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Monday morning premiere for “A Thing About You”

Written by daniel_alv on September 9, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - Fans around the world with access to the Internet will be able to hear Roxette’s new single, “A Thing About You” on Monday morning. Swedish radio station MixMegapol plans to premiere the song around 8 a.m. and will probably replay the song several times throughout the day. Over the weekend, they ran spots mentioning the premiere. Other Swedish pop music stations are also expected to air and webcast the song on Monday.

  Given that the Swedish tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet has already run an article about the making of the video for ATAY, it is possible that we’ll see additional coverage on their site as well (as has happened with Roxette’s single/video releases in the past).

  Meanwhile, the Netherlands-based Official Roxette Fanclub has posted a 30-second clip from the song on their site.

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well the clip will be available at midnight, at midnight, at least for me.

...Swedish radio station MixMegapol plans to premiere the song around 8 a.m.....

I have never used radio on Internet. Can anyone please help me? secondly.. how can I find the time difference of Pakistan and Sweden? What will be the time in Pakistan when it is 8:00am in Sweden?
Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.


8 am is for Sweden, Pakinstan should be some hours later, I think for Moskow it is at 10am, and for Pakistan should be at 12.00.

you have to go to their site and on the upper part of the screen u will see a “lyssna live” button, click there :)

I can tell you this... Sweden has UTC+1... we are one hour before london.... so when it is 8 here it is 7 in London....

@zeeshan it’s easy zeeshan - take a map and do it by yourself, each 15 degrees is one hour ahead from hour which is in stockholm.
how lucky you are, all who have full access to the net. i can only see text, no picture without even mentioning hearing of the radio via internet.


The least thing you can say is that it’s ’different’.
Audio > Offprint

It’s the one recorded from Mix Megapol, 8 am, 09/09/2002. It will be removed from the server if the single is released.

@anonymous right above me
Didn’t like “you don’t understand me” that much!
But I love ATAY - it’s Roxette the way I love them!
Can’t wait to buy the single!!! :)

To Anonymous ( 7.48)
you are deef.
This song is GREAT!

i’ve already said it but i’ll say it one more time - you have noew idea how lucky you all are.

yyyyyyaaaayyy!!! What a yummy song!!! I wish you anonymous moaners would just shut up!!! Roxette is here to stay!! Yiiiipppeee!!! Am challenging the UK stations to play the song...hope we hear it soon!!!

Love to all you TRUR Roxfans!!!xxx

LOL!!! Should read *True Roxfans!!!


well what´s wrong when sb expresses his/her feelings? the ones who don´t like the song have as much right as the ones who like it to express what they think. RESPECT others opinions, that is it.

Thank you PietRoxette for offering the song!
It’s Roxette how I like them! I don’t think it’s gonna be a big hit, but it will probably reach the German Top 40

this mix megapol wrote about the song on their site today:

Hämde i morse:

Världspremiär på Roxettes nya singel hos oss i morse - å vilken låt sen! Det är ingen högoddsare att detta blir en monsterhit!

Happend this morning:

Worldpremier for Roxette’s new single - and what a song! not high odds for this to be a monsterhit!

Very Great!!!!!!

luv it , classic song

Cannot stop listening to this song:-))) I’m in love with it!

Here are some my tohughts about ATAY:
I thought it would be more calm. I dreamed about slow ballad only with cello and acoustic guitar, but... I’m disappointed in good way. I love that song. It’s been long time since Mr Gessle did something like that. However it reminds me of few songs from Room Service but who cares I LOVE ROXETTE. By the way:
1.Is there any chance to see ATAY single cover?
2.When & where will be video premier

[email protected]

It reminds me of ’Bringing Me Down To My Knees”.

I’m looking for the lyrics of this song. Can you help me, please? Thanx.

don’t really know what to say.

It’s a nice song, but not a big big hit. Now. Maybe after hearing it sometimes...

Just listening the song... wait... a fantastic song! Just different.

Beautiful bridge!!

keep on roxing!

I feel very ambivalent here. To take the best parts first: It’s beautifully arranged and has got a classy sound to it. The vocals, the sound of the phone, the drums (at the second verse), the strings. CLASSY.

But I must admit the composition is somehow standard, considering the “safe” and typical chord changes (like “Milk and taste and honey”). “A thing about you” is therefore NOT surprising songwriting. It kind of follows a strict form...

But in the end - it’s a pretty little tune. I got a crush on a girl these days, and this will definitely make me fall in love. It’s a lovesong. It’s sweet, but will not make it on the charts. Then Per Gessle would have to improve his songwriting skills a little more - step out of the safe chord structure and surprise us... cause the sound and arrangement on this one are almost perfect :))

But I got to mention: The lovely last seconds building up to the chorus! Brilliant...!! I’m really looking forward to listen to this on CD...

i die to hear the other new songs
it hurts
every day
the weight of the world
and see mee!!!!!!!

only 56 days till love peas gets released!!!

you can relax again.....seems that we all love it! :)

Hey...first I thought...”Oh, what’s that?”, but now I love this song. Maybe the reason is that if I haven’t had any new Rox material for a long time, it takes some time to get used to a new song. This is one example...

Per, you are really excellent!



Ok so I heared the song and my first reaction was: aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it has a bit of touch of RUN TO YOU, I want You to know and It doesn’t take you no time to get here. But that is good!!!!!!!!!!!!

WELL DONE ROXETTE and to all those guys and gals who were after Per’s ass telling us that he can’t sing or sustain his voice on HIGHT NOTE.... BUGG OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roxette Wins!!!!!! (like some of us TRUE FANS thought)


What can i say???
I’m so surprised..about them!!!!
This song is absolutely amazing..
PER & MARIE go on this way!

I just love it and that’s final....

yyyyaaaahhhoooo....nice to see more positive postings....lets hassle EMI UK...are u ready??? I am!!!



who cares if it’s a hit or not.... it’s a good song and i enjoy it....

What can I say.............. this song is just BEAUTIFUL and that’s all... :o)

@people who dislikes or even critisize and hate this song: u defiineteley has no tasteof great music!!!,can’t you just once be satisfied, shut up and ENJOY it!!, what is it? are u deaf or simply FOOL???? or maybe just stupid??!!, no no. .you must be moron!!
it’s a fantastic song!!, great lyric!!, per and marie do sings well!!, the bridges is so nice!!, ROXETTE is back yeeppee....
i can’t stop listening it.. again and again..

oh yah.. BIG thanx pietro!!!!!

this song it so cool! I have loved Roxette since Look Sharp! and have enjoyed their work especially since Tourism. I love the “warmth and heart” that is added to their songs with the help of the strings.....ahh the hopefully I will be able to support Roxette by getting the single here in Canada. Fabulous vocals Per!!! Way to go Per and Marie........another beautiful song to listen to endlessly. My list of favourite songs just keeps growing......

Its amix between Idwtgh and Ydum and a touch i want you to know,,,with PER OK OKOK i think it all we wanted...a good song and good tempo..

The waiting is done,
This song is the one
The radio is on with my favourite song
And I wanna walk out in the sun
and tell everyone

But lately that’s been very hard to do

Watch the sKY!

Great song....just great!

Call me sad, call me what you want, but i think it’s a brilliant song. Gave me goosebumps just listening to it. It’s SO Roxette, it’s SO good.

Anonymous 9/9/2002 16:05

I have to agree with you That this song have something thats been missin in the last two albums.

HAND and RS was ok albums but not great ones i do not know how to descripe it but it sounded like something was missing in those. But now I have listined to this GREAT NEW SONG and it’s the best in a LOLNG LONG LONG time.

marre *wishing the best for roxette*

I loved this song instantly when I heard it THAT is a big diffrence from the other albums

Can anyone tell me if ATAY has been aired yet on UK radio?? I have challenged three stations to play the song, have not heard it yet! I hopped on to the EMI Uk webpage and Rox is not even mentioned!! GGGRRRR!
Will the song be released to UK radio?? It should be.....the reaction of fans speaks for itself!!!
Hej, all UK fans, lets storm EMI UK with requests for ATAY and they will HAVE to release it!!Hehehehe!!!

Saluti to all of you from cheeky BigRoxfan xxxxxxx

If you don´t like the song you don´t have to listen it.

yay! i like the song! it’s great!

Me likes it :))

The song is SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Waw!
In Friday it will on the Czech radio!

Lisa. we must keep in touch.....ok?

Me too, I have been a fan for 12 years and love them to bits...they just need a good marketing strategy here in the UK to get past the sick covers and pop idols that are currently dominating the airwaves!!

Saluti a tutti,

ive just heard it here in Albay , philippines. and definitely love b,coz
I’m a diehard fan of roxette forever .Yeah and i,ve starting to
request for it many radio stations here to cathed attention to some
of the youth music lovers here .
So!!! toall the roxers outhere don’t losse hope lets all pray that
It’ll gain attention to the younger genre who patronizes music a lot .
by the way god bless to all the rox fans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MABUHAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ROXETTE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


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