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Tour concludes with Summer extension plans under discussion

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on November 22, 2001 to .

HALMSTAD - Per posted this entry to his “diary” on the Roxette site today, and as it is rather noteworthy, we reprint it here [with Editor’s Notes appearing in brackets]:

Dear all of you:

  So now the “Room Service Tour 2001” finally has come to an end. It was with mixed feelings that we left the stage after “Church of your Heart” at Scandinavium in Gothenburg last weekend. The tour has been soooo cool, soooo good that even Mr. Alsing considers it to be his best on-ze-road-experience since he parted with The Idols (Swedish inside joke!!). Anyway, thanks for making this such a beautiful trip.

  It was, as expected, great to finish the tour in Sweden. Both the Karlstad show and the Globe Show in Stockholm were great but the real killer came in Gothenburg this time. I don’t know what it is, but it’s always really special to play on the West coast. All three shows were sold out early on so we felt very honored by our fans in our home country.

  Rumor [a probable reference to a story in The Daily Roxette that was based on statements made during the Helsinki press conference] has it that there is a summer tour in the can. I can only say that we’re thinking about it. We’re even talking about it. We’ll have some meetings very soon to make up our minds. There are other extremely interesting plans as well for next year (which I won’t go into here and now) [see the same TDR article] but an extension of the tour is definitely worth discussing.

  So, there you are! I’ll finish off with a quick thank you to all the hardcore fans out there, our management in The Old Town, our record companies all over Europe, the tour agents here and there, the hardest working band on the bus and, last but not least, our unbelievable crew. Without them, nothing would work at all. Hope to see you very soon again. Have a great Christmas y’all.

P. November 22, 2001


Per has said that they will have such a tour for the next year.This is the best part of his sayings.Of course I’m waiting for their new album.It is even more interesting than a worldwide tour.

However, it was so pleasant to read Per’s words.

Why dont you book the Stadium, Ullevi in Gothenburg next August...

Then Roxette can warm up the audience for a big concert with “Gyllene Tider”.
You can be the FIRST SWEDISH ACT to sell out Ullevi two nights in a row...
It is time for and Sweden is longing for our “Gyllene Tider” again...

We Remember Summer of 96’

Sommartider hej, hej...


Really sweet words, Per! Can’t wait for the summer tour! The hardcore fans ’ll be there, you know that! :-)


Will you visit Petersburg again, Per? It was so cool in here at New Ice Palace, and I saw your and Marie’s faces - it seemed you were so happy while staring such a happy audience... Thanx a lot for that concert and we hope you will join us next summer. Or whereever you will go in Europe I will try to join your show either in Finland or in Portugal. With love, Ilia, Petersburg.

To whoever cares:
I’m really afraid that Roxette is becoming an Euro-band,one of those that are virtually unknown outside Europe.
Besides,original plans for Room Service tour!!!
Per said: Promotion,World tour,plans,plans...
Some mini-euro-tour is not enough.
I’m really angry. First we (or they) complaint about Rox is not played on music channels,tv or radio.!!!
I would buy 5 tickets to their concerts if they would come here...I already have 2 copies of RS and 2 tapes.
I made up my mind.
If they don’t come to America (Latinamerica or whatever) or release something directly for us, I’m done with Roxette.
If I wanted an Euro-band,I would get Gyllene Tider.

–A very dissapointed fan.
Excuse me,really,but I’m very mad.

Take it easy!
There are some reasons for this situation.
I don’t know for certain.
Maybe business precautions.
They will come! Wait!

Juney, so does that mean you won’t buy the new album when it comes out? I know you’re mad but you’re pointing your anger in the wrong direction. The reason Rox is not coming to America any time soon (if ever) is that they do not have a record deal here. The reason behind that is of course very complicated and I don’t think anyone but Rox them selves knows the entire story. But, suffice to say, the underlying reason is that record companies just don’t want to promote Roxette here. The airwaves here are dominated by teeny-pop acts and some older American acts (madonna, etc). For some reason, record companies just don’t think Rox would be succesful right now. We all know that’s not the case (just look at Europe) but hey, thay are just rich, ignoroant bastards. Don’t you honestly think that Per would jump at even a moderately good deal in the US? So, please don’t point your anger at Roxette. It’s the records companies and promoters in this country that are to blame.

As for the “Euro-band” thing, don’t you realize that there are dozens, if not hundreds of wonderful bands that are pretty much only popular in Europe and never “make it” in the USA? Just listen to almost anything from bands like E-Type, Modern Talking, Sash, The Ark... I could go on and on. This music is WAY better than anything on the radio in the USA so why doesn’t it make it here? Again, this could be analyzed for eternity. My suggestion though, find a good on-line CD shoppe in Europe and order the good music from them. I certainly wouldn’t wait for the US to wake up because that may never happen:(

I love both Roxette and Gyllene Tider. As I did not know GT in 1996, I wish for a new tour, to see them live. I went nuts about the Atertaget-Video, it’s fantastic. I wish they would do a video or DVD like THAT with Roxette, just like MF has already done. Good girl.......*ggg*

Have u been in Sweden?

“Gyllene Tider” is what Rolling Stones and Beatles was/are for the English
rockfans - the band which started everything. OK, maybe together with ABBA...
The Swedish people is longing/demanding a few concerts with our favorite group.
And wake up - its just one summer!!!
Besides come here and visit one GT-gig next summer - you will not be disappointed ...

Roxette is good - but nothing compare to GT - when its come to playing live in Sweden.
Gyllene Tider is the best liveact in Sweden, maybe together with a guy called “Tomas Ledin”!

I want to see them next summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PER Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase.................. !!!!!!!!!!!

Yo Anonymous... you should be the one to wake up! Have you even heard any of GT’s material? I think not or you would not speak of them as you do. For your information, Per recently stated that he has written quite a few Swedish songs in the last few years, hence the talk about GT reuniting. Why let all this material go to waste? Besides, the way I see it, new material by GT would probably only delay a new Rox CD by 6-9 months. In my mind, it’s well worth the wait to have a new GT CD. Personally, I find it impossible to believe that a true Roxette fan would not also love GT. So, here’s what you do. Go out and purchase Atartaget by GT. Listen to it a couple of times and if you’re not truly impressed, write back here and I’ll eat crow. Oh, and since when has understanding of lyrics been a prerequisit of liking a song. The beat and melody is what does it for most fans anyway. OPEN YOUR MIND. Swedish artists are the best (no matter what language they sing in)!

I just think this person has probably not heard any GT and shouldn’t blast them like that. After all, my mission in life is to educate everyone as to the genius of Gessle, wether it’s Rox, GT, Lonely Boys, whatever:) Gessle is golden!

2. I really don’t think anybody else besides them both is responsible...because it you might say EMI USA or EMA Telstar is, for not allowing the american tour...well...Roxette IS who finally makes all the choices!!!
3. GT is a MEGA Band!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! Unfortunatly unknown around america. I live in Mexico...and I love them!!! Imagine that!!!!
4. Rox is responsible for the POOR promotion. I mean...look at those hundred bands who after not getting a decent record deal from all the major companies (EMI,Warner,Columbia,etc) go and finance their own album,record it,sell it and promote it ON THEIR OWN!!! That’s the way GT started out!!!!
Can’t Rox do the same on the States??? On this aspect I think they just care about the money and wait on a juicy deal from that won’t ever come.
5. As for America goes...if Rox doesn’t come next’s it for me and the whole bunch of fans over here.
6. For a real fan like me it’s almost impossible to get nice material from them around here.
Do you have any idea how much is it for a Rox album in Mexico after all the trouble for getting it???
Pearls of Passion $50 USD Gyllene tider Greatest hits $75 USD Singles $12 USD !!!! I love Rox but they don’t realize that they have fans around here that are nice and loyal to them...I don’t think they give a rat’s ass about it!!!!
It pisses me off.

Well, first of all, as I said before, the “Why” would be because Per has written and saved up a lot of songs with Swedish lyrics. Also, I’d venture to say that a new GT CD would make at least 95% of the Roxette fans happy. Besides, a new GT CD would not be “instead of” a new Rox CD, it would just be “before” it.

What’s the “point” of listening to music you can’t understand? You can’t be serious! If the music (melody) is good and has a good beat, you can still get a lot out of songs, even if you don’t understand one word. Well, at least I can… and I don’t think I’m alone. I can count dozens of bands that I really enjoy listening to that sing in Swedish, Hungarian and German, to name a few. Granted, I would probably enjoy them slightly better if I understood every word but hey, it’s still great music and I’m just happy to know of these bands.

I’m telling you, if you just open up your mind a little bit, you may be pleasantly surprised:)

Heck, you may even learn a few words or phrases in a different language:)

Hi everybody:
I´m a Roxette fan from 1990 and i´m more fan year by year. Now, after the Real Sugar tour i´m a really ADDICTED! i need my DOSE, and a summer tour would be good for my “COLD TURKEY”.
But, although i like Gyllene Tider so so much (i agree with PeerFanatic and Littjohn), their tour won´t be enought for me, i need a ROXETTE summer tour, WITH MARIE FREDRIKSSON there!!! She is soooooooooo GREAT! and SHE is what makes Roxette different from GT.
Anyway, VIVA ROXETTE, GT, MARIE F., PER GESSLE, STRUL, PER´S GARAGE, MAMMAS BARN, PETER POP AND THE HELICOPTERS... because, finally, they all are almost the same thing for most of us.


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