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Written by Yashar on July 8, 2002 to .

TEHRAN - Roxette track “Crash! Boom! Bang!” has been used as a background sound in an Iranian film “Shokaran” (English title “Hemlock”). The story of the film is about a man who is happy with his life and has a good family, but when he visits a friend in a hospital, he falls in love with a beautiful nurse.

  The song can be heard first in the nurse’s home during their first night together and another time in the middle of film during a rainy night scene.

  “Shokaran” is a very popular film in Iran and it has been praised for its directing, acting and music. “Crash! Boom! Bang!” is not on the film’s soundtrack album.


Nothing has changed and it wont. Another song NOT on a soundtrack–EMI. So heres a good question also. With all the money Roxette has made over the years and the 2 music production companies that Per owns(Hip Happy, Shock the ..) why not promote and do what other talented musicians have done in the past!!! Do it yourself!!!! We’re so tired of EMI fucking up and with other talents that promote on their own why doesn’t Roxette do the same. Scared of flying? Started families? What is the excuse that stops these 2 musicians from becoming big again? Break all contacts w/ EMI and “DO it yourself”!!! It’s very hard for companies these days to get out of the gutter and get their loyalty in their customers back. Go w/ a better music company and take a small percentage and prove to them you can still fill stadiums w/ loyal fans and new fans too!

sometimes you have to start from cratch to get where you want all over again!!! Peace

p.s. the movie “Windtalkers” was great–very graphic but great.

Ok, so I won’t buy the CD with the Soundtrack.

What crappy comments do I have to see! Tell me one artist who is relly successful promoting himself without a record company! I don’t know any. Look at Prince for example, nowadays he’s totally forgotten, at least in Germany. By the way, Shock The Music isn’t Per’s, it’s Marie’s label.

Please tell me, how many viewers has an iranian film? How many records are sold there usually?

I think I MUST explain more:

Shokaran is obviously a better film than Pretty woman.
I’ve seen both of them.Pretty woman is just a commercial film with two big stars of
Hollywood.But shokaran is an artistic film which had success in commercial side too.
I don’t tell this as an Iranian’s point of view; I tell this to you as a lover of cinema.
The point is this fact : Pretty woman is an American film but shokaran is an Iranian
film ;everyone in the world can watch an American movie but finding an Iranian movie
is a hard work in Europe and America.

@Sascha:It was so successful here.So many viewers!

There is no copy right law in Iran.If Iran accepts this law,the price of books and films
will go up, and no one can buy them.It’s a fact!!

If anyone wants to know more about this film, I’m ready!

ok but since this film will never probably be in europe why should we bother knowing?

Thank you very much!

exactly why bother?

1.its a movie that we will never see cause as u wrote it will never make it to europe or usa

2.the song isnt part of the soundtrack but even if it was its an old song so noone would go buy the cd..therefore wheres the good thing in the whole story?

We really are getting deperate now for Roxette news eh?

What’s the problem with an Iranian movie playing a Roxette song as background music. And why compare it to Pretty Woman?

@Yashar:: COOLIES! see, i’m still alive! just dont have much time these days!

GREAT article BTW...

Yes, Yashar. I think you’re probably right when you say it’s a better film than Pretty Woman. There are so many pearls lost beyond the edge of language and culture, many would be surprised.

It’s not only cinema but arts. I discovered with Yugoslavian and Bulgarian music, music is what I like, but in movies is the same, is a pitty that the world won’t have a chance to experience this movie, as well as they won’t experience the sounds of many great singers over there.

By the way, can you tell some iranian singers o bands for me to download from KazaA? Since there are no copyright laws at least with these I won’t be sued.

Another question that I have is if “Crash Boom Bang” really makes sense in an Iranian movie. Forget my ignorance but, in the context or in the “environment” of the film, is there place for such a western sound? How are the other songs or music in the movie? Is becoming Iran more open for western influences, or is just a detail this song?

The problem with people today is they hold on to the past. Roxette has come and gone for most people except for its “true” fans. We might put negative remarks in the here and compliments to this band because in many ways we want to see them grow and fail. Without both you wouldn’t have most of these successful bands out there now. After being a success there really isn’t much more you can do because things change. We still want the Joyride era and it’s not going to happen. Just be glad we recieved Room Service. That to me was finally an album that brought Roxette back to our listening ears. Don’t get me wrong HAND was good but I believe RS was a much more “Commercial” album to attract other people besides us. They play TCOTH on video games and they us Real Sugar for a car commercial so they did the right thing and produced something more commercial–an A+ in my book. I do write negative remarks sometimes because it’s how I am feeling at the moment. Can you imagine when Roxette stop making their music? God, that will be the day everyone is upset and writing terrible remarks and also wonderful things in here. I’m looking forward to a another Roxette album–if there’s going to be one. You know I still haven’t seen the Joyride video? I never had cable tv and about 5 yrs ago a friend of mine showed me Spending My Time and that was a treat. Does anyone know or remember how the Joyride video went and is there a way to see it. I live in the USA so of course I’m lucky to be able to buy imports of Roxette when they come out with something new. I haven’t even seen the RS video either. Seen the TCOTH video and the older videos from LOOK SHARP! Did they make one for June Afternoon or videos from recent songs in the last 5 years? How about off the C!B!B! album. Sleeping In My Car was another favorite. Oh, by the way, if anyone is interested in cassette tapes still in the original packaging I have many of their old singles and cd’s. Let me know if interested. [email protected]

@Vaxjoe:The simplest way for you was not reading the article.The title of this
article shows all of its contents.So you could ignore it and go directly to Small
Talk part.But if you mean even seeing the words of this article for 1 second
bothers your beautiful eyes,it’s not my fault;tell this to editors of this page who
put my article here.

@Steven: Yeah! I myself have a great hunger of hearing something about their
new album.

@ Co:Thank you dear friend!

@Xarrrr:Thanks! I’m happy you are still alive!!!!!!!!!!

@temps-daurats:I don’t think you can download Iranian music from internet.
I myself have not seen them online.It has a simple reason: If you are an Iranian,
you can find Iranian music easily or buy it with cheap price in Iran.But these songs
are not usually online because it’s not a famous music in the world.
However ,maybe you will find something by searching it in Google.
About your second question: Western music is a common thing for higher levels
of Iran society; and characters of this film are from such a level.The director wants
to show all signs of such people,so he has used C!B!B!.Shokaran has a great
music but the only song of it is C!B!B!.It has a sad music because the film
is so tragic and bitter and C!B!B! has been used only for romantic moments of film.
Iran has a very old history and western influences can’t change our culture,
but art doesn’t have a certain language or country and goes all over the world.
You know the name of year 2001 is “the year of dialog between civilizations”.
UN did this because of Iran’s proposal.and it shows that we want a world without

@Tammie:Please don’t compare our films with Indian films.I hate their films.
Those are not films;only dancing, singing and ridiculous scenarios.
If you look at magazines about cinema,you can see that Iranian films win 70
or 80 awards from big film festivals of the world like Cannes, Venice,Toronto
and .... every year. Our cinema is much more powerful than our music.

You can do all of these things if you can find this film or those
songs! :-))))))
There are not great music bands in Iran;we have great solo singers:
1-Googoosh:The most famous Iranian singer.She is in Canada now.
2-Shajarian:He has a powerful voice and is so popular between old people.
3-Fereidoon Forooghi:We were so sorry about his death last week.What a
beautiful voice.
4-Ebi:He is so famous and popular here but he lives in California.
5-Alireza Assar:He is a young and successful singer but he has only two albums.

Do you know Freddie mercury’s parents were Iranian?

I thought the DVD was made differently over in Europe? Can I buy this DVD and watch it on a DVD player here? I thought I read months ago when that came out fans in the USA wouldn’t be able to watch it because it was produced for the electric that is different from over here? Does this make any sense?

Rockstar. You are right, DVD’s in the US and Europe have got different Codes, so you can not watch European DVD’s on a US Player... I did not know about that until I bought a DVD in US, came back to Europe and could not watch it!

I think it is great that Roxette get played in any Films... even though they are not included on the Soundtrack as such. Who cares, all that matters to me is, that I can buy and listen to any new stuff every once in a while. Of course it would be great if they would brake records again by selling Albums... but, lets face it, that is not going to happen again, that could only happen again, if the next first song of their New Album is an absolutly amazing song that you hear and just can not forget. For example Kylie Minogue, who would have thought, that she woudl make it big again? Her Song “can get you out of my head” was such a cool song that everybody loved to bits... so now her other songs that came out after “Cant get...”, which are really not that great, are massive hits as well... Roxette is only going to become huge again, if they release a song that is just amazingly impressivly unforgetable damn good. That’s the facts...

okay, okay, I’m getting my credit card ready now to buy the DVD. I can’t wait though. What videos are on this DVD? If you dont mind listing them that would be great! Thanks.

Have you guys noticed that this movie “Hemlock” and the picture above looks like Sonny and Cher!!! Yikes, iranians have look-a-likes!!! wooohooo
okay, back to reality.

about movies from india & bollywood: most of the recent films are crap, I agree. there are a select few that are really good, like “lagaan”, which was nominated for best foreign film in the academy awards. also, the older movies are a lot better, and the music is fantastic.

Anonymous from Buenos Aires 10 July 15:57 :
What song is Alguien?

Has anyone seen my dirty underwear?

@Stormkeeper: Alguien’s the Spanish version of Anyone! It was released on a special edition of HAND, together with Spanish versions of WICF and Salvation

I’m a 22-year old Iranian girl living in Canada and a hard-core Roxette fan since 1987 and had my best and most amazing and memorable Roxette days in Iran.
I read the first comment and went: “Stupid!”
I read the second comment and went: “Stupid!”
I was planning to come back to all of you if one had not and well, thanks to Yashar!

Did you know that Iran produces more than 100 movies a year?
Did you know that Iranian movies have won more than 1000 international awards in the last decade alone?
Did you know that many critics now rank Iran as the world’s most important national cinema?
’ Iran’s cinema is a world unto itself, the most creative expression of the country’s imagination, so much so that it has earned a reputation as one of the most vibrant and prolific cinemas in the world. As filmmakers scoop up more and more prizes at international festivals, filmmaking has become one of the most popular professions for young people in Iran. Iran’s cinema offers an alternative that is fascinating, even astonishing, for its artistic sophistication and passionate humanism.’ [ A Collection of Articles on Iranian Cinema]
You can check this site on Iranian movies:
I wanted to say more but I’m tired! Viva Roxette!

Yeah I wish they’d come to North America :~(! It breaks my heart! And yes, Roxette is always the best!
Does anyone happen to have Per’s home address? Hehe!

@Daminehgessle:Can you write me your email address? Or send it to [email protected]?

This is a message more for ROCKSTAR! You seem to have some really good and interessting views on the Roxette topics... I like that... is there any way I could write emails to you?

I’ve been collecting Roxette memorabila for a long time. I actually started an inventory on the items I have kept and I came across an article worth mentioning(from the past though). The article was written by Paul Freeman(entertainment News Services) The article titled; “Swedish rockers bask in international spotlight” Above is a picture of Per and Marie(of course) Per has his hands on each of Marie’s arms like he’s holding her back–very good pic of the two of them!!! Here’s the article:
Exciting rock n’ roll comes not only from New York, L.A., Memphis, Atlanta and London. It can come from anywhere in the world, even Sweden. The Swedish band Roxette, currently in the middle of an 18-month worldwide tour, is enjoying spectacular record sales. Maybe ABBA wasn’t an aberration after all. Roxette’s first album roared up Swedish charts in 1986. It’s second, “Look Sharp!” has sold more than six million copies. And the bands latest, “Joyride,” has racked up about nine million sales. Among Roxette’s smash singles are “Fading Like a Flower,” “It Must Have Been Love,” which was featured in the movie “Pretty Woman,” and “Church of Your Heart.” The band, fronted by singer Marie Fredriksson and vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Per Gessle, creates an infectious brand of pop-rock that is smooth yet has bite. Their fellow Swedes are justly proud of them.
(There’s more to this article and I’ll finish later this evening) YOu’re more then welcome to email me at [email protected]–Brian :oP”“”

remainder of article: “While there’s jealousy among other musicians,” Gessle says, “there’s a huge amount of respect from the media and the public for what we’ve done. But people in the street don’t really know how hard it is to crack the world market in the music industry. Of those who have tried, 99 percent failed.” Gessle believes timing was right for his group. *******rockstar73****This is not part of the article but, I’m surprised the foreign-exchange student was not mentioned in this article–you know, the one who spread the news about “The Look” well, I guess will never know who that person “really” is–hehehe ;o) ****back to the article.....”Everyone tends to think in more global terms now. My home country used to be isolated. In the last few years, other countries began to have more of a cultural impact on us. English radio was always the worst, playing nothing but English and American artists. They’re now suddenly playing Italian music, Latin music. Artists from all over are having an influence. There are a lot of German bands having success in Scandinavia right now. The world seems more like a global community. ****Like I stated earlier I’ll finish the rest of the article***** peace-hope you guys enjoy.

the rest of the story........*****article****
Gessle and Fredriksson had seperately become superstars in Sweden in the early 80’s. They decided to team up and broaden their horizons. “I’d been playing all these venues in Sweden 10 times over,” Gessle says, “I wanted to do something different. We said, “Let’s do something in English and see how far we can go.” We hoped to break through in Europe, America and the UK seemed like too unrealistic a goal.” When I started writing when I was 13 years old,” he says, “it was in English, because I’d been listening to British and American music all my life. Eventually, I changed to Swedish. So it wasn’t difficult switching back again.” His music has been, to some degree, flavored by his cultural back-ground. “We’re basically a very international band, but the music of Sweden is in our blood. In school, we sang all the Swedish folk songs, which are very beautiful, very melodic, very sad. They’re similar to the folk songs of Northern England, and you can hear that influence in what Mark Knopfler(of Dire Straits) is doing.” The primarily influence on Roxette, which was named for a single of the same name by the British band Dr. Feelgood, has been late 60’s rock. “The songs were based around strong melodies,” Gessle says. “Generally, today’s pop is dance music and rap. Obviously, there is still a wide variety of people who appreciate good, melodic songs. That’s what Roxette is all about.” The bands appeal has a broad base. “A lot of people think we attract only 14-year-olds. That’s totally wrong. In Europe, the average has been 20, 22. In America, it’s seemed older, maybe 27, 30, which has surprised us.” Because Roxette’s music is so deliciously commercial, the band is not a darling of critics. If critics think we’re too pop or too middle-of-the-road, then they must have listened to only a couple of singles, not out albums. It seemsthat you can’t sell a huge number of records and have good reviews. In the eight years, ABBA never got a good review in Sweden.” Gessle says that the music scene in Sweden is a diverse one. “There’s a lot of heavy metal. We havea long tradition of singer-songwriters in Sweden, the Leonard Cohen, Rickie Lee Jones types. There’s even rap in Swedish these days.” ****the end****The article was cut out of the third largest newspaper in the state of Illinois, USA called the Daily Herald. I was very impressed w/ what was written and for the “spotlight” Roxette received back in September 8th, 1992(the year I graduated high school–yikes) I went on to see Roxette at the Park West theatre(very small) and enjoyed the concert. That night they sounded just like their albums. Not many artist’s sound that good on stage because of all the production they put into a singer/music if the’yre not strong in their vocals and so on. I hope you guys enjoyed the article. I just wish the Daily Herald was still printing articles like this one about Roxette but now at the present time. Brian, I hope you are right about that song you heard over there on the radio–us fans can’t wait much longer!!! peace everyone, bill

I really enjoyed your article. Thanks for that!

Thanks Brian

I must say i was very disappointed while reading many comments on this fact. It shows how much people from the West are oriented on their own culture. And how they’re afraid of becoming aware that their culture is not the only and “truly” one and that their angle is not always the right angle. It’s a pitty. I regard this (I mean using Roxette’s song in this movie) as sth important and worth noticing. My knowledge about Iran is poor, I admit, but we cannot assume that laws there will be the same as in Western world. Totally different settings.

@Last Anonymous(!):Can you introduce yourself?

@Adam:You have very good ideas.If you want to know more about Iran,send me an email. :-)

@Yashar I will ask you about sth, with pleasure, as I’m tired of many features of our culture. But you need to give me your email adresse. How did it come you knew my name?

Ok! Just click on your name or my name in this page,and you will understand!

Hmmm... I totally forgot what I wanted to comment on!
I got all these Roxette and Queen videos and DVDs from London a few months ago. I was so excited to watch them all when I realized I couldn’t due to the stupid North American system.
The DVD seems to be pretty cool. It features all these songs for which I never thought there were videos. It also has alll these pictures of Per and Marie from old days till present. It’s very very nice. I love the design.
And yes, Roxette is very popular in Iran. I had my best Roxette years in Iran. Or I should probably say, the best years of my life!
It’s very hot here.

Well i need to add some additional info on this thread ...but before that i need to say as u may find out too i’m a new user here anyhow i used to check this site for over a year...& proudly i gotta mention i love Roxette since i was a lil boy and i still love them much ...

oki bout the persian film thread i have to say ...i’ve saw the film 3 times and all people surprised to hear Roxette as a backround of a part of film ..anyhow the song is already a classic but they used it also recently in a new release film (called , THE BLUE) savege garden’s To the moon and back is also used as the backround ...

but bout the copyright thing i’m sure that non of the film makers asked roxette’s rec company or savege’s COZ they can’t ! the music is forbidden here as well as buying cds so we dont have any cd shops or record company’ dealers & by mentioning the rox on the soundtrack they did a great and rare job coz its pretty rare to see something like this ...also these days computer shops set a new BIZ for them which is selling burnt cds to music fans which is at least better than nothing :)
well and people who has chances to buy cds from other countries can buy cds from there my collection of Rox cds i only have HAVE A NICE DAY & DON’T BORE US that i bought them years before from otha’ countries but i have other Rox albums on the burnt cd which i made themselves myself :)

Oki seems i said much just need to remind u that ACE OF BASE - BEAUTIFUL MORNING is gonna release on 9.sept in most european countries ..the song is totaly fab and its totaly catchy and optimistic :) try to have it as soon as can ...btw its video clip is set to release on music channels on next week or the week after. and also the new Album that called DACAPO will be out on 30.sept !
i , myself cant wait to hear the songs coz i really love Ace Of Base more than other artists since 93!
but i love Roxette very much too!

Could you please give some info about Iranian art specilay Cinema?


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