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Roxette to headline “Night of the Proms” concert series

Written by Zanderico on April 24, 2002 to .

Roxette will be the headline act this fall for “Night of the Proms,” an event that began as a student party and has evolved into a series of concerts performed in three countries: Belgium, Holland and Germany. Roxette will be accompanied by the symphonic orchestra Il Novecento.

  The biographical information on the Night of the Proms website states “The band broke through in the late eighties with numerous hits in the top of the charts. Among them were worldwide hits like “The Look”, “Dressed for Success,” “Listen To Your Heart,” “It Must Have Been Love,” “Joyride,” “How Do You Do!,” “Sleeping In My Car,” “Run To You,” “Crash! Boom! Bang!,” and “Wish I Could Fly.” Sixteen years later the band can show impressive sales figures (more than 40 million albums and 15 million singles sold) and look back on some very successfull world tours.”

  “Their seductive mix of pop tunes full of irony and obvious “power ballads” today still sound as fresh and catchy as in those days, when their songs first started to get airplay.”


What does “Headline Act” mean?

Headline act, i think that it meens, important act, who’s coming on stage with more than one song. The act of the evening.

Headline act... is an entertainment industry term, that refers to the act that both gets top billing on the marquee... and the act that will be mentioned in the headlines of newspaper articles written about the event. About the publishing time issue... Visa will have to answer that... as I don’t know how it works... it may need “tweaking” in the programming code.

hey folks.... I translated the text from Dutch, but indeed headline act means “the most important act of the evening”, and is supposed to be the act that makes sure all tickets will be sold.

Some extra info on the event in Holland: It means Roxette will perform 11 times in Ahoy Rotterdam, that their show will be on Dutch television (broadcasted on 31 december), and, as the event is bound to be sold out, will give Roxette a lot of audience. Furthermore the symphonic orchestra Il Novecento is a high ranking name, and has been playing with Sting, Joe Cocker, John Miles, Toto, Supertramp, Zucchero and many others.... I think we can expect an impressive and unsuspected sound...... Anyway, i think this puts Roxette back on the map in Holland, were they truly belong!

so no need to release another G(s)hits these shows will do the work ;)

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someoen better tape one of the shows ..this is like when metallica performed with the phil harmonic this is gonna ROX

Is it really like S&M of Metallica?

Fantastic news! I have been watching the show on TV last year and guess which act I wished to see this year... Fantastic!!!

if they could make what Metallica did with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, that would be a very enjoyable album. The Night of the proms will be really successful. That is an idea, eh?


I have 3 tickets to Germany, Munchen 8.12. The best tickets to the 1st line place. 1ticket cost 59.30 EURO. Please write me as soon as possible. Who writes first, gets tickets. It would be so nice to see ROXETTE live again! Thank ya all! Have a nice time and see you in Munchen:)


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