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Swedish music critics rave over Gessle’s Ramones cover

Written by PerAndren on February 25, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - For perhaps the first time since 1996 when he gave Gyllene Tider 5 “+” symbols out of 5, Aftonbladet’s Per Bjurman has written something very complimentary about Per Gessle. No fan of Roxette, Bjurman’s praise is about the cover version of “I Want To Be Your Boyfriend” that Per has recorded for the forthcoming tribute album “The Songs Ramones The Same” that will be released in March.

  Under the headline “It’s Nice When Gessle Translates Ramones,” Bjurman compliments Gessle’s contibution.

  Anders Nunstedt, writing for Expressen, also had very positive things to say about the song.

  “The cover is sensational…” he writes, “…reminiscent of the summer Westcoast pop that Gessle created so charmingly at the beginning of (his) career.”

  Nunstedt also mentions that Per was recently at the opening reception for rock photographer Anton Corbijn’s exhibition “Mortals” and at the premiere here of the new, Swedish version of the Benny Andersson/Björn Ulvaeus musical “Chess.”


Hey yo!
This is amazing..
These critics usually give shit to Roxette but now all of a sudden they like what Per is doing..

Maybe PG paid Nunstedt to write good about him. Vad tror ni/What do u think?

Rox on!

No..... Per solo rulz.....
i wanna hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t really remember the Ramones, but if Per’s version is loved, then it must be great! Let’s hope for a single!!!!

i want to listen to it!
[in the background i hear original version...]

hope it is recorded with modern technology with modern instruments, not like the lonely boys album... which sound like an old recording :)

great if we would have a single!

he once said he loved “sixpence none the richer”. that was back in 99 when they released “kiss me”. he also once said the liked “Viva Forever” by the spice girls, as it had “good lyric content” or something like that. don’t remember the others!

As someone was asking for other Per’s favourites...he’s said to be a huge fan of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, and he also listens to Paul Simon, Sheryl Crow and...that’s what I can remember now :)

P.S.- I’ve also become a fan of some of those bands and artists...good influences from PG!

yea even the original is sweet as sugar.....want da’ bunny to sing it!

When I was 15, my brother told me that the Ramones were dudes in black playing boring, noizy rockmusic... so I bought the CD “Mania”.
Eversince I think they are way cool!

And now, I just can’t wait for the coverversion by Mr. Gessle!!!!

p.s. interested in Per’s taste? Me too, I love Eskobar, check them out!!!

He likes REM, doesn´t he?? I think so...

Anyway, hope there will be a single!!!

Nope Anonymous. It’s a different coveralbum.

ROXETTE re-recorded the song STUPID from
Per Gessles solo-record “The world according to Gessle” for the movie “Spun” by Jonas Akerlund, who made some videos for Roxette (for example: “The Centre of the Heart).

Oh yes, they are all still alive! They were actually offered an insane amount of money to reunite for a Y2K appearance, but not all of them agreed to do it so it never happened. I’m pretty sure Benny & Bjorn would be willing, but I’ve heard that it’s the women (especially one of them, can’t remember if it’s Frida or Agnetha) who have said they’ll never be part of an ABBA reunion. Too bad... I bet they could have made some more great music!

Pearls of passion is the first album of Roxette....

okay, not to be a jerk but shouldn’t we expect more articles on Roxette on at least a bi weekly basis? This last article is grown so tiresome. If I could I would do more research. After putting time and effort into a new website for them–even the “official” site is just as lame. The stories are the same and the articles just aren’t that interesting anymore. Roxette have t obe brewing something in Sweden. New material is coming out? Then let us read about it. I dont care if they spot Marie in a hat or shoe store at least put a small article in here to keep us interested or this new website is going to be a waste. Im very much a fan but if fans cant get new music then give us stories–how about putting articles in here about how they first started and go from there–even if its gyllene tider and marie when she first started singing–you cant expect new fans to catch on if they cant get history out of these web sites–come on, dont you agree a little with me? CAn you hear me Per and Marie–were your fans that make you wealthy and we just want a little more info thats all!!??!!

stacy, it seems to me you need to get laid or at least find a blow-up doll to play with. Your attitude is very bitchy and if I want to voice my opinion I will fucking do so. In regards to the website–it is new–yes, Daily Roxette has been around for a while but its called a new “make-over” to grab attention to old and new viewers. And everyone knows Per and Marie don’t control this website –you’d have to be an idiot like yourself to believe that they do. Furthermore, like I stated in my earlier “comment” if I could do something I would but, considering I dont live anywhere near Sweden I can’t–please, before you open your big “trap” again, you really should read and take into consideration what the others in here are tryig to say instead of trying to grab negative attention as you are doing–who are you anyways, exactly, you’re no one . laters luv all and all a good roxette site

Dude, I’m not gonna play this game because its stupid and silly. Yeah, it’s me Stacy (actually, my real name is Lisa) and this has gotten pretty freaking pathetic. Yeah, of course I’m not an innocent party on this one, but I’m not gonna continue this childish behavior. Let’s stop, rockstar, and just chill. Can’t we just end this stupid behavior we are both possessing? *shakes hand*

Lisa (AKA- Stacy) :)

FYI- the two main people who run this website are from Finland and the US, NOT from Sweden! (and no, I’m not saying this to attack you in any way, shape, or form, but I’m saying this because many of the people who get this info about Roxette are not from Sweden, and so maybe that’s why the info on Roxette can be a little dry at time or even non-existant. Kudos to you guys who do dig and retreive it for us!)

I never started this foolish game in the first place–you should have kept that negative response to yourself but, no people have to open their mouths and come off as being a bitch or a dick–that’s what you did. Like I stated earlier, I’m entitled to my own opinion and so are you. So next time you don’t like something that another person puts in here–keep your negative attitude to yourself or respond in another way–people don’t appreciate comments which you have made especially when you don’t know that person. Agreed, subject will be dropped but, if I see that you do this again I will try and find away that you are blocked from coming into the website and comment areas–this can be done since I create websites for my own business’. Peace and forgiveness, rockstar73

Let’s move on and enjoy Roxette–that’s the whole point (even if its something you dont like as a comment)

I know Roxette has some “say-so” when it comes to releasing albums but, sometimes I wonder what the record label (every mistake imaginable–emi) is thinking. I guess I’m pissed that C!B!B! didn’t so as well as it should. i can’t believe they did that McDonalds deal and release 3/4 of the album and sold it for $5 and then released the album officially to sell it with for $10 more!?! Come on where’s the thinking? It might have benefited Garth Brooks but it really crushed Roxette’s sales. I found out that they did release Fireworks as a single but it never reached here in the USA–sometimes I wonder about the country I live in–EMI (grrrrrr!) Anyways, Per should sing more tunes and he has but, they dont seem to be releasing his songs here in America–??? COY, LIES, Fireworks, MMHGP! and June Afternoon(Man that would have been a huge summer song!!grrrr, again?) I’d like to announce that stacy and rockstar73 after are little fued in here(which I do apologize to her and everyone else in here) are getting married in Sweden to live off on an island right next to Agnetha(Abba) to sing love tunes to one another—j/k :oP”“
Well, getting back to Roxette, I just wish–like we all do–they could make this comeback and rule the air waves again and again. It’s just ashame that we can’t even get them a spot at the Grammy’s to sing a sng or two, like they did for the Eurythmics about 3-4 years ago(they didn’t do very well) WEve heard they’d be back on Jay Leno and it didnt happen–i dont think. And their material–new music is harder to get now because of their record deals with these shitty ass companies. My opinion is if they dont care about he money(per says they get offered very little) then why not sign on w/ a company willing(not edel) and start w/ a lower salary and work your way up again–in the long run it might pay off! What do you guys think?

I agree, they’re just either pretty or cute vocalists with some talent or they dont have it at all–Jessica Simpson should be ashamed of herself. I’m sorry but in all reality she is a waste of radio waves. I would have to say that Christina Aguilara does have a unique voice and Britney can put on a good show(almost as good as Madonna in many ways–not all though!) Jewel, Alanis, Sarah M., and Celine are not wasteful singers. I find them talented because first off, they write their own music(except Celine) but they do have great voices. WHo knows what it would have been like if Marie made it in that club. I think she would have held here own but, I don’t think she had the song writers backing her–that’s where Per comes in. Man, can he write a song or what! It Must Have Been Love and Listen To Your Heart, Wish I Could Fly, I’m surprised other female vocalists dont come knockin on Pers door(no pun intended) YOu’re right–they dhouldn’t have to do anything because hey are well established all over the world except for the USA–the country that will let almost anyone sing!! Yikes. Like I siad earlier I can’t wait to see the Spun movie and her Roxette’s exposure on that song.

His simple catchy lyrics do hit the heart in so many ways. If it wasnt for him I wouldn’t have written so many myself–i owe him a Beer!

Amen! I like to call it ’Britney Spears syndrome’.... you all know what I mean, so I don’t think I need to go into details :Þ

Not important!

Not important!


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