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2002 Swedish travel brochure features Roxette

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on February 1, 2002 to .

NEW YORK - One of the arguments used in the campaign to save the T&A studio from demolition, was that the Halmstad/Halland area needed to understand that Roxette fans from around the world help boost the economy there by visiting the various “Roxsites.” Apparently, the Swedish Travel & Tourism Council here agrees.

  In the 2002 edition of their travel brochure, “A Taste of Sweden,” Roxette is mentioned on three separate pages.

  The table of contents page includes a photo of Roxette (along with two other photos not shown here) to help identify the “South Sweden” section. Then, in the introduction, they write “Nobel, Bergman, ABBA, IKEA, Roxette, Pippi Longstocking, Volvo, SAAB, Ericsson, Greta Garbo and Björn Borg – all have played their part in giving Sweden its strong profile on the world scene.”

  And on page 8: “…It’s a favorite area for golfers, and Tylösand is reckoned to be among the best of the many courses. Halland is also the home region of the top rock group Roxette.”


hehehehe a own stock exchange *eg*

with shares of recordstores, bus lines, taxi’s and ticket shops*ggg*

Ha ha. That’s so cool! :-)

LMAO ..i have one specific silver one for everything hehehehe...

mm yea i want that brochure too... can anyone get me this or tellme addresses?

Go Roxette! You ROCK!

Per could easily offer special rates at his hotel to Roxette fans (how to control if sb is a Roxer? thru the Roxette Fanclub for example..)
I said he could.. if he *wanted* to... but i guess $$$$$$$ wins ;)

Roxette Rules!!! I’ve been collecting their music for years (14 to be exact). The only band I like better is Enigma, but Roxette is fast on their heels with more “beaty” songs like 7twenty7 and Stars.

Is fantastic...tourism with ROXETTE.Anything more???Roxette are the news ABBA.With all the honors.SWEDEN FOREVER:ROXETTE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Could someone pretty, pretty please post or tell me where the T&A studio is?! I’m going to Halmstad this summer and I’d really like to see it!! :)
Thanks guys!!



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