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Roxette to release a Greatest Hits album?

Written by roxeteer on April 24, 2002 to .

News story in Hallandsposten, later confirmed to Official Fanclub’s by Roxette’s management, reveals that the band is working on a Greatest Hits album with a couple of new tracks. New songs may be released even as soon as this spring, but some releases will have to wait until autumn.

  According to Per, an entirely new album will not be released in this situation as there is “a lot of turmoil at the record company.” We reported earlier that Roxette’s record company EMI cut 1,800 jobs in March this year.


oh dear... like we want another Greatest Hits...

I want more turmoil at the record company
and also “THOSE NEW SONGS” !

This Spring???
GREAT !!!!!!!!!!

Roxette could release just new songs in an album - that would be great, but to have one more greatest hits... It doesn’t matter how many new songs it would be in an album, but it would be a NEXT NEW ALBUM!

Roxette are still remembered by the army of the fans, and no need to reveal old songs for those, who might have forgotten them...

Pay attention to this : “Couple of new tracks”


@junkie: You said a great sentence :Army of the fans.
Perfect !!

Ain’t gonna buy another gh album !!!! per you’re losing your best fan ! :P

I’ll buy it! :-P

New Album - GREAT NEWS!!! Greatest Hits - Damn! Roxette released GH twice - in 1995 and the second one after HAND incl. almost all the same songs in 2000, so what about to release now “Non-album tracks greatest hits” ore “B-side tracks greatest hits” with some new ones? Kecho.

grrr why not just release an EP with those “couple of new songs” and we are done? why should we spend another bunch of euros x 2 for songs we already have like 19219283712 million times? i didn’t buy the re-edition of HANDñ neither the US GH..guess the procedure will be the same with these ;) inet rulez!

I agree with Judith.
Why THE HELL a new greatest hits album?

You can’t think of anything else than earning more money, for Emi?

HMMM. What was up with the story in “Small Talk” about a “Ballads” album and “Uptempos” album? So, I guess that’s not happening?

Anyways, if this is in fact a “Greatest Hits” album I surely hope it doesn’t include the songs featured on “Don’t Bore Us.” Maybe it will be an “non-singles” greatest hits project? That would work better than repeating the same songs AGAIN!

And if there’s turmoil at EMI, maybe it’s time to move to another record company.

And I agree with Tammie, if they are worried about the turmoil at EMI right now and don’t wish to push a studio album, then they should release an album of rarities: b-sides, demos, remixes, etc. Now would be a good time. Or even a live album with a few new tracks.


i dont think you guys reall yunderstand the ramification of this. If I am doing the math right this fall puts them at the end of their re-negotiated contract with emi. If emi drops them they are labeless!!!! Which means no more music period. The couldnt get resigned here in the states ...imagine how hard it would for them now!

Told you so. Told you so. Told you so...

Where did you get this end-of-contract-thing or only-x-records-left from? Quote from a fax Per sent the OIRFC on 21/2/97: “I’m proud to announce that Marie and myself earlier today made a longterm deal with EMI Records after several months of negotiating. You will find us on the EMI roster for another ten years at least. I’m very happy! This deal (in itself f#%&*ing unbelievable) means that my new album “TWATG” will see the light of day May 12.” That doesn’t sound like a contract based on a certain number of records, does it? And we have 5 years left til 2007...

This sux big time but atleast we have an reason for it. lets just hope that there is more then 4 new songs like on the last ghcomplation..
Rox on!
Love is all

New album and new songs is great news. But I can live without The gratest hits I’ve allredy have 1995 greatest hits cd dont need a new one.

I agree they should realese b sides and new songs


i do not think that it is time for a new greates hits album. beacuse it was only a few years ago they realesed one.
i think that it would only be the real fans that would by a new greates hits album.
i think they should wait untill they realesed atleast one more album before they consider a new Greates hits album.

but i have to say that a greates hits whit b-sides would be perfect.

Mikael Karlsson (swe)

Dear and Lovely PER and MARIE !
Please come to see this page.If you see your fans’ comments,your decision will be changed.

We are your best fans and I think you make your songs for US.
So please listen to our words and DON’T RELEASE ANOTHER GH ALBUM.

We want only new songs.You have enough creativity to write great new hits.I’m sure you can.

oh no....

As far as I know Per mentioned two compilations. Who says that there will be a GH-album?
I guess we have to wait for more information. Maybe it will be a record which includes live songs, new tracks and some unreleased remixes/b-sides/demos?

Who knows? I guess Per said in 2001 that there are about 10 songs which are recorded, but not yet published and that it shouldn’t take a long time until we get to hear them.

I think neither Roxette nor the record company are stupid and release another GH. I’m sure they know that nobody would buy it except some hardcore-fans!

maybe they need some rest.., so they don’t really have to make so many new materials, u must see the urgent for per and marie to work not under any kind of pressures, so that all their ideas, carativity&inovatives can be well transformed in to their fresh future new songs

Roxette has already released 2 GH albums, so I think it’s time for a “Greatest Rox’s Flops” CD, which may start with Per’s favourite track “Stars”.

well.... don’t compare Madonna with Roxette! Madonna IS Madonna.. it’s like Michael Jackson would come up with 2 GH or U2 or .... i believe they would sell tonz of them.. erhm.. but I don’t think you can put Roxette among that “artists cathegory”
(now kill me ;)

Of course they won’t release a second greatest hits album. Think about it how many (hit-) singles did they release since the Greatest Hits album in ’95?

-Wish I Could Fly
-The Centre Of The Heart
-Real Sugar
-Milk And Toast And Honey

First of all: 7 singles is a little bit to few to make a Greatest Hits album.
Second: not all of these 7 singles were hits, so they can not all make it to a Greatest’Hits album.
Third:Would they be so studpid to put the older hits on a Greatest Hits album again? Don’t think so.

Conclusion: If they will release a new album this year with just a few new songs, they’ll probaby fill it with live-versions of their greatest hits (and hopefully other live songs).

@ bandquitter, “Stars” was NOT a flop!
It’s Roxette’s best performing chart single during 1999-2001 - at least in one of their biggest markets, if not the biggest: Germany!

I have to agree with some of the above people. Maybe this will be more so of a “Greatest Hits Live” album. I just can’t imagine another “Greatest Hits” album coming out with original versions of “The Look” or “It Must Have Been Love.” I think there’s something different about this “Greatest Hits” album. There almost has to be. It would be very dumb just to put out a Greatest Hits and include the original versions of the old songs. Then again, maybe it’s EMI’s idea. ;)

I HATE not knowing what going on :P


Believe me, it’s going to be two compilations with the original versions of the songs...Blah!

*scratches head* Another Greatest Hits album.... Yeah... okay *perplexed look* That makes what, #3? DBUGTTC World, DBUGTTC USA, what we call this one? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll pick it up to say I have it in my collection, however, I have damn near everything and can come up with several combinations using my CDBurner. Minus the “couple of new songs”, I can create literally HUNDREDS of song combinations for a “Greatest Hits” album. Guess I’m just baffled.

–Little Spooky

Something struck me rite now...
Since this is not a confirmed news, they might do this just to check our opinon..

That is all for now


I don’t think it’s a good idea..another Gh!!! they published another version of thei first one in 2000 do they need a new GH??? I don’ think so...I don’t understand ...

What’s the point of yet another gr8est hits album.... they have not really released anything since their last one (or two if you count the US version)!
Roxette, need to change record companies and get the gr8 songs back out there where everyone can listen to them. It is the lack of promotion and publicity that has let Roxette fall.
One could say that they have had their day and that they should surrender to the lack of demand for their style of music, or they could reinvent themselves and get out in the public’s eye and actually get noticed.
Their best music came from the late eighties and early nineties - this music is what we want and need. It has to be new and original and of course.... it has to be catchy!
Utimately, we want new stuff not the old... we want a more in-your-face promotion and publicity campaign that will get Roxette noticed and back where they belong.... in the charts, on the TV, @ the movies (soundtracks), and @ all consert venues.
Roxette is successful worldwide, it’s time to concentrate on your home and neighbours, namely Sweden, UK and Europe.... we need you and your music.... stop the [email protected] and give us your newest and best! Afterall, we deserve it and utimately, so do YOU!

it won’t be that bad, coz its by Roxette. See what they do before you judge, you never know it may bring back old fans and hopefully get some new ones.


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