICF, Anyone, Vulernable, A Thing About You and some uptempo songs. I’m sure the talents orchestra could pull this off. But now that I’m coming back to reality I do realize that there are other musicians at this function too–so, I guess will take what we can get. Can’t wait for the new single–man, only 6 more days!!!! wooohooo!!!
:oP”“”“” peace

There is nothing we can do! This list was made by Roxette themselves they decided which tracks they wanted. Why? That is something up to them to explain if they feel like it!

Obvioulsly I’d love to see them performing other songs but the truth is that they are using their biggest hits (the ones the audience will instantly recognize... )

We also have to understand that they are doing this to make people aware they are still around (although i don’t agree with such feeling...people know Roxette are very much alive here in Europe...i think that people are no longer interested in Roxette anymore far as i can understand)
Plus: the NOP is not really a true Roxette concert we are used to attend so for that reason the songs were chosen taking on the audience’s point of view... the biggest hits to which non-Rox fans are still a bit familiar ....

We are almost all dessapointed that’s a fact but it’s their decision whatever they decided to then once again it’s up to them...

I just wish lots of fun for both Marie and Per at the night of proms cause i know how much they love to perform live...

The Look, Joyride, IMHBL, WICF and CBB are good choices.

Yhe biggest mistake is the omission of ATAY!!!! They should promote this new song and by that way the new album.

Dressed for succes suck!! Roxette must play their new song!! And the rest is good. Listen to your heart must also be there. Or Real sugar. Or stars from the promotion tour. Also great.
My list:
- queen of rain
- a thing about you
- crash boom bang
- listen to your heart
- wish i could fly
- the look
- joyride
- must have been love

Okay, i know... Too much songs. But the people must be entertained!!

those songs are good in my opinion. but i do agree they should take the opportunity to promote A THING ABOUT YOU, especially that it bases on an acoustic guitar and a cello - that sounds to suit orchestra perfectly. their great hits are ok, but people may think they’re not doing anything new anymore.

To Ruud:
Dressed For Succes Suck??
Are you crazy? That is one of the best Roxette-songs.
But for the tracklisting, I agree that somer newer songs should be played, so the audience will now that Roxette is still alive (we know they are, but not everybody does know that).

To Harriej
Sorry about dressed fot succes. But i heard it too much at a concert. And it is one of the songs i don’t like anymore.There are much better songs for NOTP. So hopefully for me choose not dressed for succes.

It will be grea if Marie is healthy again.she don´t have to sing at theese shows.God bless


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