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New ballad from Roxette to impact radio on September 9th

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on July 22, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - A new Roxette single, “A Thing About You,” will be hitting the airwaves on September 9th – at least in Europe.

  The song, a classic Roxette power ballad, is almost certain to perform well on the charts. It is slated to be released as a single on October 14th and will be included in the worldwide* release this autumn of a “Roxette’s Greatest Hits: The Ballads” CD.

  EMI has removed the “Don’t Bore Us, Get To the Chorus” Greatest Hits album from their catalog, in order to clear the way for the new compilation album(s). Roxette’s participation in the “Night of the Proms” concert series is also expected to help promote this new release.

  (*”Worldwide,” that is, except in the U.S. where EMI does not have distribution rights. Daniel Alvedahl contributed to this article. Photo courtesy of EMI Sweden.)

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but why should we rely on esprit (who are great) why can’t we just put our faith in EMI UK - yeah right - I must be dreaming again!

yes, is good for back issues and withdrawn and deleted items, but it’s way too pricey for the new stuff. Try Remember to deduct 20% for orders shipping outside the EU. You will not be disappointed!

Yes, my opinion! Nobody needs another ballad-album! For me it seems that EMI just wants to make money with old Roxette songs because the “new” stuff (last two albums) isn’t successful enough anymore. How many compilations do we have to expect? I’m sorry to say that but it starts to get boring...

All is great! But another one compilation album... They could translate and sing their songs in Portuguese, in Russian, in Hebrew or even in Chineese - that would be much more interesting that releasing old songs again and again...

Guys did you ever think that maybe this is an attempt to get noticed again. Right now ballads are popular again here in the US. Maybe EMI is working on something. Maybe they want to see how many real fans are out there and with this new single boost a possible promotion of a new album. You have to remember it’s costing EMI more money to come out with another greatest hits cd–it’s not cheap to create and produce a new cd, mixing it and print those fancy glossy booklets!!! I think EMI is up to something w/ Roxette. Remember, Per is not only a rockstar he is also a business man. Let’s keep our chins up on this one!! Come on!! That’s why we are called “fans”!!!!

They will probably do a 2 set cd promotion. The first one is going to be the ballads and then probably an uptempo which most guys will want this one. I know I do. I just hope they put Lies and Coy and other goodies on the second cd–oh, yeah they better put June Afternoon on there too! Can’t live without that. I heard from a new friend there might be a future song called “Sinking” sung by Marie that’s uptempo! That will be cool. I always thought they should have kept their promoting w/ songs like they used to. Per would be first with an uptempo and Marie with the strong ballads and midtempo’s. I think Marie has one of the nicest voices in the singers circuit. I mean think about it–Britney Spears? Yikes. Paulina isn’t so bad but needs to build up to compete with the big boys–meaining women singers. Marie still rocks and will end up like Tina Turner singing til she hits 60/70 yo!! wooo hoo!!!

As much as I would rather have another “rarities”-type album, this compilation doesn’t seem too bad actually.

What do you guys think the tracklisting will look like? Here’s my guess:

1. A Thing About You (first single)
3. Listen To Your Heart
4. It Must Have Been Love
5. Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
6. Spending My Time
7. Queen Of Rain
8. Almost Unreal
9. Crash! Boom! Bang!
10. Run To You
11. Vulnerable
12. You Don’t Understand Me
13. Wish I Could Fly
14. Anyone
15. Salvation
16. Milk And Toast And Honey
17. NEW SONG???
18. NEW SONG???

Will they include just the “hits” (single releases) or album cuts as well?

And there’s a chance for some variation with the versions of the songs. For example, maybe the U.S. Remix of “Listen To Your Heart” or an unreleased acoustic version of “It Must Have Been Love” (like they performed on WPLJ, NY, 2000). Or, what about “Help! (Abbey Road Acoustic Version)”? Quite a few options. But most likely, probably all single edits and album versions. But, maybe there will be more than one new song! Imagine four new songs!

*edited to include “Almost Unreal*

Very worrying that for starters it will be released in Europe.......and then also “Night Of The Proms” will help with promotion of it. Am I right in thinking that the “Night Of The Proms” is only happening in 3 countries? .....the last time I looked that wasn’t much of Europe.

Idea : get a fantastic new ballad out....make a fantastic new video.....and release it all over the world at the same time ..... brainwashing ppls into buying it....well isn’t that what most artists do?? :P

exactly vee!

All would be great. If it turned out this is going to be last compilation album for a longer time. But i’m afraid it’s not. The second one with up-tempo is robable, according to me. There are two only ways they can make me buy this new cd:
* some versions of the ballads (but i suppose there’ll be album or single versions)
** more than two new songs
if not, i’ll simply buy the single - it’s much cheaper

AND ONE MORE: those who say that “fans” who announce they don’t intend to buy this compilation are not fans have no idea what they’re saying; because not everyone can afford to buy CD just to hear one or two new songs; in countris like Poland or Argentina, Uruguay or Bosnia it may be a problem; till now i haven’t bought a DVD compilation cause it is very expensive and it took a lnog time to collect money. if i had money i surly wouldn’t be upset ith new compilation (which one is itgoing to be? DBU-GTTC (some three “versions”), BEE and some would put on that list DVD (but i do not - there is stuff very important for all of us) and Rarities (but here are also some interesting things - heard only few of them). But as i say, i wouldn’t list here DVD and Rarities. But this new compilation is “unfair” and absolutely superfluous. they surely have enough stuff laying arround to make a new-only-ballad-album.
Thank you!
I know many of you won’t agree.

i have to wonder is this emi admitting that roxettes impact musically demanded more than just a package of radio singles?

Jason, I like that tracklisting (especially if we’ll get 4 new songs), but I don’t think Run To You would be considered a ballad, would it? I mean it probably runs at about 110 BPM while true ballads like IMHBL, etc. usually come in around 60-70 BPM.

Wait a second. If these dates are correct, that means the single won’t be released until 5 weeks after it starts getting airplay! That’s seems a bit crazy. Isn’t the usual gap more like 2 or 3 weeks?

Perfanatic–you mentioned “Run To You” might not be a ballad? I think so. It has that quality of being very peaceful and soft. I don’t think the producers in the studio are going to be worrying about the sound “levels” and noise measures on this one–but you do know what you’re talking about. Are you a DJ? I’m not saying you don’t think this but what about “Fading Like A Flower.” That to me is more of a power ballad/uptempo song especially w/ that chorus!! And don’t forget the guitars on that song too!! Woohoo. Sorry getting carried away again. Anyway, we all admit coming out with another Greatest Hits CD is not the best option for Roxette at this point. Here in America if you guys and gals read the Billboard magazine Roxette’s last Greatest hits CD (with Stars and WICF) did better than average on the Independent Chart list. I keep copies of anything and everything to do with Roxette and they were #13 out of #50 so it’s not too bad of a sales boost. Maybe EMI is working on something. They have to get something going besides firing everyone. Maybe like I stated earlier there will be a better promotion strategy w/ this new upcoming Greatest Hits CD. You might be really surprised. They still sell-out concerts in all these other countries and now are in “Night of Proms” which is a huge function. Something is brewing at EMI and “Beautiful Things” will be coming our way and Roxette’s way too!!! Like I stated earlier keep your chins up.

We would like a new album with new songs!!!
I think the tracklist you wrote somewhere up is for 90% OK. Bad management - It is boring allways releasing a new “Greatest Hits” album! :-(

i think this would be good

3. Vulnerable
4. Anyone
5. Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
6. Spending My Time
7. Queen Of Rain
8. Crash! Boom! Bang!
11. You Don’t Understand Me
12. Wish I Could Fly
13. It Must Have Been Love
14. Salvation
15. Milk And Toast And Honey
16. Listen To Your Heart
17. The Voice
18. The sweet hello the sad goodbye

Originally posted by PerFanatic: “Jason, I like that tracklisting (especially if we’ll get 4 new songs), but I don’t think Run To You would be considered a ballad, would it? I mean it probably runs at about 110 BPM while true ballads like IMHBL, etc. usually come in around 60-70 BPM.”

Actually, I just added “Almost Unreal” to my list above because I was thinking about the song, and it seems like it should make the cut. Otherwise, it would have to make the “Uptempos” disc.

I never really thought of “Run To You” as a ballad, but it’s on “Baladas En Espanol” so it could go either way. And then you have “Fading Like A Flower” - which like “Almost Unreal” - has more a heavy, “faster” chorus. So, again, it could go either way. But if we are sticking just to the single releases, I would imagine that these songs should make the cut to leave more room for the true uptempo hits on the next compilation release.

Also, maybe one of the new tracks will be an unreleased “studio version” of the ballad version of “Stars.”

“A Thing About You” - nice title but it doesn’t much to a power ballad. If I had to prophesy from the title I would say it is much more like MATAH or CAY or I’m Sorry. Oh, but who knows - we’ll see on September 9th.

IMHO the new compilation should include “I Don´t Want To Get Hurt”, not only because it´s one of their best ballads (IMHO, again), but also because this song wouldn´t be available anymore since they deleted “Don´t Bore Us” from the back catalog...

While not for the reasons stated above, it is indeed WAY too early to be requesting this song be played on the radio. It’s premature, and could serve to diminish the impact such requests could have once the song IS released to radio.

Radio stations won’t even have this song in their hands until about 3-4 days before the actually radio release. Sometimes they get the promotional cd’s the day before the actual set date for radio promotion so they get requested right away. You might not realize that radio stations are bombarded with hundreds of new cd release from artists all over the world–including our ROXETTE!! WOoohOoo!! And for EMI to send too early this might defeat the purpose of their new promotion. What I’m trying to say is, Roxette’s new single could be sitting on a shelf if EMI sends it too early. It happens in the radio business. The only reason why I know this is I have friends who are in that field and also promote their own music to radio stations in Illinois, USA. It also depends on us too. Once Sept 9th hits be ready to call. I know they sent “WICF” to some radio stations but there wasn’t much air play because at the time this dance crap was taking over. But that music is slowly going away here in my state. I just realized something too. Roxette’s release date is 2 days before everything happened in New York–man, it’s already been a whole year! What a shame. peace to all

Vivaaaaa a new single!!! Wonderful notice I’m very happy but it will not be released here in Brazil one more time of course because Emi never release singles here.

Ah I forgot to say but we will not listen the song in September 9th. Ok let’s wait for the cd in October for Europe because here probably we will see only in December.
Stupid Emi!

Great a new roxette song is always the best of news. and a new greates hits album whit ballads thats also great
but i would prefer a totaly new album but i guess that EMI can not promot it anough.

In regards to “meat” for Per are we talking T-bone or porterhouse? Just kidding! Yeah, he looks really good in the “Room Service” booklet. I mean he actually could pass for late tweenties in the very last pic where they’re both sitting on a bed in the “green room” in that hotel. Maybe this new ballad will be very much like IMHBL. What I mean is in that category. There really hasn’t been too many songs by them that came too close except “Salvation.” I think (my opinion only) that was their song that came closest to another IMHBL. I’m sure we will all like the new song. The only thing that gets to me is the waiting period. I’m so curious as to what it sounds like and the chorus–so well-known for those beautiful over-produced ballads that are awesome. Even Per made a comment on DBGTLC album that LTYH was an over blown American sounding song. I don’t care what he says it’s still a great song and so will this next one. I hope it does better than “Wish I Could Fly” (such a beautiful song too and not much airplay in the states.) Here’s a question for you guys: Do you ever think they will go down in history as an important band? Like Fleetwood Mac or the Rolling Stones? I read the billboard magazine and they just celebrated the band “Chicago” as a band that’s been together for 35yrs! Half the magazine was dedicated to their success–do you think will ever get an article like that out of a music magazine for Roxette or a spot on national tv where they’re playing their hits??? That would be my dream come true. I’d rather see them get “justice” and play at the Grammy’s and go down in history as talented and great performing artists. I’d rather see that then actually meet them. Because once I have met them I wouldn’t let go of their hands! Let me know what you think. Oh, by-the-way, I will be putting another old article in here from the past so you guys can enjoy just like “Swedish Rockers Basking in International Spotlight” chow for now, peace

Whatever happened to “Silver Blue”? That was a good ballad for the two of them. Each one sang a verse I thought that was clever and cool!!

“Do you ever think they will go down in history as an important band?”

I hope so. But I’m afraid without anymore US exposure, they will be forgotten. And since the music industry seems to revolve too much around the US market, it’s hard for them to get any major credit. Here in the States I hear nothing about them. And it’s unfortunate. So I don’t know what is said about them around the rest of the world. I can only imagine.

I know in Canada, Australia, South America and Japan they’re still huge. I mean this is the second band only to play at the Great Wall of China besides Wham! Not too many bands can claim that. Believe it or not Roxette still exist in the states. It is ashame that there isn’t promotion going on here in the states but you can only blame EMI. Look what’s happening now to Michael Jackson–using racism against Sony because they didn’t promote his Invincible cd. I don’t know the whole story but I think it’s far from the subject that Michael is using right now–just an attention grabber in my eyes. Getting back to Roxette though, they probably will never see the spotlight here in the USA(we can only hope but it’s not looking good.) To bad there isn’t another foreign exchange student that could make a repeat!!!! It couldn’t happen anyway because they are strictly assigned to EMI. Radio stations would get in deep doo-doo if they even tried. Radio isn’t the same anymore which doesn’t help Roxette. Ballads are coming back for example, Jewels new single “Break Me” is doing okay on the music charts. If you haven’t heard this song it’s actually very good lyricwise and vocals. Let’s see what happens w/ the new ballad from Roxette. Maybe just maybe EMI has something brewing that we don’t know about. Like I stated earlier, Per is not only a rockstar he’s also a businessman. chow for now.....peace

@rockstar73 I think they’re third when it comes to performance in China; there has
also been a German (I think) group BAP.
As for them creating history. i think they won’t be forgotten but they
might be underestimate; it is them who brought the guitars back to
pop music in the early 90’s. That’s very imoprtant. I personally think
the success of songs like “What’s up?” (4Non Blonds) or of groups like
Nirvana wouldn’t be able without Roxette’s “Joyride”. Different
music categiory but Nirvana had very melodic, pop melodies with
guitars and so on, but the meliodies were catchy. And the guitars were
then popular due to the succes of (a.o. but they were first) “Joyride”.
Besides - China; and when Sweden is mentioned ABBA is mentioned
and ABBA is usually followed by Roxete in the next sentence. And
not many groups can say they’ve lasted for 17 years now. And they’re
still great - they’ve sold only 1.5 of their two former albums but they
were not released in US - CBB was so those results aren’t so bad; we
just got used to Joyride-results.
The problem is that not everyone realize that. when you say you listen to roxete you may
sometimes meet with unfriendly comments. Anyway - who cares what do other think?
i don’t - as long as the keep on recording new songs everything is ok.
and is someone needs to hear some praising over them - go to Sweden
I have’t been there but I’m sure no ne underestimates them there. After all
they’re the biggest just after ABBA (looking at the sales record - i don’t mean the
artistic values, it’s personall opinion always) and in their times the’ve made Sweden
famous once again.

Of course I will be very glad to hear new songs but I don‘t want another DBU-GTTC! I have already got all the hits - why should I pay for them again? I am hunting for rarities and I think ROX should release an album of B-sides for their real fans.Does anyone think that ROX have a chance to get a lot of new fans now? I am doubtful about that.

I’m so happy that nw roxette ballad will impact radio on Sp 9th. But i’m disapointed that it will promote another Greatest Hits Compilation. Well I really hope that it was more idea of EMI than Marie & Per. I want to believe that is true.
Well,but we’ll wait, we’ll see, mayb there will be some album cuts and ballads in non album version. Well, as I said, we’ll see.

[email protected]

@Anonymus: I agree with you;
In my opinion both Per and Marie are looking just a little bit tired after shooting a video; by the way - Roxette is like vintage wine :)

I had a relative that lost lots of weight and when she would have her picture taken it came out looking older than she really was. I think over the years if you are somewhat heavier than others your skin does stretch out(not to gross you out!) I’m lucky I’ve always had my metabolism on my side. People I run into from highschool can’t believe I look younger than my age. It’s the foods you eat that make a difference. Remember Per would joke about his weight sometimes and the foods he had eaten. Marie never worried because she always worked out from what I gather. But in my eyes yes they are starting to age a bit now but you also have to remember something too, drinking(Per is known for this) and smoking(Marie known to do this off and on) does age your skin faster!! It’s just a fact. If Per was to gain a few pounds back he probably wouldn’t “feel” good about himself but in regards to looks he would be more photogenic. What’s it worth being healthy and looking older or feeling over weight and unhappy and unphotogenic? I’d rahter start looking older. Guys, these two have been rockin’ for years and stress doesn’t help either. I’m sure their jobs are a little bit more stressful(possibly more maybe not.) Looking forward to the new ballad!!! woohoo!!! At least their vocals haven’t changed much!!!!

Not that any probably cares but this album isn’t going to be released in Canada. I sent them an e-mail and they said that they didn’t have the album on their schedule.

irvye: They probably just don’t have it listed yet (after all, if it’s out in Europe, it won’t be out here for at least six weeks after that). They told me they had no plans to release “Room Service” (in fact, that EMI Canada no longer had distribution rights for Roxette because of the Edel deal!) and two weeks later, they announced a release date for it here. EMI Canada sucks, but it’s almost certain we’ll get the compilation albums eventually...

Originally posted by Rockstar:”Getting back to Roxette though, they probably will never see the spotlight here in the USA(we can only hope but it’s not looking good.) To bad there isn’t another foreign exchange student that could make a repeat!!!! It couldn’t happen anyway because they are strictly assigned to EMI. Radio stations would get in deep doo-doo if they even tried. Radio isn’t the same anymore which doesn’t help Roxette. Ballads are coming back for example, Jewels new single “Break Me” is doing okay on the music charts. If you haven’t heard this song it’s actually very good lyricwise and vocals. Let’s see what happens w/ the new ballad from Roxette. Maybe just maybe EMI has something brewing that we don’t know about. Like I stated earlier, Per is not only a rockstar he’s also a businessman. chow for now.....peace”

It’s very difficult for a band like Roxette to break the US market again, simply because of the music industry being controlled by record company greed and radio stations. Now it’s all about Ashanti and Ja Rule. There’s little variety on radio in the US nowadays. It’s the same recurrent songs - and there’s no room for different music to even be given a chance.

Most of my online friends agree with me on this. Radio sux here! It’s an unfortunate situation. That could be the main reason why they won’t even bother with the US market anymore. They tried “Wish I Could Fly” in the States. A GREAT SONG! Beautiful! But because of the radio situation, it was ignored. Do I blame Roxette for giving up on the US market? No. But despite that, I think the US deserves a distribution deal.

Jewel’s “Break Me” flopped at radio in the US (never made the Ashanti/Ja Rule Hot 100), by the way. Great song, but again, ignored. Then we have the current single by Soluna, “For All Time,” which is doing reasonably well for a ballad. So, it depends.

Anyways, enough ranting from me...for now at least.

so much excited!! i can’t wait it!!

Anonymous, where did you found an article about Åkerlund? I just read Aftonbladet and didn’t found anything about new video. Can you link the article?

Great! Hmm... “A thing about you” reminds me a bit to Bryan Adams “I think about you” (just a similiar name for a song...).

Marie, Per: Go on!

If even this reminds you - how do you think about Run To You? ;-)

I just read in the swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that Åkerlund is doing a videoclip for a new roxette song.... but they said that the title was secret....

I couldn’t find the article online.... so I can’t publish a link for you

well i’m glad we will hear something new again. but honestly I really miss their uptempo’s song!
I will still buy the CD though, if it will be realese here anyway....


Sascha, u r right... Didn‘t even think about that

In my own words I think a ballad is musically soft to the ear with an easy going melody and wonderful meaning or “story” lyricwise for the heart.

@jason: Jewel/Billboard magazine article
Jewels song “Break Me” at one point hit #49 in the Adult Contemporary list and also the Hot 100 Airplay list. Just to let you know. There’s even a more sufficient music magazine that strictly follows charts and radio air play and a pointage system–the same magazine that also pointed out “It Must Have Been Love” was played on the radio a million times or more(I can’t remember exactly the correct number of “plays” it hit–I’m thinking for some reason 3 million times or does that sound too high?)

Here’s a weird question to ask you guys. There’s a few hundred of us that pop in here all the time and read all these articles about “our” band Roxette. We’ve been following them fo a while now–for some people years of following–do you guys think that other websites for other bands are pretty much the same? Do you think there are fans out there like us who dedicate there time in their busy schedules who follow let’s say the Eurythmics still or Van Halen? Maybe we should pop our heads into another website chat and see what it’s like. I only go here to Roxette’s because they our my fav band! But I have been curious to see if the Eurythmics have fans like us–are the Eurythmics even still around? I might try a matchbox tweenty site too just for kicks and see what they think about Roxette. I’ll probably get a bunch of names called at me but oh well! ;o)
think about it–are there any other music fans that are dedicated to others bands that come in here?
let me know. curious to read.

-other bands/fans
I’m sure, there are fans of other bands who are dedicated to “their” bands, as we are to Roxette.
For example: Depeche Mode fans are pretty hardcorefans, Police/Stingfans are very dedicated ...
Just have a look in searchingmachines, type the name of the Band and forum or something like that, and you will find out more!

-Per’s looking old???
Oh, that picture from the MATAH isn’t good, maybe bad make-up, maybe bad lights ...
When I met Per in November, he didn’t look old at all. Well, yes, he isn’t looking like a 30yearoldguy, but he definetely not looking old :)

-a thing about you
Can’t wait anylonger :)

How about this tracklist:


I cannot see the point of yet another GH album. And worse, a ballads album. Have they forgotten that their repeated UNsuccess was due to overuse of ballads? Most of them very good, don’t take me wrong, but not all of them (“Salvation” and “Anyone” were terrible singles). I still wonder why “COY” was kept in the drawer and it amazes me how they could release such a weak song like “Real Sugar” and not a great summer-hit-could-have-been song like “Fool”. They’ve made the same mistakes with the last two albums. Electronic is cool and I expect to get that from artists like Björk (who I deeply enjoy) and other acts. But I want Roxette to innovate and not immitate in a world where only the best get heard. So get those guitars working again and stop filling the world with ONLY ballads. Release a REAL album, with NEW songs. Make the current fans happy and get some new ones while you’re at it. A new album with hand-picked songs and possibly 4 or 5 singles. That’s what everyone else is doing these days. That’s what you should be immitating.
Oh yeah, and I won’t be spending my money on another GH hits album that contains the songs I already have on other GH albums and previous albums. I feel cheated and I think NOT helping EMI fill up their safes does not make me less fan than those who will be participating in this circus show.
It really makes me angry. I’ve always been against illegal MP3s, but I might as well start enjoying and using them. Puh!
[Antioxid: write [email protected]]

Unfortunately it‘s true that Per is very thin now and he looks old and tired.
I saw him In The Hotel Tylösand 2 weeks ago and I‘m worry about him.

I’m one of the few (it seems) fans in oz that do buy the few singles etc that are released. But it does seem that emi oz isn’t interested in promoting rox anymore. I remember back in CBB times where there were ads in mags etc and even for DBUGTTC but now you won’t know about a new release unless your a fan. I even emailed EMI about it but never got a reply!?

It would be interesting to know just what would happen if EMI did release a few print and tv ads for the new album?!?

Hmmm. I’ll have to disagree with some of the above comments. In my opinion, I prefer “Anyone” and “Salvation” over some of the earlier ballads like “It Must Have Been Love” or “Spending My Time.” Not enough guitars? Perhaps that’s true. But I like change, and I think some of the more string-oriented songs represent their best work.

Guys it’s like anything else in this world–things change and so will their music(a little here and there) The music business is no different than the business world we work in. People want new and innovative ideas and that includes different sounds(effects) and looks. It’s just a given fact. If you were to present something that was 20 years old and considered “out-dated” to a company in a meeting or sales presentation you would be laughed at and thrown out!! It’s the same with music!!! We have a saying here in America and it goes: “Move Your Cheese!” The meaning behind this statement is, for example, a mouse(us fans) will always go to the same spot looking for food(same music and typical lyrics from Roxette) and the minute you move it–the food–(Roxette not using guitars or strings and more synth’s/techno) or something changes the mouse(us being fans) freaks out desperatley looking for the same old spot(fans looking for the same old sounds and lyrics). You guys are going to jump all over me with this comment but deep down inside I bet you wouldn’t admit this even if this statement was correct–I think I’m right. I don’t want Roxette to change because those simple lyrics and guitars is what I feel in love with–about them!!! But in life like anything else things change and so do their fans interests in music. If it didn’t Roxette would still be making #1 hits on the billboard charts and being played all over the radio stations like the “Joyride” years. Like it or not, except Roxette for what they create or you’re not a true fan at all. I know not everyone is going to love songs like Salvation or Anyone which, in my eyes, were pretty descent hits. I thought they had great production in those songs and great lyrics–better than some of the stuff Per has written in the past. I mean my favorite song off of Room Service is Beautiful Things–it to me, is a great poem that Per wrote and put music to. Chins up, stomachs out and ears ready for the new single!!!!!!peace

Jason, I wasn’t refering to strings. I love the strings. I’m a sucker for violins. I was refering to the electronic boom-boom-boom-like sounds. I miss the real drums and Jonas’ guitar riffs. Timeless songs like “Things Will Never Be The Same” or “Physical Fascination” had some electronic bits and I praise Per’s creativity for being able to mix so many different sounds in the same song. Heck! That’s what I like the most about Roxette! I like listening to their songs on my discman and try to figure out all the sounds in them.
I really like “My World, My Love, My Life” and “I Wish I Could Fly”. It really gives me the shivers. But, do not make an ENTIRE song using only samplers. It feels weak... Empty!
Rockstar, I think you will agree Roxette will hardly ever be nr. 1 again. They will make it to the tops, I’m sure of that, but the way things have been lately, and seeing how badly their image has been managed, I can’t see how. And you have to agree that RS and HAND have been their weakest albums so far. Even Tourism sold more. Simple songs like “How Do You Do” and powerfull and filled with meaning tunes like “Queen of Rain”.
You see, if they sound like everyone else the radios won’t even bother to airplay their songs. Remember Michael Jackson? Or George Michael? They had really weak and misguided last albums. It works for Kylie Minogue, but it doesn’t suit Marie.
What I’m trying to say is, this mouse over here likes his cheese to keep tasting good, no matter where it’s moved to. I will follow it, but only so far. Change is good, but style has to remain the same. Otherwise, what’s the point of being a fan? I love their music and style, not them in particular. I respect them as artists, that’s it. If their music evolves but still continues to sound like what I’m used to, I’ll get all their new albums until they turn 80 and stop making records. Otherwise, I think I’ll have to drop out and just listen to the “old” stuff.
So, I’m hoping for a great new single too! And I deeply expect the new album, not the GH one, to FINALLY mean a return to great pop tunes, the ones only they really know how to make.

ok i cant help but comment on some of the observations behind roxette and their usa situation. It became very evident during their promo tour for the usa hits that edel really wasn’t capable of promoting them...or any other band for that matter....when was the last time anyone in the usa heard from jennifer paige? wicf was marketed to adult top 40 and adult contemporary stations...not towards stations like z100 fm that have a younger fan base. FOr whsat was their first new song in the usa in almost 4 years, releasing a ballad was a mistake. STars would have actually done good considering it would be the end of summer and all...but edel chose the single. in a way the deal going bust was good, the sad fact is the music business has set a standard of success, sell 1 million albums in a week like nsync and they love you, make worthwhile great albums and sell half a million in a week and they don’t want to know about you

such is life

Like I said earlier people want change. I’m not saying throw-out the whole Roxette sound but try new and different things–which Roxette has tried. But it doesn’t help Roxette that there’s NO PROMOTION!!!!!!!!!...continued after “Stars” remark.....
“Stars” could have been a big hit without the childrens choir. I can tell you no kid over 15 is going to think that’s cool or appreciate that in a song(atleast here in the states) And that video really sucked!!! I think one of the worst Roxette video’s for a good song!!! I thought of a better video for that song. Per and Marie in a dance club playing “Stars” and in the video you would see a great dance floor with the disco balls up in the ceiling. THe fog machine going off and colored lights flashing everywhere!!! Young adults dancing to “Stars” and the video would focus on two young adults who came by themselves to the club looking for a dancing partner. The female’s part of the song would be the “you keep on walking on the other side...”and the young guy would be eyeing at her and smiling. They both would be on seperate sides of the dance floor or bar area. Then the video would show Marie on a balcony in a great outfit(almost the same outfit as the snake skin vest in the C!B!B! album booklet–very sexy w/ great blonde goddess hair and rings and braclets all over her fingers and wrists–singing for a split second and then back to the young couple trying to “hook-up”. Per would be in the video too being the bartender serving drinks to the young adults and passing a note on a napkin written by the young girl to the young man. I mean I had all these better ideas for that video/song than a couple of singing ducks and Marie looking terrible in that video as a Queen or Princess(or whatever she was supposed to portray)
***continued from paragraph #1...That’s what kills bands these days. If you don’t have good management and you’re not willing to travel(which Roxette doesn’t like to fly) that is the key to failure. Roxette made their mark (I believe) in the music business–they don’t have to do it again. Their already in their forties and accomplished more than other bands could ever imagine. Their name is still out there besides us knowing them. When “The Look” comes on the radio people know it’s Roxette. @ antioxid–style is meant to change–just like clothes!! Like I stated earlier that’s the way life is and music is no different then buying a pair of pants!!! Listen to the dance crap that they play now. It’s exactly the same 70’s dance but “up a notch” or a few levels!!! It’s actually the same but with more techno beats and rythmns. Most music recycles itself so maybe the POP will come back along with the GUITARS but until Roxette get a real REcord Label(besides “Every Mistake Imagineable”–per Per) and management it won’t do us any good to hope for the best because it ain’t gonna happen!!! Even Roxette themselves have said numerous times in the official website that they conquered USA for a while and that they don’t care if it–meaning the 2nd big break–doesn’t happen again here–in the states!!! Look, they’re popular in Japan, Australia, Brazil, Canada and parts of European countries. There are bands still out there today wishing that could be them. So if Roxette can’t get a real record company especially here in the states then so be it!!! It’s no big lose to us or Roxette. They’ve made their mark!!!) Just the rest of the world–US of A–is missing out. peace

about roxette in Australia, Ive always bought the singles and albums too, but Ive noticed in the last few years Emi not knowing or not caring really about upcoming releases that the rest of the world already know about.
Promotion is the only way Roxette will get good sales here. DBGTTC was a flop, then a heap of tv ads gave it a real kick in the ass, and people went out and bought it.
The next best thing is for them coming here to promote the new single, that would surely get them back in the top 40.

One thing’s for sure... based on the reaction of the crowd at the Sweden concerts last year, Crush on You most definately should have been released as a single. Man, everyone was screaming, jumping up and down, and going crazy to it! I think they took a look at the limited success of Salvation and deciced not to release another single. Too bad though. If they would have released COY before Salvation, things may have been way different...

When I heard COY the first time (feb. 1999 - promotionperformance), I thougt, that this song would be the 2nd single after IWICF. It’s such a powerful, fantastic song, and I’ve been /still I am surprised and disappointed, that it has never been released.
IMHO the best uptempo-song on HAND!

Are you kidding? “The Look” received a lot of promotion here in the states. Everytime you turned on MTV that video was on–almost to a point where it was ridiculous!!! The radio stations praised their song!! There was once, a long time ago, Roxette ruled the airwaves here in the US. Maybe one day will hear another great song on the radio again. Like I stated earlier before–many times–ballads are coming back here in the states, especially here in Illinois. peace

I’ve decided to set up a user name so here I am! I am the one who wanted to know why EMI doesn’t promote ROXETTE better here in Australia or something like that... like am I suppossed to remember what I wrote three days ago??


I am excited about the new cd single because I am obsessed with anything ROXETTE. I wonder if I will ever FIND the cd single to buy it. The cd singles relased from the ’ROOM SERVICE’ were extremely difficult to find here in oz, I only found ’Centre of your heart’. Were the other two even relased here?? I looked!

I don’t understand EMI not promoting Roxette. All EMI seems to be interested in is $$$ and teenage 1 hit wonders trying to be the next Britney Spears or The back street Boys. These artists are clones of each other but what about something different?? Then again, as soon as something different comes along, the record labels all rush out to clone the latest super pop star!

Apparently, if you are not a pre-teen or teen, then what you like doesn’t matter in the music industry!

And whose to say that teens won’t like ROXETTE anyway? At least give people a chance to hear Roxette’s music, what they’ve got to offer and make up your own mind! Is their new stuff played on air, on the Tv (like channel V, MTV etc) If EMI bothered to promote the band, I think they’d be surprised! I’m 21. I became an instant fan when I heard ’Crush On You’ and had to hear the rest of the CD. I didn’t realise it was Roxette and I thought this was a great cd. When people think of Roxette, it’s their old songs like ’IMOBL’ , there is nothing ever heard of about their new stuff and its just so frustrating!

My point is Roxette fans aren’t just fans from the first time around (1989-1995 when they had a break until 1999... am I right??) although most are. If EMI promoted roxette, I think Roxette would have alot more fans.

EMI if you are listening

Thats all EMI cares about isnt it??

@Rain_girl: How about Savage Garden (Darren Hayes now)? Are they popular in Australia?? For me their music has NOTHING to do with TEENAGERs infact... they have a certain feel to their songs. Could you please tell me how they are doing in Australia?
Secondly.. I agree with you ROX need promotion. But I guess Per and Marie committed a BIG mistake by signing with EMI again a few years back and also when they were asked to stay in US for 6 months but instead they thought their family is more important. Fine, true FAMILY “is” important but when you are a band and you have fans all over the world you HAVE to be a bit more on the commercial side.
Bad Videos, Bad selections, Bad record company, Bad promotion, Bad management, Bad decisions.. am I missing something?
Oh yeah btw I also HATE “STARS” video. Singing Ducks, children walking hands to hands all that PLUS Marie serving wine!??? goes back.. comes again Serving wine!??? they become old.. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?? Roxstar I think you had a BRILLIANT idea of the STARS video, if only you were the director :(

Rain girl: only tcoth and matah were released in OZ but i don’t think u would have seen the matah single anyware without actually asking for it to be ordered in (thats how i got it!)

I think with DBUGTTC, they actually released it twice, i think the first copy has “the roxette collection” written at the top of the inside cover and on the second release it’s in the middle? Would be interesting to know what made them do some promotion?? Maybe they thought they’d make some money coz it’s a greatest hits album?? if so, that could be good news for this compilation :)
It can’t cost them that much to make a 30 sec TV ad, can it??
oh yeah, i saw 5 copies of the DVD at Big W, they haven’t sold a rox item since the CBB days.

it was anton

So now we know who we can thank for that terrible singing duck old Marie looking video! Thank you Anton Corbijn!!! I thought the idea was to make Roxette look good and NOT over the hill!!!! Yikes!!! I think this is the first Negative remark I’ve made in a long time. Sorry, but it was well deserved. Another thing I don’t understand is Roxette look good in the booklet for Room Service–almost in their tweenties all over again–but, in M&T&H video why does Per look so darn old!!! I can never figure this out that they always look different in every video!!! It’s one thing to be photogenic another to make someone look older than they really are. The onlt time MArie looks good in the Stars video is the very beginning–the intro where she does her scream–she has a great smile going and it doesn’t make her look like a granny. peace

Corbijn happens to be a very good and respected fotographer and director. He does a lot for U2. I like most of his work, but I also dislike Stars.

Ok so I am the one who asked WHY PER LOOKS old (I logged as Anonymus). I think I now have a clue. IT is DEFENITELY because of Per’s hairstyle. I was watching the ANYONE video i.e is on my system not on the tele ;) anyways so I noticed Per looking great in the very beggening. He can’t turn “OLD” all of a sudden in just two or three years. Somebody please tell Per to change his hairstyle. His current style sucks (more than purple colored hair).
Come to think of it suppose that if you are asked to judge Per’s best hair style which one wud u select?? I wud go for C!B!B! days specially in Run To You video orrr really back like in MHBL.

The more I think about it listening to Roxette’s music and watching their video’s, they really are a rock band!! I always thought they dressed fab and just their style in hair was cool in the past. The only thing that dissapointed me was Marie’s very , very short hair for C!B!B! But after a while I thought it was cool too! How brave she was to just chop it all off and not care because she really is beautiful. I mean everyone remembers her because of the space between her two front teeth. Everyone was like why doesn’t she fix that? After a while you get to thinking why should she? That would be like Barbara Streisand getting a nose job? For what reason because people can’t adjust to someone else’s flaws? The’yre not even flaws!! I thought Marie looked terrific in the TCOTH video(especially in the “blue” set) Wow, I hope when I get in my mid forties I look like that(Well, not like Marie personally–hehehe–but in a guys stand-point.) Anyone have ideas on how this new ballad will ound or what the video might look like? Oh, by the way, I never got the dvd “All the Video’s ever made.....” I tried ordering it from Tower Records in Chicago and they dont special order imports anymore. Grrrrrr!!!! Any suggestions? Also, I know I can only watch the dvd on my computer with a cd rom right? If I watch their enhanced videos off their singles does that mean I can watch the dvd of here too? I’m not to “computer-literate” here–help me out guys–plllllllleeeeeaaaasssseee!!!
thanks. peace

I like music clips that look what the words are saying. Like Spending My time,
Fireworks, Joyride, Salvation etc I think the ’Stars’ clip is original... deftinally
kind of FUNKY! I think I like it because it is so different... it stands out.
The ducks -c’mon you gotta love the talking ducks! What exactly was the
Director thinking?? Whoever the Director was... Everyone has different
perspectives, different likes and dislikes. There have been some roxette
clips I didn’t exactly love either. It would be out there if a ROXETTE FAN
could design the next music clip. I know if I was the director, it would be
dreamy and romantic. Maybe ice skaters doing a routine on the ice to the
sound of Roxette new ballad. At the end they take a bow and skate off in
opposite directions... well I’ll have to hear the new song to think of what
would be a good music clip! I REALLY REALLY hope ’See Me’ is on the ballad cd
- I LOVE that song!

@ zeeshan
I don’t know how Darren hayes is doing here..
I thought he was doing ok. I like his songs, though I’m not much of a fan
I don’t read the charts, but not all teens are into enemin and Limp Bizkit...
just 99% Sometimes I think teens are like sheep all following each other...
hey maybe whoever the director was of stars could put sheep in his next video
kind of like a symbolic statment!

I think it must be hard for Per and Marie, and hard on their families
so I can’t understand fans begrudging them a 6 month break to be
with their family.

@ RobS
Thanx! I’m gonna try and order Matah but have you
noticed those looks the sales people give you... those ’hip’ girls and guys
at HMV, sanity etc Its like Roxette is so ’90’s !! *sniffles*

@ everyone
I think Per looked hot in the CBB days.. what happened??
yeah, he goes from thin, to a little ’puffy’ and his hair. My Per looks weird!
I loved his hair from CBB

EMI needs to do a better job of promoting them because they suck at it!
They need a record label that can distrubute them WORLDWIDE, including the
poor americans... and i thought Aussie fans had it tough! I’m thinking Sony!

@ anony–who ever you are thank you so much for the internet info–for getting Roxette’s dvd. Man, you spent too much time doing that for me–I do appreciate. Please email me @ [email protected] when you get a chance. Thanks again. peace

I haven’t actually heard this song but I love the words..


My heart was like a runaway train Babe
I don’t belive I’ve ever felt more alive
In this room I hear voices linger
We never talked about the price
You know you’re not the only one
who knows how to cry
Were very much the same you and I
The sweet hello, the sad goodbye
still waiting to get hurt , time after time
the sweet hello, the sad goodbye
when love lies in our hands, we run away and hide
And I can’t help but wonder why
The sweet hello, the sad goodbye

Per’s words touch my soul... there not just pop lyrics to me, they mean something. Thats why I know I could never hate anything he ever wrote, and thats why I know I will love the new Roxette single. (ok, I know Marie writes as well,but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Per.) I quess I’m in a bittersweet mood this afternoon.. I wonder why?? Goodbye

One of my most fave songs.
You haven’t heard it yet? May I could mail it to you as mp3.

@ Rain_girl and what about the lyrics of Vulnerable? oh or maybe CALL of the Wild or perhaps.. spending my time’s

“This silly game of love you play, you win only to loose” (ok so they are sad but hey they r soo kool)

..and how about Must have been love? Per is an extremely talented person. Sweds have every reason to be proud of their land which gave birth to people like Per and Marie.

@Nefatari Thanx for the offer but could you tell me what a
MP3 is and how to work it?? I’ve heard if it... I think you can get MP3 players... is that right??
Is that a computer thing?? Please help me, I really wanna hear that song!

Like I stated earlier Per to me is more of a poet and not a lyricist. The words he uses are simple, easy, sweet and effective. He doesn’t use “Big” words in our vocabulary but when you put the music to his lyrics–WOW. Wish I Could Fly!! Babe, Wish I COuld Fly!!!! Wooohooo!!!


I can’t help that the computer and I are from different worlds and as yet can’t speak each others language

And when you finish laughing....

could you please tell me what a damn MP3 is!!

Yes, Per’s words are like poetry, and with music its magical. He’s an amazing song writer...

I didn’t realize that Roxette performed “Stars” as a ballad–how does it sound??? Is it comparable to LTYH or IMHBL? Check out the official site too. They recently added new info about the “ballads” cd and possible uptempo cd in 2003–sounds good to me!!! peace

I’m curious to know if Roxette fans out there have heard every
single Roxette song?? How many are there?? I’ve heard there
is even a song called Oh Marie, written by Per... is this true???
I wanna hear all the Roxette songs
This is what happens when you don’t become a fan right from
the beginning but c’mon when they first started I wasn’t inot music at all,
I was into playing with Barbies and believing in Santa Clause

I was like 7 or 8!


Oh, but if anyone can help me to hear all those roxette songs I haven’t
heard I can give a list...

Roxette released a ballad cd in spanish, right?? I wonder if the english ballad
cd they are releasing will have the same tracklist?? Nooo I want rare ballads
to be on the cd but I guess they couldn’t call it GREATEST HITS:THE BALLADS
Then could they... the spanish tracklist is

watercolours in the rain
Crash! Boom! Bang!
I’m sorry
Run to you
Perfect Day
Listen to your heart
It must have been love (well this deftinally will be on it!)
I don’t wanna get hurt
Fading like a flower
Spending my time
Queen of rain

These songs are on the cd’s I already own! I don’t want to pay $30 for songs
I already own plus maybe 4 new ones that I don’t. What are EMI thinking???

Is there anyone in here willing to take the time to make a complete song list of Roxette? It would be interesting to know how many songs they’ve done and waht we ahve been missing as other fans who aren’t as fortunate to know these things? If someon can make a list we’d appreciate it–I mean everything from Roxette. thanks again. peace

I had to order the big “I wanna be your boyfriend” Lp (with “Gimme gimme shock treatment”)
throught a record shop, because the shops only had the Cd single.Pity isn´t it?
They should sell it at least here in Halmstad...Stupid EMI...

ok has anyone noticed theres been no update to this artivle in almost a week ?

EDITOR’S NOTE: No further updates are planned for this article. When there is additional information, it will appear in a new article. - LEO

@Rain_girl : Ok so an MP3 file is a Compressed file fo WAV format. A song in WAV format can take upto 30-40MB depending on the legnth of the song. We have MP3 encoders to compress WAV Files into MP3 files. An mp3 file has a *.mp3 extension (Roxette - Crush on You.MP3). It is much much compressed and you don’t have to sacrifice on the sound quality much either. You can play MP3 songs using different MP3 player softwares e.g Winamp which is my fav!!
I have LOTS of LOTSSSS of Roxette songs and the strange thing is that I just don’t get bored of playing them over n over n over n over again. Infact this situation has lead me into a position that when I think a world without Roxette (lets face it everybody quits one day) what would I do?? I would be very very very very sad. So you see I am pretty much ROXETTE ONLY fan.
@Roxstar: Great idea.. but err.. eh.. mmm.. who’s gona duuuu it?? Can you do it ?? If so then phulzzzz make me a list.

hey!! it s great to know that marie and per are back again!!!!!!
a thing about you! it is a great name for a romantic ballad, isn t it?
i will be waitng to hear the song!!!!
i hope roxette come to ARGENTINA as soon as posible...


Sorry ,”I wanna be your boyfriend ” has nothing to do with EMI, stupid White jazz records instead...

I know the new “Ballads” cd wont be promoted here in the states but will radio stations receive a cd singles copy to air play? I’m assuming they might because WICF was played briefly over here–so someone got the cd!!!

EDITOR’S NOTE: No, WICF was released as a promo single by Edel America to help promote the US Greatest Hits release. Roxette no longer has distribution in the US. - LEO

The two up-coming greatest hits cd´s are the last Roxette albums forever. Perhaps they will release some rarities album after to complete the contract with Emi (5 albums), and then Roxette will split up. They are too old and unfashioned for a record company to keep promoting them...and we all have see the declive of their musical careers. The best example? Room Service: Roxette´s less sold album ever!

I´m a journalist and I love Roxette since I´ve 12 years old. But I must be objective and I know the end of Roxette is nearer than ever.

So be ready to enjoy the last current airplays for a Roxette song in a radio station, the last video-clips or Tv-appearences...All will have a “good-bye” taste. I´m sure.

But be happy. Per and Marie will stay there for us, perhaps doing little things that will bring back happiness in our depressed-music world. I hope for it.


Oh...of course. I nearly forget it. Roxette forever (Ha ha!)

The last comment was by me by the way. I’d forgotten to log in :D!

Man, where’s the love in this room? Everyone is entitled to an opinion that’s why they have these rooms. And even though someone might “dis” the band we all love it’s okay!!! Co’s were all better than that. peace.

“multiply that by let’s say 1mio x $17.- and you know how much more money they could make. ridiculous!!! ROXETTE IS NO ARTIST! ROXETTE IS BUSINESS ONLY!”

you’re living in an other world....ever heard of production costs?
ok, they don’t have promotion costs...:-P

To Anonymous (from Canada).

Are you listening to the 1995 compilation or the newer compilation ?
I prefer the 1995 version myself.

I’m the other anonymous from Canada BTW, the one who posted a message
about a Canadian release of their DVD. I took too long and it posted anonymous.
No news yet on the DVD. Maybe you should bug them about it as well. Their
web site is at

Lets hope that the restructuring of EMI/Virgin, will have a positive effect on Roxette.

Anyways Best Of’s always do well.

As for a US release well, they got a Best of 2 years ago, so it’s doubtful. The best chance for the US is for the singles/Albums to be successfull in the UK & Canada.

Rox On


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I am excited about the new cd single.. I totally love Roxette and deftinally don’t think the end is near! I promise to try and not get off the topic again! [email protected] Luv Ya ((HUGS))

I love ballads. Roxette has had so many great songs... songs I haven’t even heard like
Drowning In you
Head to toe
Love spins
But since Its a roxette song I know I will love it!

But sadly I don’t think this song will hit Australian Radio because the last singles from Room service and Have a nice day didn’t, so why would this song? When I hear a roxette song on the radio, its usually either IMHBL OR SPENDING MY TIME, You’d think thats all the songs roxette have ever done!

hej every one! i got a few things to say,
1. so what if per looks old! you all would too if you had all the same emi svenska ab. related stress he does

2. whos crapping on about a 5 year emi deal???
back before “have a nice day” per and marie made the sub label “roxette recordings” they done this to protect their own work. they can put and album on any label they want to and in “h.a.n.d.’s and “room services’” case it was emi just as per made the sub label “gessle music” and released it on fundermental (now tombone music) records through exclusive lisence to emi svenska ab. emi havent got them by the balls at all! roxette just havent got a new deal yet!

3. any people from oz who cant find any rox cd go to or phone “redeye records” in sydney! ive been using them for years now and i have every gt album, marie album, roxette album, lonleyboys album, gessle album, roxette cd singles from “the look to “matah”, all vids, the dvd and a whole lot more, and if you r really keen to get some rare shit ring the international operator and ask for “repeat records” in halmstad!!!! a credit card order and who knows what autographed stuff they have?!?!

4. to rain_girl i sent an email to you with a msn download attached so you can chat to me when you r online and who knows if you set it up i might even be able to burn a few cds with a tracklist like:
the voice, the sweet hello the sad goodbye, myth, milk and toast and honey demo, gimme gimme shock treatment, better off on her own, i was so lucky demo, 7twenty7 demo, blue umbrella, jupiter calling, lets party, entering your heart, from head to toe, daincing on the nightwire, i want you, you turn me on, im under your magic spell, love spins, reaching high, i wanna be your boyfriend, sheena is a punk rocker, anyone demo, cooper closer to god, you dont understand me demo, happy together, wish i could fly demo, seduce me, june afternoon demo, im sorry demo, vulnerable demo, the rain demo, crazy about you, see me, crazy about you cbb version, drowning in you, sleeping in my car demo, dont believe in accidents, cbb demo, almost unreal demo, run to you demo, the look demo, sleeping single demo, dangerous demo, shadow of a doubt demo, dressed for success demo, cry demo, listen to you heart demo, joyride demo, fading like a flower demo, perfect day demo, 2 cinimon street, whats she like demo, here comes the weekend demo, one is such a lonley number demo, love doesnt live here, always breaking my heart demo, i wanna be with you demo, never is a long time demo, silver blue demo, come back demo, anyone demo AND about 100 remixes, the whole mtv unplugged album, Heaps of live conserts and if you like per in english “the world according to gessle”, “the lonley boys cd” and if your still hunry for mor i could do “the heartland cafe” just to name a few to put me on msn an have a chat!!!

[email protected] PEACE!

@ Brad

I’m very jealous that you have all those Roxette songs.


I have a crush On per gessle


Okay, I give up!!! Where in the world can you get all those demos and singles period!!?! Wow, that IS an impressive collection. By the way, on the demos is it all Per or is Marie included too? Let me know I night be interested in getting some demo’s–can I buy them somewhere or are they still available? peace


Is the First time I writw to you. It’s a gerat emotion since I come from Brazil and I lived In Amazon (Belem -City). Now I live in São Paulo. I always wanted doin’ this. I’ve heard Roxette since 1989 (since listen to your heart, in a brazilian soap-opera)and I’m big- big fan from Marie (Like million others).
I hope you know, there are many-many brazilian fans and most of them are curious about new songs.
I hope you please, please, please, please, do not use old material, but live versions, B-sides, like Seduces-me, listen to your heart live, etc.
I’d like knowin’ how brasilian fans like me can get videos like (Live in the South Africa) or your sweden Maries’songs .
Please, release the new song in latin american. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
My name is Adriano and I’m 26 years old

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Some said that Roxette music are getting bad or old. I don’t think. “Listen to “have a nice day”album. Is one of the their best. Listen to “Cooper”, strings in the middle of tme song, or “it will take such a long time”. We can’t wait marie sings like in the “pearls of passion”, but I think the problem is the divulagtion. All my friends heard these songs liked very much, but never heard them in the radio :(

Thank you

Just heard it an it’s fantastic


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