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New marketing action for DBUGTTC ’95 in Brazil

Written by lerox on May 24, 2002 to .

RIO DE JANEIRO - “Don’t Bore Us, Get to the Chorus” sold more than 500.000 copies in Brazil since its release. This number will apparently increase more, as EMI Brazil will be re-releasing the album with a new cover.

  While the track listing of the CD will remain the same, the new cover - all in red - will say “Roxette - Limited Edition.”


Where Can We see this “new cover” on internet?

i would also like to see the new cover :-P

Well, if they are doing this, at least I hope they remaster the material.

Why should they remaster this material, it´s not that old?

Why should they remaster the material? Well, personally, I like to have great sounding records in my collection. When I compare the quality of “Don’t Bore Us” International Version 1995 to the US version 2000, there’s quite a difference! The material on the US version was obviously remastered and I can certainly hear it on my album. I guess it depends on what kind of system you have in order to hear the difference.

hmmm i presume just a red square with “roxette - special edition” on it ;) thats the cover ;)

just a square? that certainly means that they “hope” that noone comes in here to see that they already have the album... though I’m sure many will buy it...

Here’s the question you people should be asking–“Why are they taking advantage of their fans–again?!?” Who cares about a new freakin’ cover! There only doing this to make money because they’re probably in debt or something. Just promote like they should be. Get Roxette back on the Vh1’s and Mtv’s and on the radio and go with it. Don’t bullshit us w/ another greatest hits album thats not going to do anything for the rest of us. With the way things have gone for Roxette(very little exposure everywhere) I wouldn’t be surprised if any of their music was worthless in the future. People in the USA don’t even realize that they are actually still around(this is EMI”s fault again) No one will ever come close to the Beatles or Abba. Roxette is just another swedish band in the shadow of Abba.
LEt’s get real here. Promote-Promote-Promote–that’s what is needed not another remake or reversion of something. It’s all fine and hunky-dory
but nothing ever seems to change w/ them(meaning Roxette and EMI) They must have an understanding that neither one will do anything to go to great lengths to provide their fans w/ music and future history. I’m entitled to my opinion just like everyone else is in here. You may not agree w/ me but I’ve been a fan for a long time since they came out and followed their music. But now I’m tired of always hoping. There never has been a change. What the hell is Roxette’s managmnt doing also–has anyone asked that question lately?

I agree with Rockstar. But the question Roxette themselves really want to promote? I really don’t think they do.

Also, it’s true what you say about Roxette in the USA. Few people know they are still making records. Most people think they broke up and refer to them as an 80s duo.

You know, instead of putting out a boring limited edition, why don’t they do something smart like re-release Rarities or release something new. Sometimes I question the promotion strategies of some record companies. Are they really this clueless?

why is that edition called limited? just cause it has a red cover?
i quite love the cover of dbgttc original,one of the best covers they ever did!
if they wanted to do something good they could have re-release it with some extra material

Kix–that would be way too easy. Their ways of promoting things now adays is oof the wall!!! I will never understand it never will.......
I want something new, not old, re-released or fancy packaged!!! NEw thats all we all ask of them–isn’t it?

I agree with you. “Anyone” is a great ballad which would have done incredibly well in the states if it had the right promotion but, again like I stated earlier the whole album was unknown. For a band–especially a rock band, to have so many catchy and irresitable hits not to be so popular you know something is wrong. Yes, we are lucky that Roxette is in our lives and that WE the true fans still enjoy listening to them. But everyone has a part of them that wants to see and show-off their prized and beloved band–ROXETTE. Getting back to “Anyone”, there are more ballads that should have done really well–Spending My Time, Vulnerable and one of my favorites(which can actually make me cry jsut listening to the words and vocals) is Beautiful Things–another great song that will never see the daylight except in my own heart. I really do miss Roxette on the radio and to tell you the truth theres probably not a day that goes by where I dont listen to them and state to people, wow radio needs a Roxette song. I think its time to bring back the quality music and not these pretty pop money makers(in the spotlight one day and the next year they are gone)
If anyone is to blame its EMI and that terrible Mcdonalds deal many years ago–Ive stated this in the past also. wish someone was out there listening. Bill

Hej everyone!
The CD is absolutely the same... The “new” cover is just a removable one, made of carton, just to protect the cd... it is also to “promote” the re-release, I believe...
And it is very expensive... more expensive than the ordinary ones....


vulnerable was a flop wasnt it..and spending my time barely chrted here in the usa

What I meant to say instead of people in the States referring to Roxette as an “80s duo” is referring to Roxette as a “she.” I so hate that! “She” was such a good singer!

A good song should sell itself. It has happened! But unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.

I think “Anyone” has some potential in the States. But ballads don’t tend to be the “in” thing right nowhere. I think Roxette’s music seems a bit too unique for US airwaves right now. Again, it all breaks down to promotion! I think there’s always potential. But record companies tend to look at things through different eyes and would rather promote something that will give them a quick fortune than invest in something that has talent and
can sell decently for years to come. Sad really. But that’s the music industry! In any case, I do believe the Internet has opened up a lot of opportunities for people to hear music they otherwise wouldn’t - as in my case with Roxette here in the States. So there’s always hope there.

Yeah, I guess you can stem everything back to that EMI McDonald’s deal. I still laugh at that and wonder what they were thinking. I listen to “Sleeping In My Car” now and think...this could have really been big in the US! It was perfect for that time, yet it barely made a dent. So yeah, I guess it doesn’t always take a good song.

Anyways, why am I rambling? This has been discussed several times before, yet it’s still fun to talk about!

Vulnerable never made it to USA radio stations. The only single off C!B!B! was sleeping in my car
i mean fireworks was a kick ass song for back then and the chorus on “Lies” was also great–i dont know, they had a descent amount of hits off that record–Fireworks, Run To You, Lies, Sleeping In My Car, and Vulnerable to end it all.....oh well, who am i?

The reason why I brought up the McDonalds deal and Emi is because it played a big part on promotional fuck-ups. Who in their right mind is going to buy a $5 cd(with most of the songs on it) and then wait for the official release 1 week later?–Well, if you’re smart, you’re not gonna go out and buy the record when it comes out unless you’re a true fan like us. It all ended w/ C!B!B! Yes it was an excellent album except for songs like Crashing Guitars, Love is all(though it sounds nice) and What’s She Like? Come on give me a break. That promotion on that album just sucked rotten eggs. When that album came out they had to compete w/ their usual rivals and at the time Ace of Base(which was the newest thing out) Even most of the music magazines gave their album 2 stars**. Stating that the creativity and musical talent wasn’t there anymore. The music they play now in the clubs is almost anything and everything. They just made Sheryl Crowes new single into a dance tune? Why?In my eyes you can’t make everything a dance tune! It was terrible when they made Celine Dions “My heart will go on” a dance tune also. I couldnt believe my ears. But I will say that music that goes around and comes around. Soon we will hear the harder riffs again and maybe less club mixes(God I hope). My opinion on HAND and RS is that there were a few hit singles missing on the radio. COY, WICF, ANYONE, IWTALLT, STARS(the remix version–but on this song if they would have kept the music from the original version and use the vocals from the remix and get rid of the childrens choir it would have been “the bomb!”–move over Madonna and “Music”!!) These were the hopeful songs. 7twenty7? and Salvation I think not! Whomever stated that earlier I’m sorry!! But no way!! They’re not even commercial sounding!!! Salvation sounds like a freakin’ church song!(though i personally like the song) And 7twenty7 sounds like Per got that idea(for that song) from the same nightmare that Crashing Guitars came from. RS album was a little better I think. Jefferson kicks ass, Real Sugar(catchy chorus) TCOTH was very commercial sounding(to bad it didn’t even make it during the day time hours on vh1 or mtv) MMHGP well it was catchy lets put it that way but not the best on the album(even Marie stated this too) MATAH was too soft and “gay”(no offense but, of course, i loved it) and ITYNTTGH was commercial enough(but very similar to IWTALLT) Roxette though are still going strong. Look at the bands that are just lucky to be playing in a local festival!! Or just plain changed their sound and look to compete w/ everyone else!! Metallica(sellouts–losers–the same band that’s against napster have no room to talk!! That’s how they started selling their albums by boot-legging them when they first started out. Van Halen (jesus, just get a freakin’ singer and be done with it!! grrr!) And the Eurythmics(well, i guess Annie’s little bird died and so did her and his career) I could name a hand full. Roxette is still going strong!!! No worries here!! There are bands out there now lucky to fill a stadium!! Sometimes they cant even sell enough tickets to even get it going! I hope that Roxette will make it again. All we can do for now is wait until the next album comes out and go from there. Really, in all reality, EMI needs to get their shit together and concentrate on what they have. There are alot of bands that are going through their own “recession” too. It ’s not just us at our factory or desk jobs its also in the music and movies business too. Keep on Roxin’!!
Beautiful Things are coming your way!!! :oP”“”“


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