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New song by Roxette - and Gyllene Tider?!

Written by roxeteer on November 19, 2001 to .

In an exclusive interview by, published by the Official Roxette Fanclub, Per reveals that Roxette is going to re-record “Stupid” for a forthcoming movie, directed by Jonas Åkerlund. The song was previously released on Per’s solo album “The World According To Gessle”.

  The director of the movie, Jonas Åkerlund, has directed several Roxette videos. He has also worked as an art director for both the “Room Service” tour and the album.

  In an interview by Hallandsposten, Halmstad’s local newspaper, Per says he would love work with his old band Gyllene Tider again. “It’s been a long time since I recorded anything in Swedish so I have had time to gather some Swedish songs. A lot of them, actually. I don’t know if they’re most suitable for a solo project or Gyllene Tider as they’re rather mature pop, a little like “Kung av sand”,” says Per.


That would be so fucking sweet hearing Gyllene Tider again !!! *GO GO GO GT*


If we’re talking about “Spun” here, Roxette have found a good way to get a song in a Hollywood movie *g*
BTW, according to the IMDB, that movie has a pretty interesting cast: Mena Suvari, Eric Roberts (Julia Roberts’ brother), Debbie Harry (yeah, Debbie Harry from Blondie) and Mickey Rourke among others :-)

Actually, when I spoke to Per, he told me that there is version of “Stupid”, that Marie sings on, and that it will be used for Jonas Akerlund movie. At that time I thought that this version is not new, but was recorded long time ago. From todays news I see it was recorded only recently, or am I wrong here, too ?

Mature pop.... that’s what i want and what i need

Oh yeah! I love that song!

Hope this is a sign they’re going back to their CBB style. Guitars rule!

OH MY GOD......I love that song...I sing it in my sleep. I can’t wait to hear it re-done...will we get to buy the sound track...oh goodie goodie goodie

Could We Get a full Translation Of the Article, not just the bits mentioned?

Om du råkar se detta Per : VI VILL HA GT!!! GYLLENE TIDER INTE MER SOLO GREJOR!!!!!

GT FÖR ALLTID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps Och Micke Syd vill oxå ha mer GT det vet jag!! :)

More songs they release and more joy we get.
Waiting is hard! Do it sooner!

i can´t give a full translation of the article but what i can tell you is that on wWW.rOXETTEnEWS.cOM there´s a much longer exclusive interview... Cheers!

Yeah great news!!! “Stupid” could be first single from a new CD, or?



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